Lodi 2004

MCC Village Pictures in association with Chutney-Ferret Light and Sound presents

A DarkHorse and Deviant Production

The Italian Job 3

Golden Duck Cricket Festival – Lodi, Italy – the 29th and 30th of May 2004.

“They say MCC going’s to do another job in Italy…”

The out of control juggernaut that is Munich Cricket Club rolls on, pillaging silverware across the continent and leaving only destruction, empty bottles and the occasional sweetie wrapper in its wake…to be continued

The Games. The Job. The Italian Job 3 to be precise. X Rated entertainment. Edge of the seat stuff.

2003 tour soundtrack available on Jailbait Records, including such Tranny-van classics as: Dr Jimmy, Criticize, If I Could Turn Back Time, We Are The Champions, I’ve Got A Loverly Bunch Of Coconuts, That’s Amore, Kiss on my list, The Winner takes it all and many many more…

Rollup, Rollup, Rollup Munich cricket club lovers, groupies, members, wives, girlfriends, mistresses, freaks, deviants, dark horses and cricket junkies. It’s GO GO GO BAMBINO this summer once again to the famous 8th annual Lodi Cricket Tournament.

The 8 a side festival will take place in the lavish and luxurious Lodi surroundings on 29-30 May with two rounds of three teams and finals.

Pre-tournament pleasantries will see the festival’s official reception in a magnificent, absolutely marvellous establishment right in the heart of downtown Lodi.

Tourists and cricket fanatics alike will be flocking from all corners of ‘old and new’ Europe to witness the mother of all festivals with big star-name teams flying in from all over our vast continent including:

Scandinavian Wanderers (S)

Haarlem Wolves (NL)

Idle (I)

Cossonay (CH)

All games will take place on the Radish Cricket Ground in coloured polo shirts, making it easier to identify differing teams to people less familiar to the game of cricket.

Radish C.G.
COSSONAY 103/5 lost to SWCC London 104/2 by 5 wickets
Yeti Sinh 40*, Ganna 40* – Jenssen 2/5, Brooks 3/5 Taylor 29*, Brooks 43*
COSSONAY 76/6 lost to MILAN 79/2 by 5 wickets
Ganna 31 – Horner 2/3 Sampat 40*, Shanta 19*
MILAN 125/2 beat MUNICH 81/4 by 44 runs
Sampat 43*, Shanta 43* Scrimshaw 30*
MUNICH 81/4 lost to ICC Lodi 82 by 7 wickets
Power 20 Kirthy 43*, Riccaboni 28*
ICC Lodi 104/2 lost to SWCC London 105/1 by 6 wickets
Kirthy 40*, Riccaboni 17, Naseer 37 Demestra 43*, Brooks 45*
ICC Lodi 90/3 beat COSSONAY 62/6 by 28 runs
Leydi 25, Riccaboni 23* Hutton 40* – Kirthy 3/13, Naseer 2/3
MUNICH 108/3 beat COSSONAY 94/6 by 14 runs
Parry 21, Scrimshaw 40*, Power 22 – Wailes 2/12 Yeti Sinh 25, Hutton 41* – Bradley 2/5
MUNICH 68/6 lost to SWCC London 72/1 by 6 wickets
Power 21, Bostock 26 – Phipps 2/6, Smith 2/10 Johnson 25, Taylor 42*
MILAN 99/5 lost to SWCC London 101/1 by 7 wickets
Kumar 24, Shanta 40* Taylor 22*, Demestra 35, Brooks 30*
MILAN 44/2 lost to ICC Lodi 46/2 by 5 wickets
Horner 17, Kirchin 15* Galperti 22*, Riccaboni 14
1 Scandinavian Wanderers CC London
2 IDLE CC Lodi
Man of the Series: Brookes (SWCC)
Best Bowler: Bradley (Munich CC)
Best Batsman: Shanta (Milan)