MCC II misses out in th first Verbandsliga game

Match Report : MCCII vs MLCC II
Venue : Hirschhanger Cricket Ground
Date: 12.05.2018
Toss : MCC won the toss and elected to bat

MCC II playing its first league fixture in the verbandsliga were facing their new rivals MLCC. Fortunately all the preparations were made for the game in advance allowing for punctual start. Batting first MCC started in slow fashion loosing both the openers, Zeeshan and Faraz, in the first 4 over with score 13 for 2. Captain Toke looking to play the long innings got too defensive when he left an incoming delivery only to find his off stump rooted out.
Jaymeen followed captains suits was also out for a duck leaving MCC for 18 for 4. Ankur and vice captain Nick started the repair work by taking some quick singles. Both kept the good bowls out and pounced on the bad deliveries. Ankur looking set got greedy and tried to hit a bowler (who was bowling right arm chuck and had conceded 7 wides in that over) and was caught at midoff for 10. Usman (bowled) and Ivan(LBW) departed soon leaving MCC in a spot of bother. When all the others batsmen were struggling with the bat, it seemed Nick was hitting everything out of the middle. Nick crafted good partnerships with MCC debutant Owen and veteran Scott to bring the score to 122. Nick remained unbeated at 41 with 6 sqaushbuckling boundaries.

Chasing 123 MLCC made a heavy meal of it. Paul and Ankur bowled very good line and lenghts and were rewarded almost immediately.Lufthansa Pilot George was kept busy and short midwicket where he took three terrfic catches. MLCC batsman were were not able to negotiate the uneven bounce and tight lines from MCC opening bowlers. Ankur and Paul had reduced MLCC to 35 for 8 with 4 sticks a piece. The 9th wicket pair( Yaree and Shanmugam) started playing high risk shots which paid off. Makeshift wicketkeeper dropped a regulation caught behind off the bowling of Owen when the score was 52-8. The batting pair played some brave shots bringing the team near the victory. Some changes were made in the bowling to counter the situation with no significant results.16 wides were bowled by the MCC bowlers which dint help the MCC cause. Two regulation catches were shelled at critical junctures in the game. The 9th MLCC wicket partnership scored 82 runs on the tricky Flicx wicket thereby denying MCC II the game which was almost one.

Notable performances
Nick Colling. 41*, 6 fours
Ankur Bhatia, 10 caught out, 4 for 31
Paul Scott, 14 bowled , 4 for 18

Man of the match : Nick Colling

MCC II draws first blood in the Verbandsliga

Match Report- MCC II vs Mühlried CC in Verbandsliga
On a sunny Saturday MCC was looking to set the record straight after suffering two consecutive losses in the previous game. The visitors arrived on time albeit with 2 players short. Yet another delay from Zazai Khan meant MCC was short by one player at the start of the game. This situation remained unchanged till the end of the game as Zazai Khan wasn’t allowed to take part in the game due to his 75 min delayed appearance. Member John aka Doc had kindly offered to score the game which was appreciated by all the team members.
MCC won the toss and elected to bat. Openers Obaid and Ali opener their account with crisply hit boundaries relaxing some initial nerves in the dug out. However this sense of security was short-lived as both of them returned to the shed given out LBW. Rahul continued his good form from his previous outing in Tegernsee and hit two lovely boundaries to bring the score to 26 for 2. Rahul tried one shot to many against an innocuous looking off spinner and was held out at long off to a very good catch. Southpaw Arun looked set for his brief innings before giving the bowler the easies caught and bowled chance. Captain Prafull Toke joined MCC debutant Paul busby and decided to play a very ugly shot to get out for his third consecutive duck leaving MCC tattering at 30-5. Ankur Bhatia and Paul tried to arrest the fall of wickets for a while before ending up in a horrible mixup. Following batsman Owen,Faraz dint score much are MCC ended up scoring 51 in 16 overs. Batting has been achilles heel for the MCC II however this batting performance was a new low and left everyone a bit dumbstruck.
With small total to defend and vulnerable opposition batting line ( who by the way managed 43 runs in their previous fixture) MCC went on full attack mode. MCC experienced opener Paul Scott conceded 10 runs in the first over and thereby made the target loose even smaller. Faraz bowling from the other end got the first breakthrough when Ankur completed a nice catch in the gully region. Opener Siddique smashed third consecutive boundaries of Paul Scott’s third over. batsman was dismissed one last bowl giving MCC some hope. Faraz struck once again in the next over getting the nervous Samilullah for a paltry 2 runs. Taken for some runs in the first two overs, Paul Scott returned with vengeance to get two wickets in two deliveries, both the batsmen bowled for 0. Score was 44for 5 and MCC needed another 3 wickets. Debutant Paul Busby was handed the ball for his wicket to wicket bowling and he immediately responded with one wicket bringing the score to 47 for 6. Actually Paul was unlucky not to get another wicket as the umpire turn downed the most plum LBW one would ever see. Opposition captain Rahimi went for big shot and was dismissed for 10 once again by Paul with score on 48. Mühlried CC needed one shot to get over the line. Batsman Rehman went for the glory only to be caught by Ankur for another 0 giving MCC very unlikely victory.
MCC kept its cool in a very high pressure situation and did not a single catch in the game. Wides were kept to a bare minimum which was at the end really made the difference.
Notable Performances
Rahul Bhat 10, caught, one catch
Paul Scott 5-25, 0* (MAN OF THE MATCH)
Faraz Ahmad, 2-20, 0
Paul Busby, 1-3,0
MCC II wins by 3 runs

