Maria Theresa steers MCCI to first Division I win

Glorious summer day at the Hirschanger, around 20°C and MCC at the must-win stage of the season in order to avoid the drop into division II.

Captain Ayub used Maria Theresa correctly, lost the toss and MCC were asked to field and opened the attack with Kahn Waqas and Altmann. The Flicx was showing an unpredictable bounce and this helped Waqas to his first LBW wicket in the 3rd over with the score on 17.

© Philip Crebbin Waqas in action, umpire Shirley da Silva observes


© Philip Crebbin
Waqas in Action
© Philip Crebbin
Jonty lets go

He got a second in his third over, an unusual one-handed catch by Deverill, emulating the Khan Mahmud style. Two balls later he got his third wicket – a second LBW – and Pak Orient were 25 for 3 down. In the 9th over Imtiaz replaced Altmann who then took over the gloves from Butt. A very good first over brought Imtiaz a wicket, caught by Kotru.

© Philip Crebbin
Imtiaz hurls one down

Deverill replaced Waqas at the other end and got a wicket in his frst over, an excellent catch by keeper Altmann leaving them 45 for five down after ten overs.

© Philip Crebbin
J.D. bowls a tempter

© Phlip Crebbin
Don`t dare move out of the crease

© Philip Crebinn
Ayub Claims an LBW – and gets it


Khan Mahmud and captain Ayub were the next bowling pair, starting from the 15th over.

© Philip Crebbin
A six from Waqas

Mahmud was on fire with his leggies, Ayub got a wicket in his first over and,, at the drinks break at 20 Overs, Pak Orient were 90 for eight down. The last two wickets also fell to the Mahmud/Wembridge slip catch combination and the opposition were rolled over for 102 after 24.3 overs.

© Philip Crebbin
Altmann and Wembridge wait for a nick
© Philip Crebbin
Opposition out for 102, well done

Teas were provided by Nirmal Konchada and included some mouth-watering sausage rolls he had baked himself that morning. I propose he has the catering job for life.

MCC opened the chase with Wembridge and Deverill who had to face some very good, hostile bowling. The Flicx seemed to have changed its character and now had become very bouncy.

© Philip Crebbin
Altmann Hammers away to square leg


© Philip Crebbin
J.D.with a leg glance

Deverill fell in the fourth over, well yorked, for three runs and the score on 12.

© Philip Crebbin
J.D. yorked by a good ball

Two runs later Wembridge departed for one leaving Altmann and Butt at the crease. They put on a useful 26 runs for the third wicket before Altmann was bowled in the 13th over with the score on 40.

© philip Crebbin
Wembridge drives through the covers


© Philip Crebbin
Butt now with a helmet crashes away to Point

© Philip Crebbin
Ouch, that one hurt

Ayub replaced him and batted steadily and very carefully being not out at the end. His partnership with Butt lasted for six runs only before Butt left to make way for Khan Mahmud.

© Philip Crebbin
Ayub to backward point

They batted well, scoring comfortably, until Mahmud took an almighty swipe after 28.1 overs with the score on 101. Kotru replaced him but did not face a proper ball as the next ball bowled was a wide and they ran one to give us victory.

© Philip Crebbin
Mahmud Khan and T.K. Butt do a Sir Winston

Wembridge, 1, bowled, 3 catches

Deverill, 3, bowled, 4 overs, 1 mdn, 11 runs, 1 wkt, 1 catch

+Altmann, 14, bowled, 4 overs, 0 mdns, 23 runs, 0 wkts, 1 catch

Butt, 14 caught

*Ayub, 22*, 4 overs, 1 mdn, 10 runs, 1 wkt

Khan Mahmud, 22, bowled, 5.3 overs, 0 mdns, 18 runs, 4 wkts

Kortu , 0*, 1 catch

Khan Waqas, DNB, 4 overs, 0 mdns, 14 runs, 3 wkts

Konchada, DNB

Ahmed Imtiaz, DNB, 3 overs, 0 mdns, 23 runs, 1 wkt

Mushtaq, DNB

MCC, 103 -5 in 28.1 overs, beat Pak Orient, 102 – 10 in 24.3 overs by 5 wickets

MCC MOOM: Khan Mahmud

At the post-match discussions at the Fraulein Grüneis kiosk we were joined by Paul Scott, who was looking forward to some new treatment on his leg on Monday 19th. We hope it is successful and we see him back in action soon.


