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Munich Cricket Club April 2024 Newsletter

Cricket is back!

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Welcome back, cricket enthusiasts! As the vibrant pulse of the Munich Cricket Club echoes once again and we peel off our 4 jumpers following a turbulent, cold and rainy April we extend a warm embrace to all our members, both seasoned veterans and fresh faces alike, in addition to all our avid readers of this newsletter!
I am thrilled to be able to announce our new monthly newsletter (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Sl3aZy859ywSd2JDF0Fw9KZfnflaI8tc/view) which will be filled with copious amounts of information, including the months league match reports, updates from the committee on the running of the club, members birthdays, interviews with our monthly spotlight players and much more! This newsletter will be published in the Facebook group as well as being made available on our website!
With immense joy, we introduce and heartily welcome our four newest members, who have joined us in 2024 –Saurav, Hrishikesh, Kabir and Toby. We are looking forward to seeing you all in action!
I look forward to being able to share all our good news with you all monthly and should any of our readers have anything they would like to add to the newsletter, please share this to the club email address!
Thank you