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Intra Club 01.04.23

Tina Turner can’t stand it when cricket is hindered

MCC beat poor weather by inning and a few beers

Munich, 1st April 2023

After skip Jonty supervised the preparation of our ground and nets, stage was set for our seasons opener intra club. I dont have any scores but vice-skip Cam’s team hammered Jonty’s by a few hundred runs. There were some stand out performances, Debarun made a 50 odd (retired out), Hans did plenty of eye-catching stuff and Milhouse drove 350km for his 2 runs. Ritwik did a few merry-go-’round impressions, and your author deservedly got a golden duck after painting all benches brown, and an undeserved 2-fa.

Well played everyone, and apologies if I missed any of the memorable contributions. Seasons just beginning.

Dang Ling