MCC I beaten narrowly by MIC at the Hischanger

Another fine summer day, 20°C plus and captain Ayub used the correct Maria Theresa silver dollar at the toss, promptly won it and chose to bat first. The opposition were one player short and wanted to field a substitute as the umpire had allowed Pak Orient to do recently – strictly against the DCB playing rules – which we refused to allow thereby causing some resentment among the MIC players. When our opening batsmen, Wembridge and Deverill took the field it was noticed that the pillocks who laid out the ground had not put down the 30 yard inner circle. This caused an amazing outburst from the opposition, in particular their keeper Johnson, who, in the past, has figured noticeably in unseemly behaviour in the field. He claimed that as the pitch was not prepared the game was forfeit and this interspersed with language that would have shamed a fish wife. I should say that someone actually baited him a little and it was not Mahmud Khan who, when we were enjoying the social life at Fräulein Grüneis`s after the match around 9pm, shouted out “angry man, angry man” as Johnson walked past.

Anyway the inner circle discs were laid out and the innings started. Wembridge hit a trade mark cut, very hard but straight to the fielder at cover. It had to be Kashif, who had taught us all how to catch in the first round at MIC when we dropped seven catches and he took three. The net result was MCC were one down for 19 after 4.5 overs. Butt came in and was determined to play a Jacques Kallis innings, defending his wicket at all costs. He watched Deverill leave for a dodgy LBW – the first of several in the game, most in MCC`s favour- and the total score on 23. Bhamare came and went, scoring 9 from 8 balls and leaving again far too quickly with MCC now 40 for three down after 13.2 overs. Captain Ayub and Butt steadied things and put on 51 for the fourth, Ayub finally being yorked for 13 by Pramod in the 26th over. Keeper Kerr, he of two houses fame, was next, scoring 1 from 14 balls and then making way for Khan Mahmud, the derider of “angry men”. Twenty four runs later Butt went having scored an extremely valuable 52, his second half-century of the season, which included 5 fours and one six. Qureshi took his place and saw Mahmud Khan well run out by a combination of the angry man and their captain and ex-MCC member Polysetti. Colling faced six balls before offering a dolly of a caught-and-bowled to Kashif and allowed Imtiaz to take over. He absolutely tonked the first ball, unfortunately it went higher than it did long and he was well caught taking him to the lead in the duck race and now competing with Deverill to get the first Audi badge. Kahn Waqas replaced him but the innings was over before he faced a ball.

After teas provided by Qureshi, with enough supplies to feed the sixth army, MCC opened their bowling with Butt and Deverill. Butt seemed out of sorts somehow and was taken off after two overs. Deverill was his usual stingy self and got his first in his second over making them 31 for 1 down but well ahead of the required run rate. A fine catch by two-house keeper Kerr off Ayub`s bowling left them at 46 for 2 down after 7 overs. Twelve runs later their fourth wicket went and throughout their innings there were no big partnerships but they always stayed ahead of the required run rate. Captain Ayub was cleverly rotating the bowlers and the wickets were falling and, after 24 overs they were 143 for eight wickets down, so needed eight runs more to win. It was very exciting and MIC just scraped over the line but it was a very good performance by MCC.

Obviously the Maria Theresa silver dollar was still a little rusty from lack of use but almost worked her charm and Pak Orient should watch out for Saturday`s game.

Wembridge, 6, caught,

Deverill, 5, LBW, 6 overs, 0 mdns, 26 tuns, 2 wkts,

Butt, 52, caught, 2 overs, 0 mdns, 23 runs, 0 wkts

Bhamare, 9, bowled, 1 catch

*Ayub, 13, bowled, 6 overs, 0 mdns, 35 runs, 1 wkt, 1 catch

+Kerr, 1, bowled, 1 catch

Khan Mahmud, 12, run out, 4 overs, 0 mdns, 24 runs, 3 wkts, 1 catch

Qureshi, 6, bowled, 4 overs, 0 mdns, 22 runs, 2 wkts

Colling, 3, caught

Ahmad Imtiaz, 0, caught

Khan Waqas, 0*, 3 overs, 0 mdns, 15 runs, 0 wkts

MCC, 150 – 10 in 37.4 overs, lost to MIC, 151 – 8 in 25 overs by 2 wickets

MCC MOM: Khan Mahmud.