Rosenheim CC v MCC II – Saturday 14th July 2018

Another glorious day greeted the MCC faithful on this lovely Saturday trip to Rosenheim. MCC II were in great spirits after winning an extraordinary game the week before against Schrobenhausen by 3 runs having posted just 51. Stand in Captain Barrett had toyed with the idea of making life easier for everyone and meeting up in various convenient locations, but eventually thought better of it and so it was that 8 x MCC’ers plus the umpire met at Harras Bahnhof for the hour long journey to Rosenheim. Arun, Pierre and Hazza travelling direct.
Thankfully the experienced head of Paul Scott had had the foresight to check the traffic, this being a glorious Saturday and prime hiking weather, and the decision was made to avoid the A8 entirely and take the scenic route, and what a route it was, winding through the beautiful Bayerische Countryside, passed onion domed churches, wooden cladded houses and rolling fields…. The author often wonders why he bothered moving to München…
After a slightly longer journey than anticipated, MCC arrived at Carl-Orf Strasse for the game only a few minutes before the scheduled start, however, as MCC were transporting the umpire, this was not a problem! The ground itself is in a nice setting, flanked on both sides by levees with walkways (the ground being set on a flood plain), trees and bushes and from the far side of the ground a fabulous view of the Alps can be seen. The only downside was the state of Rosenheim’s facilities which unfortunately were very basic. The author does not wish to be elitist or churlish, Rosenheim are a new team of mainly refugees, led by their amiable skipper Wais, but concerns were raised about the state in particular of the landing areas for the fast bowlers. The well-used coconut matting had large holes in the landing areas and threads with opening bowler Brooks declaring that he was going to bowl around the wicket so he didn’t break his ankle! After a brief discussion, the decision was made to fold the landing area underneath the rest of the pitch and nail it down, thus the bowlers would land on the dry grass and it would be much safer for all.
Useless tosser Barrett called “2” and down came “2”, “Oh crap, I’ve won the toss”, he thought. “I think we’ll have a bowl”. With the pitch looking unpredictable to say the least, the skipper thought that it might be best to see what a good score is and ask Rosenheim to have first digs.
The opening over was eventful, with the normally dependable Scott unable to find his lines early, 8 runs coming from it, including a four back over his head and 4 wides did not foresee what was about to come. Brooks, now content with the state of the landing areas, charged in for his first ball, and delivered one that the batsman swished at and missed. The second ball, again, swish and miss, but what’s this?! Keeper Khanna rolling the ball back towards the stumps and catching the batsman at least a foot outside of his crease! GONE! Rosenheim, 8/1. Fast bowler Brooks unsure whether to be happy or insulted that he had got a stumping to his name! Out came the next man and sure enough, swish and a miss… BOWLED! Two in two, MCC rampant! It was at this point that a couple of MCC players pointed out Brooks’ Ulster hattrick at Pfaffenhofen a few weeks ago “W,W,X,O,W” (note the X nestling straight into the hands of second slip (no exaggeration) and the O nearly taking the batsman’s head off), and told him to just bowl it straight. As the new man took his guard (even though there was no chalk), Brooks trudged back to his mark in trademark fashion, started his run up, gathered steam, exploded at the crease, swish, thud, “HOWZAAAAAAAT” finger up! GONE!! A hattrick! Rosenheim 8/3 after 10 balls… what a start! Brooks taking his place in MCC history by becoming the 9th man to take a hattrick, with it being the 10th MCC hattrick overall (Ian Finch taking two).
After such a fantastic start, skipper Barrett urged his players to stay focussed and he was rewarded with Scott finding his lines in the next over, yet again one of the Rosenheim batsmen dawdling outside his crease and Khanna rolling the ball onto the stumps (facepalm)… Keeper Khanna declaring that despite years of keeping wicket, he had literally never succeeded doing that before and here he had done it twice! On this occasion, former Minor Counties bowler Scott definitely appeared insulted to have a stumping to his name!!
Brooks and Scott continued to bowl venomously and despite some lower order resistance from Rosenheim, (Shankat 12 and Razi Saeed 16) they were all out for 72 after 14.5 overs. Brooks finishing with impressive figures of 7-0-34-6 and Scott with an almost as equally impressive 7.5-0-37-4.
The standard of batting amongst our Afghani friends really needs to improve, all of them can bowl, which is great to see and many of them can hit a ball hard and far, but defence is a skill that almost none of them have. Perhaps with a few more facilities and a bit of coaching, this will be a side of the game that they can improve. It is not fun for anyone having innings that last less than 15 overs and this was the second week in a row that MCC II had bowled a team out before the end of the opening spells.
Captain Barrett urged his players again to keep focus. MCC II have struggled to post totals this season and despite this, 73 was a very gettable target if they could keep calm, focussed and disciplined. With this in mind, Barrett strode out to the middle with Du Plessis to begin the chase.
The opening partnership unfortunately did not last long, du Plessis striking a full toss firmly at cover, who managed to hold onto it with his belly, Pierre very unhappy with himself, MCC 6/1 in the 4th over.
Karthik came to the middle and got off the mark with a huge six over deep mid-wicket from a full toss, but afterwards kept his calm and with Barrett his usual circumspect self, a partnership was beginning to build before Barrett inexplicably missed a straight ball that did nothing… 25/2.
Next to the crease was new boy Paul Busby, who played some classy shots in his well-constructed 12 before he too succumbed to the deadly straight ball, but not before Karthik was excellently caught and bowled for 13, suddenly MCC were 41/4 and nerves began to show.
Ali Khan lbw 0, Usman lbw 1, Davies bowled 1, MCC II were suddenly in serious trouble at 51/7 still 22 runs short of that gettable target. Chairman Khanna, fresh from his two quick thinking stumpings, who was the not out man, had requested to come in lower down in case this such eventuality arose. He was joined by Faraz and the two of them showing remarkable patience and resilience. Their steely determination got MCC to within 10 runs of the target before Khanna was given out lbw for 7 to a ball that he not only hit, but was missing leg by around a foot and probably going over the stumps. A poor decision.
Faraz was joined by Scott and it appeared Faraz had finally had enough of patience and resilience. Before Scott faced a ball, he launched a six over deep square leg and two balls later dispatched a one bounce four over mid-off for the winning runs! MCC had done it, a two wicket victory! It had taken 31.5 overs to reach that gettable target, but who cares, back to back wins and MCC were jubilant!
It was a strange game. All MCC batsmen looked capable of scoring runs, yet 8 wickets fell in the innings with not a single player reaching 15. Perhaps it was down to the pitch, perhaps it was down to some excellent bowling by Rosenheim? Special mentions for spinner Shawkat who finished with remarkable figures of 8-3-5-1 and captain Wais (8-0-23-4), it is difficult to pinpoint why so many wickets fell in the chase. The biggest thing that MCC can take from this game is the discipline and the application from the bastmen. Yes wickets were lost, but on an easier surface, and against less tight bowling there is no reason why this MCC side cannot post larger totals.

Match Summary – MCC (73/8) beat Rosenheim CC (72ao) by 2 wickets.

MCC Man of the Match – Adrian Brooks.
Champagne Moment – Adrian’s hattrick ball.
Thanks for Coming Award – Ali Khan.
Quote of the Day – “There’s no way I’m bowling over the wicket on this!” – Adrian Brooks.

