Vienna 2007

Events of the Similar, if not different, but surely better, tour of Vienna, 2007.

A fantastic weekend for eveyone involved, here are just some of the highlights.. Gale and Dunne absolutely clunted on the train there On arrival in the station hall at Westbahnhof, Glig waving something in his hand, shouting “The team from Germany has arrived!” – as if everyone there has been awaiting us. Singing and dancing with norgs and the jailbait in the beer garden. On leaving the Wombats for dinner, Glig welcoming the new guests with the phrase “Worst hostel ever”, taking them completely by surprise.

Glig leading the group through Vienna, looking from behind like someone from the Bee Gees. Brendan promising “excellent food” at restaurant close to Westbahnhof – “he has been there couple of times”. Coming closer, worries start growing, because nobody was sitting inside. Entering the restaurant, everyone realizes that this was a big mistake, the place looking like a 70’s east block restaurant. When food was coming after about 40 minutes, the new member of the group, the other Ryan from the Wombats, was still waiting for his chips. Glig realizing this, “re-ordered” them by yelling angrily at the top of his voice “Eine Portion Pommes!” through the restaurant with mostly elderly guests. The waiters start getting nervous. Westy picking the covering off from his Schnitzel, leaving a whole plate of covering behind. Finch deeply disappointed by the Schnitzel, keeps repeating “the first time in 25 years that he has not finished his food in a restaurant”

It was shithouse, 75 cent ketchup, watered down red wine, 1.60 croissants, shitty grisely snitzels… glig’s “hows the fucking steak coming along” call so the whole restaurant could hear. the introduction of the similar, but different call dunne a mess by now, a shadow 9 euro rounds between 6 of us by hot but ditzy as barmaid Hamo chatting up women at wombats and disappearing to the “bank”. Gale and glig looking to “go pro” botswana, if not similar, but better, cameroon weston making sure dunne was ok and asking dunne did you just get in? at 7am. concerned for dunne who was now a shadow of his former shadow. At the cricket field, Glig supporting the team by shouting “Tu es fuer Deutschland!”, “Du bist Deutschland!” and Brendan shouting hysterically “Weiter, Jungs, weiter!”.

Game one, gale and ryan smoked em, Weston 6 off first ball of innings then run out second ball of innings, gale looking to retire hurt (hurting bombs) in the 5th over of the innings, starting to walk off and shout to dunne to come on. The scorecard would have read. Gale. Retired hurt (clunted) made 80 odd from the 8 overs. great effort. bowled poorly first 4 overs, then tightened up and got regular wickets to go down to the final over, before being beaten by 1 wicket. great come back and recovery with good bowling in the last 4 overs and great outfield catching Second game against second sri lankan team. glig and richard put on 60odd stand to get us 97, big hitting by richo and massive fist pumping by glig to put together another great effort. but the sri lankans got them no wicket down in the 5th over with some of the biggest and cleanest hitting ever seen! The Sri Lankan guys playing the music from their camp all over the ground.

Saturday night, dinner at the ground, back to the hotel, we went to the bermuda triangle, nightclub which was massive, all blind and looking for norgs, if not similar. On the second day, the taxi driver (possibly still drunk), when asked to put on some music by Brendan, starts switching the channel every 20 seconds. Glig telling Brendan “he has created a monster here”, Brendan explaining the taxi driver was just doing a live DJ.

Sunday, the big win, dunne smoked 60 or so to set up the win for the MCC superstars, pasting Austria/England all over the park. Big total which was completely out of reach for the Austrians. Cant wait for next year! We will surely go similar, if not better!!