MCC Tour of Malta – Day 2 (23rd March 2019)

After the opening day defeat in the T20, the MCC tourists woke up with optimism as the rain and cold temperatures that had greeted them upon their arrival appeared to have subsided. The wind continued to blow, but not quite with the ferocity of the previous days as the famous warm Maltese weather was slowly but surely beginning to make an appearance.

Andrew Wembridge, who had arrived late to the opening day T20, promised captain of the day Barrett that he would be the first to arrive at the ground and he truly delivered, arriving a mere 45 minutes before any of the other touring party. Upon their arrival at the Marsa Sports Club, the covers were off (thanks to Wembridge), the sun was shining and the good spirits continuing.

Captain Barrett, met Johnnie Grima, the delightful skipper who would be captain of the day for Marsa. Barrett continued his record as a useless tosser, calling “Republic Francaise” as the “€2” face fell sunny side up with Grima electing to bat. Les White, who so kindly umpired the T20 was also present again to officiate along with Paul Bradley for this “clash of the titans” as MCC and Marsa had agreed to play strong XIs for the day.

Figure 1 – Marsa Representative XI

Figure 2 – Munich Bumblebees Malta Tour Day 2 XI

Scott and du Plessis bowled excellently without much reward early on. Marylebone Cricket Club (the other MCC) member Khosla and his partner Tuck survived one or two scares. A play and miss here, a drop there, but somehow managed to avoid getting out before amassing a 50 run opening partnership. Tuck the first to go, bowled by Scott for 25. Du Plessis was removed from the attack after 7 unfortunate, wicketless overs, the real MCC couldn’t believe he hadn’t picked up a wicket. Barrett went for the change, bringing on a change of pace with himself and the usually miserly Altmann, who unfortunately struggled to find his lines and was expensive in his 2 overs for 25 runs. At the other end, Barrett had the new man Khan in all sorts of trouble, Khan complaining he couldn’t see the ball. It seems he had never seen anything like Barrett’s gentle flighted off ”spin” before. Khan was dropped by Khanna attempting a sweep shot before Khanna eventually redeeming himself by snaffling a thick outside edge at the second opportunity. The score 96/2.

Figure 3 – Marsa Cricket Club in all its glory

With Marsa sitting pretty only 2 down at drinks, the instruction came out for Khosla and his new partner Mughal to practice their T20 skills. Both being members of the Maltese National Team due to take part in an ICC T20 tournament the week after. At this point, the runs began to flow and ominously for MCC, the drops began to mount, Brooks was unlucky to see two dropped off his bowling. The score was 190/3 when Khosla fell for an excellent 81, taken by Wembridge off the bowling of Deverill. Barrett having turned to his most disabled bowler in a bid to pry a wicket! Of course, this is a little churlish of the author, Deverill bowling excellently to eventually pick up 4 wickets by the end of his spell, all this despite being unsure how his knee would react after the recent surgery.

Runs continued to flow quickly and wickets followed as Marsa pushed in the last 10 overs. Bowes picking up Mughal for 57 with a perfectly planned wicket at deep backward square leg. Prasath added a quick fire 31 before being well caught at deep long on by Barrett who had to make up some ground to get there. Two excellent pieces of fielding by Wembridge and Arunachalam resulting in a couple of run outs, before Arunachalam finished off the innings. Marsa 268 all out off the last ball of the innings.

In total, 9 catches were dropped, if half of these had been taken, MCC would have been looking at a much lower total to chase. Despite this, MCC were confident. The batting friendly astroturf pitch and strong line up adding to the optimism.

Figure 4 – Phil Bowes still wondering how he dropped it…

For the chase, Barrett elected to stick with the same top 3 as had batted so well in the Friday T20. Karthik and Altmann opening the batting again, putting on 44 before Karthik was needlessly run out calling Altmann through for a second run. Altmann was joined by Wembridge, putting on 14. Altmann out to the bowling of Prasath for 26. All eyes were on Arunachalam as he joined Wembridge at the crease. His 50* almost won the game for MCC on the Friday, but alas, the great leveler cricket struck again as he was out for a duck, 59/3 and the good start was beginning to be undone.