Match in Numbers:
0 – Catches taken or dropped by MCC.
18 – Number of wickets to fall.
3 in 3 – Adrian’s hattrick.
14.5 – Overs it took to bowl Rosenheim out.
23 – Number of balls it took Faraz to get off the mark!

Author: Craig Barrett

MCC 1’s V Ernsgaden CC Away at Ernsgaden, 7th July 2018

Match Report

“Sometimes we do the wrong things for the right reasons” Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016).

It started well enough. Everybody gathered at the ground on time and the sun shone brightly.

This was the second meeting between the two sides in the league, Ernsgaden having won narrowly in the previous game. It later transpired that they had played a number of unregistered players, were subsequently fined by the league committee and the match result…. remained in favour of EGCC. Understandably, the MCC players had a point to prove.

This alone was no cause for concern. It’s perfectly healthy to use an injustice for motivation. You just don’t want it to boil over. But there were early signs of other things to come as the league umpire, who seemed nervous as well zealously officious, began quoting regulations before we had got from the car to the MCC basecamp on the other side of the ground.

MCC won the toss and elected to bowl. A tactic which has been working well for us, with our bowlers firing on all cylinders.

The umpiring theme continued when he called me over during warm-up to explain that any ball that bounced more than once would be called a “No-ball”. Why he did this, I’m not sure? We hadn’t been talking about it at any stage and I’m aware of the law. My guess was that he’d had an issue the previous week and it had remained unresolved in his mind. I sensed a tetchiness in the air and so the team talk, which normally consists of “Concentrate from ball one and make early inroads.” Went more like “I’ve got a funny feeling that today is going to be a difficult day fellas. Stay cool and let’s do our jobs well…”

If I describe every incident here for you, you’re going to miss your bus, forget about the toast under the grill, flood the bathroom or simply die of old age. It was relentless. It started from the very first over and continued right through the match. From Mudi being told that he wasn’t allowed to shine the ball too much, to square leg umpires being told that they were not allowed to make decisions, Instead having to hold a mobile phone and record every ball so that decisions could be reviewed by himself. This included obvious catches behind not being given until he had reviewed the footage. Not for the ball carrying, this was evident from anywhere with a clear view within a two mile radius, but for whether the batsman had hit it!? LBW’s were also reviewed from the square leg camera footage. It was entirely farcical, massively distracting and did nothing for the harmony of the game. Tempers were tested at every turn. This was an all-time-low in match management for all of us.

In amongst all of this mayhem, an actual game of cricket was trying to be played.

Waqas Khan took the new ball, wasting no time in removing the opener with the 4th passing unceremoniously through the stumps (I’m doing this from memory, as the bloody scorebook has not been filled in properly again…). He took a second in his second over, Max running in from deep long on to take a very assured catch.

All bowling was conducted from the same end as EGCC play on the BCV’s favoured wooden boards and coconut matting. Macca was doing the honours and he too got in on the action having their #3 pouched by Waqas at cover. You just can’t keep Waqas out of the game!
Waqas was at it again, this time a tremendous diving effort from Mudi, taking a low one-handed catch at silly mid-off.
Again Waqas struck, this time ct Westy, behind the stumps. Surely someone else would get a look in!?

They did! Imtiaz, on for Macca had #6 caught square of the wicket by none other than…. WAQAS! He’s everywhere!

Imti’s celebration was classic. He’s bowled really well all summer, but hasn’t been in the wickets. Today he was determined to vary pace and it had worked, extracting a false shot. The drought was broken and he fell to his knees like a man in prayer. Great to see plans work and great to see the passion we play with.

I’d like to give you an indication of scores at the fall of each wicket, but I just don’t have them. What I can say is that wickets were falling regularly and the runs were hard to come by. The opposition were being sustained by wides and no-balls and the fact that the boundaries were exceptionally small.

I can tell you that the scores went: 5,0,10,4,0,22 for the top six. However, the beefy batter at #7 was having none of it and he played an excellent innings of control and aggression. He was also instilling some pride in his bating partners, encouraging them to do better and support him. Consequently batters #8 (Ct Max, bowled Imtiaz), #9 (Ct Craig bowled Shashi – A brilliant two handed diving catch at cow corner, running around to his left from the running track and up a bank. You had to see it to do this catch justice. It was a stunner!) only made 2 and 5 respectively, but they hung around long enough for the beefy #7 to hit a very well-constructed 57, before the accurate bowling of Jonty Altmann saw his demise, Ct by Shashi at deep long on.

Jonty rounded off proceedings, bowling #11 for naught. EGCC bowled out in 24.5 overs for 149.

Outside of the ground, Ernsgaden was in distress. A fire engine was cruising the streets entreating the population not to flush their toilets as the local sewers had become backed up. Cries of “Achtung! Achtung!” emitting brusquely from the loudhailers. The authorities were dealing with it, which normally involves some poor sod (We’ll call him Donald) in overalls, with his arm shoved up to the shoulder in to something indescribably horrid, trying to alleviate a blockage.

As we sat and discussed the on-pitch events we were informed that there was no stopping for tea. Play was to resume immediately. As Mudi and Craig set off to start wearing down the total, I was forced to move upwind of Wembo to save the skin on my nostrils from being toxically removed. It is said that the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa gave less warning…

Mudi started brightly but Craig was undone by a good straight one and departed for 2. Mudi had raced to 33 and the partnership was already worth 38 after 6.1 0vers.

New kid on the block, Daniel Weston marched out and the two put on another 37 before Mudi holed out at deep mid-on for his first 50 if the year. He finished on 56. All the while the game was staggering along under the constant distractions presented by the umpire.
Seemingly cruising along, Messrs M Khan and J Deverill put a spanner in the works, both making a combined total of zero. Macca caught behind, Deverill bowled first ball.

As I sat down to perform the longer part of my innings – taking my pads off – Maxi was walking to the crease. I sat down next to Wembo who had yet to pad up, despite being next in. It turned out he’d been caught short in more ways than one and was contemplating a dash to the other side of the ground where the toilets were located. The earlier rumblings had indeed been a portent of things to come.

With Jonty already padded up and Maxi looking more solid than whatever was eating Wembo, a quick dash around the boundary was granted.
When a relieved Wembo returned Maxi and Dan were still chipping away in the middle. “You don’t want to go in there for a while!” exclaimed Wembo. “I hope you didn’t flush the toilet?” enquired Jonty?

