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MCC v DJK Würtmal (Friendly)

Our collective happiness returns on first weekend at our beloved Hirsch

The forecast was “Cold, but dry.” What we got as the gates were opened was “Cold and drizzly”. But, dear reader, you and I know that nothing will dampen the spirits of a true cricket heart that has been away too long. The minions set about the task of reading the ground for the first of a back-to back T20 bonanza against Würmtal.

Würmtal are a splendid bunch of blokes, but a little short. Two players short as it happened, though one did arrive a little later on. MCC on the other hand are very well endowed and were happy lend one of the twelve on show to even things up a bit. Through luck or divine intervention, we were all set.

Yours truly opted to open up the umpiring, so the account that follows for the first 6 overs can be taken as true and fair. The rest will be a cobbling together of fuzzy memories, linked to comments overheard and subsequent conversations, because the scorebook, as ever, is near indecipherable… BUT WAIT!!!! MCC have invested in two new tablets upon which the user can digitally input and upload every ball as it happens. The future is bright! Not only this but walkie talkies are in use so that the umpire can communicate to the scorer without the need for a loud haler or 13 people all shouting something different when the obligatory “Bowlers name?” Is called out. This was going to be brilliant!
As of this moment (Two days later) these matches are not to be found on CricHQ. Something has gone adrift in the digital world. Suspicions abound that it is human, small and has curly hair, but no arrests have been made.

Mucca took the first ball of the match, Vischv backing up from the other end. No Balls were to be followed by a free hit and it didn’t take long to arrive. *Vishv was the happy recipient and he cover drive it over the boundary for six with expert timing. Nice start! 

The opening pair got off to an absolute flyer. Some sublime stroke play liberally assisted in the extras column meant a very healthy start. When Vischv fell for 32 the score was already on 94 after 11 overs (Near as damn it. The scorecard…).

Mucca was bowled on for 30, so Suchit and Skipper Jonty Altmann took up the mantle. Jonty’s timing misfired and he was snaffled on 5. Yours truly shared a partnership with Suchit that terminated when Such (Who looks to be continuing from where he left off last season. Good news) Picked out a fielder on 25.

Sameer found the boundary before neglecting a straight one, gone for 4. Skinny Vinny followed in similar fashion for 1 and the innings was wrapped up on the completion of the 20th over, Sandy N.O. on 2, JD 5. MCC 152 for 6 and the whole twenty overs had only taken the best part of 2 hours and 20 minutes. It’s like popping to the shops and never coming back.

In reply Würmtal never really got started. Waqas tricked the more aggressive of the openers into skying his slower ball. Muccas’ diving catch at mid-off completing the wicket in the third over. Excellent work. Sundeep bowled the best spell I have seen from him. He used the slower ball to great effect, bowling the other opener middle peg in the fourth over (5-2 after 4). 

Sandy picked up another in his third. Both bowlers were rested but no quarter was given when Mucca and Aftab joined the party (I have just been told that the position have written ‘W’ for both wickets and wides. I will have to abbreviate from here on). There were wickets all round and Würmtal were dismissed for 43.

The second game went the same way with notable performances from J Altmann who hit the second Fifty of the season and then bagged three wickets (According to the book, but then I think Aftab bowled and he isn’t even mentioned, frankly this is a tiresome mess. I give up). MCC making 144 for 9, going on to win handsomely.

Fuck this.

*For more information on this, please refer directly to Vishv. He will be more than happy to tell you about it.

Yours truly,