Bumblebees beaten in Passau

The semi-finals of the Regionalliga T20 and having recently beaten Passau in the league the Bumblebees travelled hopefully to Passau, some on the train with the captain keeping a somewhat aloof profile and travelling alone by car. This haughty attitude was somewhat mitigated as he did take the kit along with him. Two Bayern tickets for the Bob were used to the full although the writer just made it as the door closed and the train departed from platform 25. All the other MCC tourists seemed to have chosen seats next to attractive young ladies leaving me at the end of the carriage with a more mature lady. She had the most attractive laugh though which she used to the full watching Sestan`s antics trying to disembark at every stop to have a quick drag on a cigarette. Even an unscheduled stop, caused by a faulty level crossing, didn`t stop his attempts and it was painful to watch him pleading with the driver to be let out. After a relaxing two hour journey we arrived in Passau where we hung around for some 20 minutes waiting for the arrival or at least news from Maiwand Khan who should have been travelling down alone from Wald Kraiburg. No news and no Maiwand so we took taxis to the ground on the heights above the three-river city.

Captain Cassandra, complete with the kit, duly lost the toss and MCC were asked to bat, opening with an alliteration in “B”, Bowes and Blades. Bowes had one scoring shot, a six, but departed with the score on 11 to be replaced by Wembridge. Eleven runs later Blades was caught behind and made way for Bhatia. A useful partnership of 21 runs ensued before Wembrdge went, LBW for 19, the highest score of the innings and the first of three LBWs, Bhatia being the second and Goit the third while he joined the duck race. Maroofkhel hit a very useful 15, including a four and a mighty six off a no-ball. Number six, Singh was the seventh wicket to fall, run out for 13, batting with the captain after 19.4 overs. Giles came in and sacrificed himself on the very last ball of the innings, run out without facing a ball. There had been a rain break during the innings and although the sky looked threatening there was no further rain during the play.

After the tea break MCC opened their attack with Blades and Wembridge, Blades getting his first of two wickets on his fourth ball with the score on 2. In his second over he got a great one for the stats, a caught and bowled, while Wembridge got one in his second over leaving them 3 down for 13 runs after four overs. Thereafter the Passau ship was steadied and it was 34 runs later before the next wicket fell, a superb catch at long-off by captain Craig off Goit`s bowling. Two runs later Goit got his second and at 49 for five down we were looking forward to a victory. There was an inexplicable break after the fifth wicket fell, everyone leaving the field because of Ramadan. As there were only two batsmen of that ilk and they had been at the crease for only a couple of minutes this seemed to be somewhat excessive. Whatever they did during the break must have inspired them for the two batsmen played in a most assured style afterwards. There was a rather embarrassing incident, brought about again by having the batting team provide the square leg umpire. A believed stumping was given not-out causing an unnecessary reaction from the MCC keeper – from the scorer`s table it did not appear as if the batsman had moved his foot – and veteran Blades stepped in to cool down the emotions. Passau knocked off the required runs easily, winning with a mighty six after 16.3 overs.

Afterwards the team retired to the Wirtsthaus just down the road with a magnificent panoramic view of the city. Lord and the colourful Lady Wembridge (who had run out of red varnish for her toenails and so used blue on some of them) decided to walk back to the station in their flip-flops, or thongs to the uninitiated, and I decided to join them as it was, apparently, only a 28 minute stroll. Some 45 minutes later, still 600 metres from the station and three minutes before departure we took a taxi who made a Bullitt-like trip to the station and dropped us off on the other side to the waiting train. Lord Wembridge ran ahead and held open the carriage door, at the same time pleading with the driver not to leave yet. So for the second time that day I staggered through the door as it closed and the train started. The return trip was notable for some of the most excruciating jokes you are ever likely not to wish to hear.

+Bowes, 6, caught,

Blades, 4, caught, 4 overs, 0 mdns, 13 runs, 2 wkts, 1 catch

Wembridge, 19, LBW, 4 overs, 0 mdns, 19 runs, 1 wkt

Bhatia, 13, LBW,

Goit, 0, LBW, 2 overs, 0 Mdns, 14 runs, 2 wkts

Singh, 13, run out,

Maroofkhel, 15,

*Barrett, 8*, 3.3 overs, 0 mdns, 26 runs, 0 wkts, 1 catch

Giles, 0, run out

Sestan, DNB, 1 over, 0 mdns, 7 runs, 0 wkrs

Kahn Maiwand, DNA, (did not arrive)

MCC, 93 – 8 in 20 overs, lost to Passau, 95 -. 5 in 16.3 overs by 5 wickets

MCC: MOM: Blades

Bobby Gentry Day at the Hirschanger

Ah Bobby Gentry, where are you now?