It was then that a miserable howling could be heard as a poor Donald held up a fleshless arm before succumbing to vile and deadly fumes. MCC were 100 for 4.

Sadly Dan was the next to fall, perceived LBW to a ball that hit him on the thigh. Nelson had struck. 111 -5.
Overs were not an issue. We had plenty in hand, but the constant appealing and the Russian roulette of the decision making was making us all nervous.

The recently unburdened Wembridge made a shaky start, the ball popping up of his bat or the bat jamming down late to keep one out. This was scrappy cricket and it needed some street fight keep us in the game.

Maxi was caught for 11, just as he was looking fluent. 117 – 6.

Jonty hit a boundary second ball but was gone the next, again given LBW to a ball that hit him high on the thigh and which most of us on the boundary heard him hit. 120-7. Still 30 runs needed.

What happened next was attractional cricket. EGCC kept things tight, but every extra, every single hurt them. MCC cheered it all. The appeals kept raining down and the nerves kept tingling, but Wembo and Shashi blocked it all out and made the best of the bad ball. It was Wembo who began to free up (just as he had earlier) and the sluice gates opened, boundaries peppering the scorebook. The climax came with a wide down leg and the game was done. MCC winners by 3 wickets.

Further conversations with the umpire were had. He wasn’t a bad bloke. Actually, he was a nice chap. He just couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t-have-the-confidence-to, make a decision. Regardless, he had thrown a brick in to the cake and spoilt a hard fought match.

By the time I got to the car park Wembo had already made like a Panda and the rest of us were happy to leave it all on the field. A terrible game was only made bearable by having won it.

Match Facts:
Bowling: Overs Maidens, Runs, Wickets
Waqas Khan 8,1,35,4
Macca Khan 8,0,28,1
Imtiaz Ahmad 4,1,15,2
Max Hoeck 3,0,20,0
Shashi Gaikwad 4,2,9,1
Jonty Altmann 1.5,0,2,2

Waqas 2, Weston 1, Mudi 1, Barrett 1, Maxi 1, Shashi 1.
Batting: Mudi 56, Weston 29, Wembo 19*, Maxi 11, Shashi – the best made 1 you’ll ever see off 19 balls.

MOM: It comes down to two players. Mudi for his 56 and Waqas. The question is which went furthest towards helping us win the game? Mudi had the game at his feet but went for a 6 we didn’t need. He was in good touch and could have seen us home. Waqas Khan blew away the top order and took two catches.
MOM: Waqas Khan

MCC v DJK Goggigen (30 Jun 2018)

MCC v DJK Goggigen 30th June 2018 (Played at The Hirsch).

“The history of watches began in 16th century Europe, where watches evolved from portable spring-driven clocks, which first appeared in the 15th century. … Although mechanical watches still sell at the high end of the market, the vast majority of watches now have quartz movements.” Wikipedia.

It rained miserably all Thursday and grumbling messages were posted on the club FB page. Friday began gloomy as hell and autumnal temperatures, but gently things began to lift. By lunchtime there was an occasional golden ray that pushed up another degree C at every attempt. Come 4:30pm the gates to The Hirsch were opened for business and a clutch of optimists were rolling out the flicx under puffy white clouds, brightly lit against a background of ocean blue.
Scroll forward to Saturday and (ignoring the events of the night preceding… (You know who you are!)) the clouds had entirely vaporised and positivity, rewarded. The hallowed turf was softer than Grannies bed, in total odds with the sky.
Years of mid-day tossing paid off as the coin dropped in the MCC skippers’ favour and he had no hesitation in inserting the opposition.
I should say now that the scorebook, although accurate, is missing some handy information. Like the score at fall of wicket and in which over? In fact this would not be a problem, had the overs been filled in? So from memory, it went something like this:
Goggigen opening bat #1. Ct Sumeet (One handed full stretched dive, snaffling the ball in front of the open hands of Craig at first slip. Excellent take!) Bowled Waqas for 8.
#3 was next to go, Ct Deverill @ mid-off, bowled Waqas for 0.
#4 Ct Deverill @ silly mid-off, bowled Macca for 1.
#5 Ct Sumeet, bowled Waqas for 0.
#6 Ct Deverill (I don’t remember this one?), bowled Macca for 7.
#7 (I enjoyed this one. It was Sharifi, the opposition captain (My opposite number). Nice bloke, and it was the interplay that I liked. By now we were very much on top. I felt he was really under pressure to do something dynamic so I took Macca out from leg gully and put him at midwicket, dropping Varun in to the deep on the leg. I was firmly positioned at silly-mid-off under a wide-brimmed hat, complete with reflective glasses. I was there to intimidate the batsmen in to playing aggressively before they had got in. He looked directly at me. I showed no emotion back. He looked away and then looked back at me again. I smiled a little crocodile smile and he gave half laugh back and shook his head a little). Ct Macca, bowled Waqas that very ball for 2.
#2 This was ridiculous. The guy had been the only one to play with the temperament to bat the whole innings. He’d hardly played a forcing shot and I wanted to coax him in to more aggression. The opportunity came when, mid-innings, he changed his bat. “We’re expecting big things from you now” I told him. “I hope that bat’s better than the last one?” chirped Craig. “Watch out! He’s got a new bat lads!” – Sumeet. After a couple of overs of goading he unleashed a perfectly timed cover drive. Stop the watch and scroll back 20 years.
Twenty years ago I was positioned at silly mid-off, starring down an opponent. He unleashed a perfectly timed cover drive. In a flash, I saw it hit the middle of the bat and the ball head directly between my eyes. The next thing I saw was the back of my hand and a red ball planted firmly in it. At 28, you have the reflexes of a starving cat.
Scroll forwards twenty years again. Same scenario. I don’t see a damn thing really. The ball hits me in the upper thigh and as I crumple my beer belly traps the ball. Ct Deverill, bowled Macca for 5.
When my wife saw the bruise, she said “You could have been out of action for years!!!?”
#8 Plumb LBW, bowled Macca for 7.
#9 Bowled Macca for 0 (Macca on a hatrick).
Hatrick ball, the field in, bullet straight, ball pops up back to bowler, Macca tumbles but can’t cover the ground. Ball falls short. So close!
Last ball of Macca’s spell:
#11 Ct Varun, bowled Macca.
Goggigen bowled out in 15 overs for 45. No catches dropped. Top opening spells from both ends.
In reply MCC made 46 in 8.3 overs without loss. Varun Deshpande 26 N.O. Craig Barrett 5 N.O. The rest in extras.
Is this MCC’s most conclusive win, ever? I don’t know, you’ll have to consult the oracles. It must be among them?
It was a day where everything aligned and special things happened. After a friendly T20 which saw them beaten again, Goggigen left promising that they would have their revenge when they have home advantage. Who knows? The cricketing gods have a nasty sense of humour, but for now we’ll take the win!
Mahmoud Khan, 8 overs, 3 Maidens, 15 Runs, 6 Wickets.
Waqas Khan, 7 overs, 1 Maiden, 28 Runs, 4 Wickets.
Catches. Jonathan Deverill 4 (Although I cannot recall one of them, so if you took it you’d better say now!) Sumeet 2, Varun 1, Macca 1.
Runs Craig 5* Varun 25*
MCC win by 10 wickets.
MOM: Macca, without doubt.

