2020 Membership Fees

If you are reading this in March, Spring is in the air, which means one thing – your MCC subscriptions are now considered due. The subs are:

Normal membership: €100 (für Erwachsene bzw. Männer sowie Frauen >18 Jahre)

Limited household income membership: €45 (für Mitglieder in Haushalte mit begrenztem Einkommen, auf Anfrage)

Midseason membership: €45 (für erste Clubbeitritt ab 30. Jun)

Special membership: €25 (für Fern- und Legacy-Mitglieder, erlaubt die Teilnahme zu drei Spielen)

Youth membership: €10 (für Mitglieder <18 Jahre)

Please transfer your subs to the MCC account:

Munich Cricket Club eV
IBAN DE72 7209 0900 8584 8806 03

Match Fees:
The MCC tries to cover all match day expenses (ground hire, umpires, new balls, kit wear and tear) by collecting match fees on the day for all games in Munich (match fees on outbound tours are determined by our hosts)

Home games: €5 per day

Away games outside the Munich M-Zone: €0 (hint: chip in for whoever drives you to the match)

Junior members under 18 years old: €0

The match fees are the same regardless of whether it is a league game, friendly, inbound tour game, T20, 40 over, bowl-off, indoor tournament, six-a-side bullshit or timeless test match (per day obviously).

Fees will be collected by a designated Steuereinnehmer, to be selected by the captain-of-the-day.

And no, we don’t have change for a €50 or a €100, and no you can’t pay with your collection of shrapnel and/or unclaimed Chinese Tower Pfands or Polish Zloty.

Remember: bring Pat. Pavarotti home. Deep sea diver away.