It was the third of June another sleepy kind of summer`s day

They were putting out the boundary flags ready for the start of play

And it was sometime after noon when Ravi came demanding the team sheet

So I gave it to him saying bet you`ll like it out there in this heat

Then everybody stood and cheered aloud for Aussie Andy Wembridge

`cos he brought along the teas and loaded all the beers in the fridge


Nuremberg won the toss and chose to bat against an MCC team we considered in with a good chance of getting the first league victory of the season. A rather surprised Barrett opened the bowling but had a break after his second over. Waqas Khan, his opening Partner, was also taken off  after three overs making way for Altmann and Deverill to lead the attack. They both bowled their full complements straight through and bowled extremely well so that at 20 overs Nuremberg were 66 for three down, all three to Deverill. During their spell keeper Butt had a touch of sunstroke and left the field for some 35 minutes, during which time Barrett took over the gloves. Altmann had bowled superbly for the past several games, throttling the run rate but not getting wickets as a reward. After completing his spell Altmann took over the gloves from Barrett – three different keepers on one match must be some kind of record. Ayub and Qureshi now took over the attack and bowled three tight overs but then Nuremberg got their measure and the run-rate soared and, at the end of the 28th over, the score was 123 for four down. Barrett was brought back on and was tonked in the first over but then took two wickets in the second of his new spell. Waqas Khan also came back to replace Barrett and also took two in one over leaving Colling to take their tenth in the 40th over.

During the innings a couple of spectators from Liverpool drifted in to watch, as usual amazed that there was cricket to be seen in Munich. The fellow had cycled from Liverpool and his girl-friend Emma had flown over to be with him for a few days. You could tell he was a biker by his absolutely massive thighs

After teas provided for both teams by Wembridge, the colourful Australian was rewarded by opening the batting with Aneesh Kotru. They scored quite freely until Kotru skied one with the score on 31 to be replaced by Khan Mahmud. Nine runs later Wembridge hammered one straight to the fielder just forward of point and went back for some more tea. Altmann replaced him and there was a useful partnership of 21 for the third wicket before Khan Mahmud also skied one to be replaced by Qureshi who practised one shot for ten balls before finally connecting and being caught for a duck after skying one to deep long off. Deverill too played in a similar manner although he was very controlled until he hit long and hard to be caught at long on for a duck. So, after 19 overs, MCC were 66 for five down, all five out to shots that could (should?) have been played differently. Altmann who had been a model of restraint was the next to go, also caught for 11 after facing 30 balls. Ayub went for 3 with no increase to the total but was bowled rather than caught trying to go big. Seven runs later Colling had a similar fate, also bowled and 11 runs later Butt was out caught. It was left to Barrett and Khan Waqas to try to bat out the overs sensibly which they did, putting on 21 runs for the tenth, Barrett falling on the very last ball of the 40th over.

Kotru, 6, caught,

Wembridge, 21, caught, 1 catch

Khan Mahmud, 8, caught, 2 catches

+3 Altmann, 11, caught, 8 overs, 2 mdns, 30 runs, 0 wkts, 1 catch

Qureshi, 0, caught, 6 overs, 0 mdns, 1 wkt, 31 runs

Deverill, 0, caught, 8 overs, 2 mdns, 21 runs, 3 wkts

*Ayub, 3, bowled, 4 overs, 1 mdn, 29 runs, 0 wkts, 2 catches

+1 Butt, 6, caught,

Colling, 4, bowled, 4 overs, 0 mdns, 23 runs, 1 wkt

+2 Barrett, 9, caught, 6 overs, 0 mdns, 29 runs, 2 wkts, 2 catches

Khan Waqas, 6*, 5 overs, 0 mdns, 19 runs, 2 wkts

MCC, 123 – 10 in 40 overs, lost to Nuremberg, 185 – 9 in 40 overs by 62 runs

MCC MOM: Barrett.