MCC Firsts complete win against Wurmtal (24 Jun 2018)

Worm continues to turn for MCC against Wurmtal

And now for something completely different.
Stand-in skipper Wembridge, Andrew of Melbourne, elected to bat on a pleasant enough day with temperatures in the teens. Thankfully it wasn’t too hot as it was a first match in black clothing ever for some, but it did represent an opportunity to sport a rather fetching Plymouth Argyle polo shirt. A chance that was never likely to be shunned.

The skipper’s excellent tossing skills look to have been vindicated as the openers Mahmoud Khan and Varun Deshpande racked up 73 untroubled runs by the 15 th over before the dashing “Desh” departed for a top-scoring 35 and “Macca” followed soon after for a well-constructed 34. Going into the mid-innings break at 101-2, MCC were looking well on course for 200+ with Maxi and Mudi at the crease. Ultimately, both M & Ms were eaten up for 15 apiece as wickets began to fall in clumps, bunches, rather too quickly and the all too familiar mad scramble for black became rapidly apparent.

Sumeet hit a sweet straight six before succumbing shortly after for 8, Gaikwad lobbed one up for one and Lovell’s return to the league side after a hiatus of seven years didn’t go completely to Planegg as he was bowled off his pad / foot (for possibly the 71 st time in his MCC career) by a Wurmburner in Wurmtal. Or maybe he just missed another straight ball — again.

Unfortunately, a few things had changed since Lovell’s last league outing, meaning that the former skipper now has approximately 70 assorted white garments up for sale at MCC friendly prices. Anyway, another vital two runs for the cause. Completely vital in the end.

Wembridge, aka “Wembo”, struggling with a groin and to add insult to injury the added burden of captaincy, fired a couple of pleasant cover drives before he too was castled for a valiant nine. Imtiaz followed for a blob and all of a sudden, the worm had turned from a pleasant 73-0 to a less than rosy 144-9.

At that slightly depressing stage, after an average of 3.6 LBW appeals per over for the pressurised umpire to deal with, there was scant humour from the next LBW shout from third man, posted 30 yards away —“THAT’S COMPLETELY OUT UMPIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!!” Never change German cricket. Never change.

Anyway, after that fleeting entertainment, valuable late runs from Aditya (14*) and Jack Waqas did take the score onto 168 as MCC were dismissed after 38 overs. Something to bowl at. Something to bowl at.

It’s the early bird that catches the worm and an impressive opening spell from Waqas (8-3-15-2) and Imtiaz (8-0-34-0) put Wurmtal under the cosh on an “interesting” surface, a combination of Bolsa wood underneath carpet (tea bag). Mudi (5.4 – 0 – 43- 3) and Maxi (6-0-47-4) both managed regular inroads into the home team’s batting, but while only two Wurmtal made double figures, they both made it count with scores of 46 and 51. A stunning reaction catch at short cover from the skipper set the standard in the field, fortunately managing to avoid a broken finger off a flashing drive, while a portly former skipper somehow avoided getting maimed, naively standing too close at first slip, off a flying edge.

Indeed, there was slight panic when the Wurmtal score suddenly shot up to 150+ with still two wickets in hand according to the scoreboard. However, news soon reached the scattered MCC fielders that the scoreboard was missing an important number 4 so there was still some leeway. Just.

Despite this good news, complete panic almost followed though, when their batsman who had (up to that point) looked like he had only one shot in his locker, proceeded to launch a HUGE majestic lofted cover drive into the tennis court, thankfully not maiming a Steffi Graf lookalike on court number 1. ***Serious note, it was a tight shave though, and hopefully messages will be passed onto the relevant authorities to avoid this in the future. Somehow. Trust me, as someone who now only has one shot, the aforementioned lofted cover drive – it is a recipe for disaster. Complete disaster.

Thankfully for MCC, Macca Khan (4-0-20-1) soon came on to remove the danger man who completely played on, before Waqas took a stunning running catch on the boundary to seal the win by 16 complete runs.

    Match result summary

Cricket was completely the winner as MCC avoided a can of worms with a tense victory in Wurmtal.



Man of the match: Mahmoud Khan

MCC 1st XI vs Pfaffenhoffen Regionalliga (16 Jun 2018)

“Fortes fortuna juvat – Fortune favours the brave”

With some last minute changes in playing XI, MCC managed to put a strong team for the 3rd league game of Regionalliga against our visiting team Pfaffenhofen Cricket Club. Though MCC won back to back two away friendlies against same team (low scoring), our rival seemed enthusiastic, focused and were ready to bring on heat.

Skipper Wembridge won the toss and elected to Bat first. Arun and Zeeshan were sent to open only to see Arun walking back after being given LBW (which he claims was not out). MCC was 8 for 1 after first over.

As infamous as the MCC Flicx wicket is, it started playing tricks with batsmen. Wickets kept falling at regular intervals. After 6 overs MCC was 17 for the loss of 4 wickets. Zeeshan and Max started building a steady partnership but once again some wrong call was made and Zeeshan saw himself walking back.

Later Max who was joined by Pierre then started playing some responsible inns with partnership on 13 runs. Unfortunetly Max became a victim of the Flicx and got bowled, Skipper Wembo replaced him and continued with another important partnership with Pierre for 34 runs. At that moment MCC looked good but again wickets started falling. Somehow MCC managed to 110 runs on the board. An excellent innings by Pierre, Max and Wembridge under pressure.