Figure 5 – MCC Bumblebees unimpressed with the pace of the innings

Wicket keeper Khanna joined Wembridge and the pair accumulated runs nicely, repairing some of the damage, but as the run rate began to climb, risks had to be taken. Khanna out for 24 and then Wembridge to the very next ball, a catch at wide third man for the second day running. His run a ball 40 a good knock. Bowes came and went for 1 and du Plessis for a duck to confound a luckless day for him. With du Plessis gone, the hope of a win had all but faded as Barrett joined Deverill. The first target of avoiding the 100 run defeat was surpassed, the pair putting on 45 before Barrett (8) threw his wicket away in order to give the next man Scott a chance to bat with a couple of overs to go. Deverill finishing with 41* including being caught off a waste high no ball and then bowled off the subsequent free hit! MCC’s total of 185/8, respectable, but unfortunately nowhere near enough to force a win.

Figure 6 – Deverill bowled off his first ever free hit!

Post-match, Owen the fines master took charge and all fines were taken in good spirits, Craig lost the pint race to Jonty, Pierre lost the spinning pint race to Naveen and the tourists headed off back to St Giljan for a team dinner very much looking forward to round three of the Malta tour!


Match Summary: Marsa Representative XI (268ao) beat MCC (185/8) by 83 runs.


MCC Man of the Match – Jonathan Deverill (4 wickets and 41*).

Champagne Moment – Jonty’s catch off Phil due to its planning.

Thanks for Coming Award – Pierre du Plessis (an unlucky day all round for him).

Quote of the Day – “This type of game was my cricketing heaven” – Craig Barrett.


Match in Numbers:

9 – Catches dropped by MCC.

18 – Number of wickets to fall (27 if you count MCC’s drops!).

80 – All overs bowled in the match.

19 – Number of bowlers used by both teams.

3 – Number of drops by Pierre alone!

Figure 7 – Pierre finding out dropping 3 catches on tour was not a good idea!

Cassandra of Troy

MCC Tour of Malta – Day 1 (22nd March 2019)

Munich Cricket Club in Malta – Match 01, T20 vs Marsa Representative XI, Friday 22 Mar. 2019

Munich CC 138/7 (20 overs) (N. Arunachalam 50*, J. Altmann 29) defeated by Marsa CC Representative XI 139/6 (18.1 overs) (P. Scott 3-22, O. Davies 2-32)

Man of the match: N. Arunachalam

Gallery 1: Malta

Malta has been inhabited since around 5900BC with the arrival of settlers from the island of Sicily. Around 8100 years later, the sweet little island, whose name is thought to have been derived from the Greek word for ‘honey’ (μέλι), was invaded by sixteen representatives of the Munich Cricket Club who attempted to infiltrate the former British (and at times French, Aragonese, Norman, Arab, Greek, Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman) territory with their brilliant red touring shirts, foul interpretation of cricketing skills, haphazard match arrival times and generally poor standards of personal hygiene.

Gallery 2: Malta’s primary exports in 2018 were previously understood by the MCC to be cute doggies and deliciously light chocolate balls

The tourists arrived by aeroplane in dribs and drabs, the majority of whom eventually immersing themselves deeply in Maltese culture on Thursday evening with a visit to The Cork Irish Bar to watch the football. A visit to the 7000 year old, UNESCO world heritage-listed Ħal-Saflieni Hypogeum was a must for selected members on the Friday morning, with others electing to remain in bed after misinterpreting the side-effects of the, er, cocktails served at the White Palace Gentlemen’s Club, where hand-jobs were allegedly discovered to be a staggering 100€ each.

Gallery 3: Tour organiser Craig Barrett 1) expressing his complaints about the quality of morning meal available at the Cavalieri Art Hotel in St. Ġiljan and 2) expanding his understanding of Maltese history with an unwashed holiday-maker

Naveen Arunachalam, the highly-respected and deeply-loved MCC member tragically wrenched away from Munich at the end of 2016, was appointed captain of the day after everyone else was too shit-scared to take on the role for fear of being overthrown if we won. Philip Bowes found himself armed with a biro at the helm of the trusty scorebook, with Jonty Altmann and Arun Karthik saluting the crowd as they headed out to battle in the opening T20 fixture against the Marsa CC Representative XI.