MCCII win against CCB at the Hirschanger in Division II league match

JD holds his nerve as MCC II win by the skin of their teeth

An unfamiliar sight considering recent weeks, the sun was up and the Hirsch was awash with heat and bikini clad women as MCCII continued their league campaign with their third game of the season, against a very strong (on paper) looking CCB team.

1200 – as usual a few late culprits, I was however met at the gate by the entire opposition, JD and family (and a large amount of Pimms) plus a few others. Praf had already called ahead as his bike needed air.

MCC stand in captain Bowes lost the toss and was asked to field. Blades and Abdul opened the bowling with Blades taking an early wicket, caught expertly by the sticky fingers of Wembo at gully. Both bowled very well and after 8 overs CCB were 25-1.

On came League Debutant Amit Goit who bowled an excellent spell taking 2 wickets including a fantastic LBW in his first over and then removing the dangerous Sembi, again another excellent catch at gully from Wembo, who was later quoted saying ‘I actually caught the ball 3 times, does that count as 3 wickets?’

At the other end JD was bowling very tight lines and took a lovely wicket, bowled. 2 bowling changes further brought us Harvey and Maiwand. Harvey looked very good, bowling very good lines and was rewarded with a wicket after drinks when Mohsin missed a straight one. Maiwand at the other end bowled 6 overs and did not concede a single wide. It really was a very impressive spell of fast bowling, including hitting the batsman in the ribs and ripping the middle stump out of the ground in his 5th over.

CCB’s Mikey was keeping his team in the game and seeing Blades come back into the attack decided to advance down the wicket to his first ball and smoke him for 4. 2 balls later, however, Blades got his payback getting Mikey stumped by Harit, a result not seen for a while in a scorebook! The final 2 wickets were taken by Bowes, bowled, and JD getting their last (only 10 men) man LBW to wrap up the innings at 126ao.

Teas, provided by Bowes, were good and managed to feed both teams.

The batting was opened by Wembo and Praf, the latter caught behind fending away a bodyline bouncer (avoided the duck race due to poor umpiring gifting him a single for his non-signalled leg-bye!). JD and Wembo then set about rebuilding and did an excellent job with the partnership tallying 50odd before Wembo got bowled. Bowes followed for a duck and Amit Goit settled the partnership, scoring some quick runs until he departed just before drink, bringing MCC to 77-2 at 19.4 overs.

Dave Carr joined JD but was caught at 1st slip hacking wildly at a wide ball. In came Harvey who was able to spend some time at the crease, smoking 2 very good 4’s and moving us ever closer to the winning total before he was caught at deep square leg off a full toss!

In came Blades who settled the nerves of everyone at the ground, looking very comfortable and bringing us within 11 runs of the target, including a glorious pull for 4. However he was inexplicitly run out after being called for a single which JD had hit straight to gully!!

Harry kept a few very good balls out before departing for his single, leaving JD with Abdul at the other end who was instructed very, very clearly, not to try and shabash a 6 but instead to block, which he did very well!

JD knocked off a couple of singles before wides brought us home to a huge cheer from a very nervous group! JD finishing on 44 not out after a wonderful, game saving knock.

We drank a few beers and then a few of us went to Fraulein Grüneis and a curry and a few to the Tower. The curry group were later joined by Barrett, Mrs Barrett and friend and Jaymeen,

Wembridge 20, Bowled, 2 catches

Toke, 1, Caught

Deverill, 44*, 7-0-30-2

Bowes, 0, Bowled, 1-0-2-1

Goit, 13, LBW, 4-0-17-2

Carr, 0, Caught

Jackson, 13, Caught, 5-0-14-1

Blades, 5, Run Out, 7-0-26-2

Khanna, 1, Bowled, 1 Stumping

Abdul, 0 Not Out, 4-1-16-0

Maiwand, DNB, 6-1-18-1


MOM: Deverill


Serendib snatch victory in hard fought Division I match in Neu-Perlach

The first really early-summer`s day for cricket. Temperatures in the high twenties and a start set for 12 noon with the request for all selected players to be there at 11:30. Why are Waqas and Imtiaz always late, even later than Khalid who arrived hot and sweaty at 11:45? Abijith also took a while to saunter along to the ground in Neu-Perlach but, at least at the appointed time, there were seven players there so the toss was not lost automatically.