With a Low target to defend, MCC begin their bowling with wicket machine Waqas Khan who took first 3 wickets and PAFCC were 14 for 3 after 5 overs. The combination of Waqas and Imtiaz worked perfectly for MCC. This duo was later replaced by another Right and Left bowlers Max and Pierre who didn’t let their opponents score and kept pressure on. Max was able to get well-set batsman Ghuman caught at covers by Pierre. After 20 overs Pfaffenhoffen were 62 for 5. Some motivational words and another change in bowling brought MCC close to victory. The perfect line and length of Macca kept building pressure and taking important wickets. Shashi joined him as the visitors started swinging. At the climax, the visitors needed just 4 runs in 48 balls. Skipper again came up with his wicket-taking bowler Waqas and the last delivery looked like this:

Waqas to Saber Ali (who was set and hitting) – A comparatively weak ball – Plays it in the air – Varun goes under ball – First fumble – Second fumble – Caught – MCC goes crazy.

As MCC never gave up and kept fighting til the last moment, we were victorious.

Scorecard as following:

MCC all out 110 after 32.1 Overs
A. Karthik, LBW, 0
Z. Shaikh, Runout, 7
M. Khan, Bowled, 0, Overs 6 Maiden 1 Runs 10 Wickets 2
V. Deshpande, Caught & Bowled , 1, Catches 1
S. Naag, Bowled, 1
M. Hoeck, Bowled, 13, Overs 4 Maiden 1 Runs 15 Wickets 2 Wides 1 Catches 1
P. du Plessis, Notout, 23*, Overs 4 Maidens 2 Runs 7 Wickets 0 Wides 3
A. Wembridge, Caught, 12, Catches 1
S. Gaikwad, Bowled, 4, Overs 5 Maidens 0 Runs 28 Wickets 2 Wides 2
I. Ahmad, Bowled, 1, Overs 6 Maidens 0 Runs 21 Wickets 0 Wides 3
W. Khan, Runout, 0, Overs 7.1 Maidens 1 Runs 20 Wickets 4 Wides 5 No Balls 3

Man of the Match : Waqas Khan

Author’s Special Awards :
Pierre du Plessis for valuing his wicket
Varun Deshpande for not dropping that catch
Sumeet Naag for doing world most thankless job and being GREAT at it.


Karlsruhe CC vs MCC Friendly (10 Jun 2018)

Despite a long away journey as well as late pull outs and call ups, ten men from Munich arrived punctually at Karlsruhe SCC for the match. The SCC, who proved to be excellent hosts, not only provided us with two extra players (one of whom, Mudit, was immediately dubbed the new Mudi), but also allowed us free choice of the toss, Wembo gladly electing to bat on an excellent batting track.

Above: Cricket in Karlsruhe

At 16/3 from 12 overs (Wembo run out in a horrible mixup that had him muttering about calling protocols, Zeeshan and Sumeet bowled), this decision was starting to seem less wise. A pair of stubborn and patient 17s from 51ish balls by Macca and Usman helped us begin to rebuild, before Macca was unfortunate to be caught at third man off a top edged cut. Rahul and Faf (12 each) then helped to push the score along, but when the latter fell in the 31st over, leaving the score at 109/6, trouble beckoned. However, Shashi held his nerve and combined sensible batting with occasional power hitting to guide the score to 156 with a valuable 25 (falling in the final over).

Above: Wembo contemplates the situation.

Imtiaz and Faf then greeted the SCC openers with a hostile opening spell of bowling, the concrete wicket helping them to generate considerable pace and bounce. However, although they beat the bat on numerous occasions, and even took the edge a couple of times without it going to hand, the SCC openers showed a remarkable knack of keeping out the straight balls. Nevertheless, pressure was built, with SCC at 25-odd off the first ten overs. However, with the 30-degree heat starting to get to the fielding side and the SCC batsmen beginning to open up with a brace of boundaries (three overs later, they had doubled their score to 58), a wicket was needed.

Faf (drenched in sweat and water, having dunked himself under the water pump) was able to deliver just this, extracting Ibrahim, the dangerman and top-non-extras-scoring batsman in the game (he made 32) with a sharp bouncer that took the glove, Sumeet snaffling it down the leg side. One brought two, as Shashi’s introduction to the attack brought an immediate impact: The other SCC opener took half a look at his bowling and attempted a wild heave off his first ball, resulting in his stumps being rearranged.

With Faf bowled out, SCC’s donation, Mudit, was brought on to bowl. He made an immediate impact, reaffirming the importance of bowling straight as he hit the woodwork three times in his first ten balls. Shashi struck again several overs later to leave the opposition teetering at about 80-6. However, the SCC played a sensible hand, joined by the SCC captain, who soon smashed a on
e-bounce four over extra cover.

With the score at 130ish-6 and MCC seemingly played out of the game, Wembo brought himself on and demonstrated the danger of the short, wide long hop. He bowled a ball that not only tested the middle of the pitch (coming up short to the test – it barely passed waist height), but was also so wide that observers were unsure whether it was actually still in Karlsruhe. The batsman reached across to smash it several metres left of Zeeshan. Four runs, he must have thought. Not a chance, thought Zeeshan, who stunned onlookers with a flying leap, taking the ball with an incredible one-handed catch at full stretch.

A combination of fine bowling (Macca, Wembo) and fine catching (the new Mudi and Wembo, who took a pair of steeplers) then brought the equation to six runs to win with one wicket remaining. Macca then took a thick edge off No 12’s bat, Sumeet catching the ball behind his body to complete a sensational win for the MCC.

Shashi 25
Usman 17
Macca 17
Extras 52
Macca 2.4 overs 3-14
Mudit 5 overs 3-17
Wembo 2 overs 2-6
Shashi 7 overs 2-27
Faf 8 overs 1-25
(And yes, that is 11 wickets)
A tight contest between Macca and Shashi (Mudit is disqualified as he hasn’t paid his subs…), but edged by Shashi for a very important 25 along with a tight spell that delivered a pair of crucial wickets.


Pfaffenhofen CC vs MCC Friendly (09 Jun 2018)

Having come a very close second to an MCC team the weekend previously, Pfaffenhofen CC were keen to learn more about their opponents before the league fixture at the Hirsch the following weekend. So it was that eleven of us made the short trip to see what we could learn in exchange?

