Anzacs Vs MCC 2007


Mcc’s first home match of the 2007 season against the ANZACS.With rain in the air a 30over match was agreed.

Glig in his debut as skipper of the ANZACS surprisingly opted to field in the heat of the day. With the attack at his disposal he would have been looking at making early inroads into an apparently brittle MCC batting order. Dutchman Van Dalsum (41) opened up with experienced campaigner Giles (5th in career batting) and moved pleasantly enough on before Giles lost his leg stump to Kiwi Beard Wilson. He spent the next hour wandering around the English Gardenwondering how on earth this could have happened to him especially on this day of all days. This brought another Dutchman to the crease in the form of Van Giesen. This was total cricket with van Basten and Cruyff at the crease. Dennish took time to settle but started to expand his array of shots before being caught with his trousers down by the Gimp.
Captain Lovell then strode bockily to the middle in search of shade. He soon lost VD who was harshly adjudged LBW to half a strangled embarrassed appeal. Sear hit lustily briefly before being embarrassed by the Dunney door. Captain Morgan then joined the other captain and took full toll on the bowling. His pointless banging of pads with Newberry bat will prove an irritation though as the season unfolds.

Late runs brought the MCC up to 6 an over – 180 off their reduced 30 allocation. Lovell (48) out off the last ball to avoid accusations of having a pointless average.

Young Kiwi Mitch was definitely the pick of the bowling and set the standard in the field. After a fine tea from beard Sobek Mcc took to the field looking to defend their impressive total. LH Aussie openers Palfrey and Perth Weston look settled early before Sobek took a fine catch at backward square leg in his longsleeve/chest to remove Weston. Palfrey (41) hit well before being undone by a straight one by the Finch. Other than Kiwi Mitch with an unbeaten 26 – no other major contributions as the guts of the wet innings was removed by Sobek, Finch and Sharma. In fact the only possible highlight was Gligorov coming out to bat having forgotten his gloves. Basics. MOM ANZACS MITCH. MCC YOUTH POLICY

Individual Performance Summary


VD 41, 3-0-23-1, 1 catch while subbage
Gilo (5th in career batting) 4, one catch over his shoulder running
van Giesen, 22, one catch, one stumping
Lovell, 48,
Sear, 16, 3-0-19-1,
Cap`n Morgan, 27,
Nav Sharma, 5, 5.1-0-10-2,1 catch
Sleepy Sobek, 0*, 4-0-17-3, 1 catch (catches win matches)
Finch, DNB, 3-0-10-2, 1 drop
Scott, DNB, 5-0-15-0
Gale, Was given the all clear to watch title deciding Man Utd derby.

Palfrey, 41, 1 catch
Weston, 5, 4-0-17-0
Wilson, 7, 6-1-34-1 (bowled mcc’s 5th best batsman ever behind legs)
Ryan, 26*, 6-0-29-2, one run out
Dunne, 9, 5-0-35-2
Capell, 3,
Algar, 0, 4-0-26-0
Gligorov, 1, 5-0-35-1 (on tap)
Carr, 1, (turned up 5 hours late)
Finnan, 1,