The toss was won by Serendib who chose to bat to face MCC opening bowlers Altmann and Ahmad (Imtiaz). They were very tight, particularly Altmann and after eight Overs Serendib were 31 for 0 on this small ground. Barrett was brought on as a surprise experiment but was still in Kirchanschöring mode although not quite up to Bowes`s standard. After going for 19 he was replaced by Khan Waqas, who kept the runs pegged back along with the very measly Altmann who finished with 0 – 24 from eight overs and gave way for captain Ayub. The first wicket fell to Waqas in the 16th over, a splendid Australian style catch from Altmann, leaving them on 73 for 1 at the end of the over. The second wicket fell in the 22nd, their opener Roshan bowled by Khan Mahmud for 67. Many of the MCC fielders felt he had been run out very much earlier but the square leg umpire was sleeping and claimed it was close and he can`t give close-calls out. This rather soured the atmosphere and there were a number of similar incidents from both sides which spoiled an exciting game. In the next over Ayub got his first wicket, caught behind by Altmann who had taken over the gloves from Butt. Their fourth fell to a superb catch by Kotru off Ayub`s bowling and they were now 137 for 4 down in the 27th over. A good partnership of 37 for the fifth was broken when Altman took another catch off Ayub in the 33rd over. In the 36th over Butt got the first of his three wickets, a fine catch by Mustaq and the score now 197 at the end of the over. At 200 Khan Waqas got his second, again a good catch behind by Altmann. No more wickets fell until the 40th over when Butt got his second and third as well as a run out so Serendib were 225 for 10 after 40 overs exactly.

After the 30 minute tea break MCC opened the batting with Kotru and Khan M. The partnership brought 24 runs but lasted only for 4.5 overs, Kotru skying one for a good catch to be taken. Altmann replaced him and set about building an innings while the rest of the top order floundered around him, Khan M and Bhatia going for six runs between them. Butt steadied the ship for a while in a partnership with Altmann of 37 for the fourth wicket but fell for 14 in the 18th over. Mushtaq replaced him and played very defensively scoring three runs from his first 20 balls. However for a defensive player he rather inexplicably got into the habit of charging the bowler and eventually paid the price being stumped for 6 in the 26th over with the score on 101. Captain Ayub replaced him and the partnership was ended when Altmann was run out for 54 responding to a suicidal call. In came Barret, he who knows no boundaries, and built a marvellous picket fence as part of the 47 run partnership with Ayub before leaving in the 36th over having score 11 from 22 balls. (This astonishing run rate so weakened him he had to rush off immediately after the match).He was followed by Bhamare who was in a very aggressive mood hitting two glorious straight sixes before being out caught for 15 from 9 balls and the score now 192 for 8 down in the 39th over. Khan Waqas was run out for 0 with four balls left and the next ball Ayub was out caught with Imtiaz not having faced a ball. So MCC lost a very exciting match spoiled only by the atmosphere created by questionable decisions from square leg umpires and emotional reaction from both sides.

Kotru, 15, caught, 1 catch

Khan M, 5, caught, 3 overs, 0 mdns, 36 runs, 1 wkt

Altmann, 54, run out, 8 overs, 1 mdn, 24 runs, 0 wkts, 4 catches

Bhatia, 1, bowled

Butt, 14, caught, 7 overs, 0 mdns, 43 runs, 3wkts

Mushtaq, 6, stumped, 1 catch

Ayub, 56, caught, 8 overs, 2 mdns, 30 runs, 2 wkts

Barrett, 11, caught, 1 over, 0 mdns, 189 runsl 0 wkts

Bhamare, 15, caught

Khan W, 0, run out, 7 overs, 0 mdns, 39 runs, 2 wkts

Ahmad I, 0*, 4 overs, 0 mdns, 17 runs, 0 wkts.

MCC, 203 – 10 in 39.3 overs, lost to Serendib, 225 for 10 in 40 overs by 22 rins

MCC MOM: Altman for a half century, four catches and steadying the ship when the top order sank


Kotru stars in a very friendly friendly at POCC

A blau/weiss Bayerischer Himmel, increasingly more weiss than blau as the game progressed, saw us at the Eduard Spranger ground to face effectively the Pak Orient II team. They were down to play Passau in the league the previous day but conceded the game having no cheap transport so asked MCC on Thursday night if we could play a friendly match on the Sunday. All credit to Qureshi for getting a team together and to those who turned out to play.