If you read Craigs’ report of the first game, you’ll know that the Pfaffenhofen ground is a curious mixture of pain and pleasure, being framed on two sides by very pretty arable land and the river Ilm. Whilst on the north/south sides it is squeezed between a train track and the autobahn.

Since sixes would potentially disrupt traffic (And more importantly, lead to a hold up in play…) from the Autobahn end, all bowling is conducted from the freight train end. Such is cricket in Germany.

I was greeted by the amenable opposition captain, who is named in our scorebook as “21”. 21 lost the toss and MCC took to the field in the hope of early wickets.

21 opened the batting with the curiously named “=” (according to the book). Both 21 and = looked perfectly proficient with the bat, but the partnership ended in the 5th over when Waqas Khan had 21 caught down the leg by keeper, Sumeet. 31 from 5, 21 gone for 21, = 9.

The equally competent Sabir walked to the crease, only to watch Adrian Brooks (who only moments before had been described as “The unluckiest bowler alive” by Craig Barrett), take three wickets in the very next over. = caught Aditya at cover, Mosin well caught by Craig at slip the next ball and (after a wide and a no-ball (massive jug-avoidance from Adrian)) the third legal delivery was snaffled by myself at gully. Deaser trudging off for nought. Suddenly the game was looking all too easy. 38 for 4 in the 6th over.

Needless to say, it was time to get rid of Waqas and Adrian and give some other people a go. Pierre Du Plessis replaced the left-arm-over of Waqas with his own variation of the same and Imtiaz Ahmad doing the same for Adrians right-arm-over.

Sabir galvanised, playing some delightful shots and instilling some metal in to the efforts of his team mate, Qiariq.

Pierre bowled an unusually stiff looking spell of three overs for eleven, without taking a wicket. He bowled well but on this day he had all the rhythm of a fucked clock. He was still unlucky to finish wicketless on the day.

Sabir was the next to fall, having made a fluent and determined looking 23. Imti got one to rear sharply, hitting the shoulder of the bat and looping to a grateful “Moi” at a sort of not-very-deep fly slip. 65 for 5 from 12.

The changes were rung again and Aditya stepped in for Imti and Craig for Pierre. Craig had the try-hard Qairiq caught Sumeet to a ball that popped and looped over the head of the keeper, Sumeet turning and diving to pick up the catch.

Aditya, (never to be left out) took three in short succession Pierre taking a good catch in the deep and the other two clean bowled. Adi is a pleasure to watch and a fine example to all spin bowlers for flight and control.

Craig suffered a little in his second over, getting tonked for three sixes by Jamsed, who was making a last ditched effort to rectify a disappointing scoreboard. Craig and Aditya were replaced by Mahmoud and Shashi. It was Shashi who closed proceedings, beating the rampant Jamsed by taking more pace off and luring Jamsed in to a mistake. Jamsed caught by Aditya at cover, but not before he’d top-scored on 39 and taken the score to an almost respectable 124 all out. Pfaffenhofen used just 20.1 of the 40 overs on offer.

A good effort by MCC in the field, but 21 extras in less than 21 overs is poor. So as much as we did well, there are still areas to be tidied up if we want to compete at a higher level? You know who you are!

The plan had been to bowl them out for as little as possible, knock them off and get back to the Hirsch to watch the ladies tournament that was being hosted there. So far the plan was going well, but could we bat sensibly and knock off the runs, avoiding the crazy collapses so characteristic of yesteryear?

Craig Barrett, having proven himself so adept at being unflappable at the top of the order showed Aditya Dube the way to the middle as the chase began.
Adi hasn’t had the chance to show us what he can do with the bat this year, but anyone who’s seen him will recognise that he’s no mug with one. He looked comfortable until he played a full ball of the back foot and chopped it on. Gone for two in the second over. 9-1 from 2.

The Pfaffenhofen opening attack got in to their stride for a few overs and it was certainly not easy going for Craig and Macca. Both stuck to their guns and valued their wickets highly, quite rightly so. Craig looked the more fluent of the two until Macca timed a ball through forward point and suddenly the picture started to change. MCC were taking the game away.

By drinks we were 75 for 1 off 20. When play resumed Craig Played 5 balls like he hadn’t picked up a bat for several years and was bowled on the sixth ball of the over. He walked to the boundary saying “I don’t know what happened there!?” Indeed, it was a bit odd, but he’d done a good job for his side.

Sumeet had been itching to get a bat, but had made the mistake of nodding off a bit before he was rudely awaken to take to the crease. The bowling really wasn’t bad at all and a swift Yorker had him back with us in no time, just one to his name. Shashi and Macca had 47 to knock off in 18 overs. We weren’t concerned.

With the score on 93 and his innings nearing what would have been a fine fifty, Macca called for an improbable second run and ran himself out on 43. Bloody annoying I should think!? A fantastic knock that glued the innings, just as we wanted him to. Such as shame that it wasn’t the Not Out it deserved to be.

Still, Pierre was keen to put bat to ball and in complete contrast to his bowling, his timing was metronomically perfect. Before we knew where we were, Shashi (also looking unfazed) and Pierre had us on the brink of victory.

Now this is where I have to make a point as captain…. With only one to win and with Adrian waiting to bat next (having scored three ducks in succession), what we didn’t need was anyone to try and blatt the ball to the moon. Both batsmen did try to do just that and both batsmen were lucky to get away with it, until Shashi didn’t.

We knew we were due to play these guys in the league the very next weekend. This was a time to know what was best for the team. There is nothing wrong with being clinical.

Shashi got himself clean bowled by the ever testing Tarik (Who I guess is Qairiq in the batting line-up?) for a previously-untroubled 11. Why?!
And so poor old Adrian had to make his way to the crease for the fourth time this season, still on naught…. It can’t have been the best feeling in the world, but like all good stories and massages, it had a happy ending. Adrian clipped the ball to leg to break the evil spell and take the winning run!
So we completed the plan, did our handshakes and got back to the Hirsch to sink a couple of beers while the girls played.

The match in figures:

Bowling – Overs, runs, wickets, extras.
Waqas 4-26-1-2
Adrian 4-18-3-2
Pierre 3-11-0-10
Imtiaz 3-15-1-2
Aditya 2-11-3-1
Craig 2-21-1-0
Shashi 1.1-11-1-0
Macca 1-8-0-1

Catches: Aditya 2, JD 2, Craig 1, Shashi 1, Pierre 1, Sumeet 2

Batting: Craig 24, Aditya 2, Macca 43, Sumeet 1, Shashi 11, Pierre 8 Not Out, Adrian 1 Not Out (Proud of you son!)