The openers got off to a fine start with a partnership of 53 before Karthik was bowled for a reasonable 18 from 28 deliveries. Altmann departed ten runs later for an almost run-a-ball 29 after the bowler managed to successfully juggle a very jolly return catch, despite non-striker Andrew Wembridge attempting to put him off his stride with repetitive flatulence. The shorter-haired Australian clobbered a six but was dismissed the very next ball at deep backward point after a stunning catch in heavy swirling winds by the Maltese-Australian birthday-boy G. Sant.

Gallery 4: The Munich Cricket Club opening partnership beginning the campaign

By this stage, Jaymeen Amin had paddled around a few but the scene was set for ‘O captain! My Captain!’ Nav, who crunched 2 fours and 4 sixes in an unbeaten half-century with the limited overs available, bringing up his 50 off 27 with the final delivery of the innings. With Amin gone for 5, Veith Gattinger had been washed away for a golden duck, George ‘Michael’ Michahelles fell LBW for 2, Ian ‘Baker’ Finch for 1 and Paul ‘Two Pullovers’ Scott remained on 0*. MCC had posted a defendable 138/7.


Scotty opened the bowling at the golf-course end, breaking through with his usual consistency with two catches behind the stumps well-snaffled by the barely conscious Altmann. Adrian Brooks at the other end was unlucky to miss out on a scalp of his own, finishing with 0/34; Scott finishing with 3/22.

The first-change bowling attack consisted of captain Nav and Owen Davies, who took one and two wickets respectively. Davies’ third over was a highlight for both Marsa and Munich Cricket Clubs, with 20+ runs scored and the wicket of the dangerous opener ‘Boy’ George snared with some deft glovework behind the stumps. Even more chuffed was Mr. Joe Vella of Regency Panel Beaters who received an estimated 1400€ of new business from three new customers unfortunate enough to park within a 120m radius of Davies’ bowling.

Gallery 5: Letter of thanks from the President of Malta to Owen Davies for stimulating investment in the national automotive industry and the celebratory dinner held in his honour that evening, where Arun Karthik indicates how many vehicles were smashed.

In the meanwhile, ‘Mike’ Gatting(er) and Baker-Finch tried their luck rolling their (own) arms over, unfortunately with limited success; Veith conceding 0/16 from three overs and Ian being whalloped with 0/29 from two. After having his attempt at a sky-high catch brutally interrupted by a later-very sheepish and apologetic Wembridge, Michahelles bowled the final ball of the afternoon to see Marsa tiptoe over the line with 10 balls to spare.

An enchanted Friday evening was to follow, with burgering, steaking and wining preceding a return to the infamous Cork Irish Pub for yet another viewing of some other sport-related event. Munich-born Veith Gattinger concluded the night’s proceedings with a romantic pierside stroll, where, being far from the comfort of his native inland lakes, he was rather callously introduced to the concept of currents and tidal patterns of the Mediterranean Sea.

Gallery 6: The MCC Schatzmeister challenges the notion that it takes two to tango

Fed, watered and eventually dried, the tourists returned to the comfort of their respective Hotelzimmer to rest up for the sunny adventures awaiting Saturday’s big 40 over match of the morrow. Scorecard

Wendi-Meg Breward

Mitgliederversammlung am 23 Sep 2018 (06 Sep 2018)

06 Sep. 2018

Sehr geehrte Mitglieder,

Sie sind herzlich zu einer ordentlichen Mitgliederversammlung des Munich Cricket Club e.V. am 23 Sep. 2018 um 15:00 Uhr eingeladen. Diese findet im The Keg Bar, Trautenwolfstraße 1, 80802 München statt.

Als Tagesordnung ist vorgesehen:
1. Begrüßung und Feststellung der satzungsgemäßen Einberufung
2. Genehmigung des Protokolls der ordentlichen Mitgliederversammlung am 23 Feb. 2018
3. Satzungsgemäß gestellter Antrag zur Satzungsänderung:
● Satzungsänderung: Abstimmung über die Verabschiedung der Neufassung der Vereinssatzung
4. Verschiedenes
5. Beendigung der ordentlichen Mitgliederversammlung

Um zahlreiches und pünktliches Erscheinen wird gebeten. Im Namen des gesamten Vorstands und des Vorstandsvorsitzenden lade ich Sie ganz herzlich zu dieser wichtigen Veranstaltung.

Harit Khanna

Douglas Giles