Man of the Match: Adrian for a devastating over, breaking the spell and doing nothing wrong.

Well done fellas. Another good win and the roll continues. Do take on-board what I say about the extras and how to close the innings off. We are doing far better as a team, but we must be mindful of the fact that we will be tested in the season and these are the moments we should recognise for what they are – places to be improved upon.

Our catching is much better, as is our general standard of fielding. People are on-the-whole batting like they value their wickets more and they understand what is required from them for the best of the team.

Key bowlers are tidying up their acts and anyone wanting to play first team cricket in the league needs to do the same.

We are getting hard to beat and we have strength in depth on many counts, but we should not be complacent. There’s a lot of competition for places and that is a healthy thing. Keep it that way and help motivate each other to do better. Don’t back-bite, support. You’re strongest that way.

Well, I’m stuck here in the USA for the next two weekends. Trust me, I know where I’d rather be. Make it worth the pain for me lads. You have the power to cheer me up! Send me regular updates from the matches and make sure the last one is a picture of you all enjoying a win!

Good luck and enjoy yourselves!

Yours sincerely,


Pfaffenhofen CC vs MCC Friendly (02 Jun 2018)

Pfaffenhofen CC v Munich CC – 2nd June 2018

MCC travelled to Pfaffenhofen for a first visit to Ilmgrund 8 on a typical fine Munich summer’s morning. With the majority meeting at the Hirsch and Barrett and Gattinger travelling direct, the latter arrived early to find what could only be described as a cow field… The grass appeared to have not been cut in weeks. Pfaffenhofen’s players were dutifully cutting the grass where the flicx would lay, but of course there was nothing that could be done about the outfield. Value for shots was not on the agenda. Despite the long grass the setting is pleasant, a stream on one side and an actual field on the other creating a lovely rural feel to the place. “Same for both sides” was the general feeling.

After a general discussion between Captain Toke and his players, it was decided that it was likely to be a low scoring game therefore the decision was made to have a bowl. Praf proving he is no useless tosser and duly inserted Pfaffenhofen.

Needless to say the prediction of tough batting conditions was proved correct, anything short of a length was almost unplayable, but anything pitched up the Pfaffenhofen batsmen punished with some big hitting. Mudussir (6-0-34-3) and Mahmoud (6-0-30-2) bowled excellent opening spells with wickets falling at regular intervals. The first to fall, the dangerous Sabir Ali for 23 to a ball that lifted off a length, took the shoulder of the bat and Barrett claiming an easy catch at slip. Mahmoud picked up the wickets of Fiaz Ahmed (bowled) and Khurram (caught Ali Khan) before the catch of the match from Ali Khan off the bowling of Mudussir to dismiss Wasim Bhatti for 18, a one handed diving effort to his right in front of first slip!

After 12 overs, the skipper decided to slow things down and Barrett (3 wickets) and Shashi (2 wickets) came on to clean up the tail. Pfaffenhofen all out for 83 in 15.4 overs! Test match stuff it was not… A remarkable (by MCC standards) 8 catches held in total with only one drop clearly contributing to the low score, let’s keep this up for the remainder of the season!!

Of course given the regularity at which wickets fell and the performance of the pitch, MCC knew this was going to be a harder chase than it looked on paper, but with some careful batting, 84 was of course very gettable. After a short break Mudusir (4) and Zeeshan (1) strode out to the middle to begin the chase. Unfortunately, neither lasted too long and they were both shortly back in the shed, although not before Mudussir hit the first 4 of the match (Pfaffenhofen scoring all their boundaries in sixes!), MCC 9/2 in the 3rd over. Ivan arrived at number 3 and Mahmoud at 4, the score slowly moving along to 17 before Ivan was bowled by Rehan for a blob. The skipper came and went for 1, Shashi out for 4 and MCC were in big trouble at 29/5.

Sometimes a game is set up for a particular individual. It was clear that on another outfield, with the players at MCC’s disposal, 84 would have been got far more easily. As previously mentioned, anything along the ground just would not reach the outfield, let alone the boundary. MCC needed a hero, a man whose game is perfectly set up for this moment and that hero was to be Veith Gattinger. Veith masterfully racking up 23 runs with some big hitting and solid defence, all the while Mahmoud accumulating to bring MCC to the brink of victory. Mahmoud’s steady innings was finally ended with the score on 74, leaving MCC needing just 10 runs for victory, however there was to be a twist. Gattinger fell in the next over without adding to the score Ali Khan top edged to the keeper for just 2 and debutant David Llewellyn fell for a golden and suddenly the brink of victory was looking like MIC mark II. 77/9 with Barrett and Davies needing to add the 7 runs in order to take MCC over the line. The Pfaffenhofen players were rampant and MCC starting to look despondent, but the two archetypal British club cricketers knew that stubborn defence and blitz style grit would get us over the line and so it was to be, with 6 singles and a wide, the 7 runs were got, Davies hitting the winning single into the off side through the long grass and MCC had done it! 84/9 a one wicket win!

Sometimes the low scorers are the most fun to be a part of, you just want to be the team that gets the win and thankfully MCC were able to do that.

With this being possibly the shortest 40 over game of cricket the author has ever played in (the entire match lasting 41.4 overs and over by 3pm), the captains agreed that we all had nothing better to do so a F15 game was decided to make up the time. Pfaffenhofen batting first again and racking up 158/9 and MCC were 126/9 in reply. Honourable mentions for Ivan (19*) and Zeeshan (28) in the chase, the wickets were shared around.

Match Summary – MCC (84/9) beat Pfaffenhofen CC (83ao) by 1 wicket.

MCC Man of the Match – Veith Gattinger.

Champagne Moment – Ali Khan’s one hander to dismiss danger man Sabir Ali.

Thanks for Coming Award – David Llewellyn.

Quote of the Day – “The grass is a bit long isn’t it…” Veith Gattinger.

Match in Numbers:
14 – Catches taken by MCC across two games (8 in the first, 6 in the second).
37 – Number of wickets to fall.
45 – Highest partnership by MCC (Veith and Mahmoud).
29.5 – Overs it took to bowl Pfaffenhofen out twice!!
3 in 4 – Craig’s Irish hattrick.

Author: Craig Barrett