Pak Orient won the toss and chose to bat to face MCC opening bowlers Jackson and Maroofkhel. The first ball, amazingly, was not a wide and Jackson actually bowled a maiden, then went for 8 in his second over and 16 in his third. Captain Barrett, wary of the geometric progression replaced him then with Deverill. Maroofkhel went for 7 in his first over and 17 in his second so without studying the arithmetic the captain replaced him with a slightly groin-strained Ayub. The first 48 runs scored, in five overs, were in boundary fours and wides plus a single no-ball. Thereafter followed three maidens, the first a wicket maiden to Deverill. He was exceedingly parsimonious and finished up with 2 for 7 from his 5 overs. The Pak Orient run rate was pegged back despite cap`n Barrett deciding to play it in a very friendly fashion and use 10 bowlers. The final wicket fell to Jackson in the 35th and final over with the score on 200 of which 54 were wides.

After the break, MCC opened with Wembridge and Kotru and it was felt that should POCC play in the same friendly manner their score could be beaten. Their bowlers though were not so profligate with extras as we had been and the scoring rate was very slow with only 27 runs for none after 10 overs. In the 11th over Wembridge departed to be replaced by Ayub. The run rate increased rapidly so that when Ayub was caught behind by their captain in the 24th over the score was 121 and a win was really on the cards. Up to now POCC had used six bowlers and were clearly getting concerned about the result. Thereafter they reverted to their best bowlers but this did not deter Kotru who faced 74 balls and scored 70 runs, one a superb six which cleared the boundary trees. To be fair he used up four of his nine cat`s lives getting to his 50 so, as some joker remarked, his average is actually 12.5 so far. Up until the end of the 30th over, with the score at 150 for two were we looking reasonably well but three more wickets fell in the next four overs and it was left to Barrett to play the final ball in his unique manner and ensure we once again batted-out the overs.

Wembridge, 5, bowled, 4 overs, 0 mdns, 18 runs, 0 wkts, 1 catch

Kotru, 70, caught, 3 overs, 0 mdns, 25 runs, 1 wkt

Ayub, 43, caught, 4 overs, 0 mdns, 22 runs, 0 wkts, 1 catch

Deverill, 18 bowled, 5 overs, 2 mdns, 7 runs, 2 wkts, 1 catch

+Otmankhil, 2, bowled

*Barrett, 3*, 2 overs, 0 mdns, 9 runs, 1 wkt, 2 catches

Jackson, 10*, 4.1 overs, 1 mdn, 27 runs, 1 wkt

Singh, DNB, 3 overs, 0 mdns, 27 runs, 1 wkt

Maroofkhel, DNB, 3 overs, 0 mdns, 25 runs, 1 wkt

Goit, DNB, 3 overs,0 mdns, 14 runs, 3 wkts

Ibrahim, DNB, 3 overs, 0 mdns, 16 runs, 9 wkts

MCC, 173 – 5 in 35 overs, lost to POCC, 200 – 10 in 34.1 overs by 27 runs

MCC MOM: Aneesh Kotru



Nottingham celebrates as Broad`s record is equalled in Kirchanschöring

The feisty atmosphere in the town centre of Nottingham reached even dizzier heights requiring two bouncers to be in position at the door of every pub when the news spread that, thanks to the efforts of Phil Bowes, Stuart Broad no longer reigned supreme as the only Englishman to suffer from the 36 run syndrome. Our correspondent Craig – the man they cannot stump – Barrett reports:

It was a bright Saturday morning in Munich and the undefeated MCC II were heading into new territory full of optimism for the club’s first ever zweikampf with Kirchanschöring CC. The game would be played in the small village of Petting (turn left at Titting and through the lights at Fucking), due to the unavailability of the home team’s usual ground.

Due to a lack of vehicles, MCC were making their way to the ground through a multitude of luxury SUV, BOB train, taxi and sporty little Mazda. The sporty little Mazda setting off 45 minutes late due to Sandhu forgetting to set an alarm; Captain Barrett was less than impressed, but 75 apologies, a stern word, a bucket of Kentucky fried chicken and a bout of forgiveness later, they finally set off.

The BOB Train Crew were the first to arrive, somehow followed by the sporty little Mazda. Chauffeur Bhat, choosing to make the most of his time in the luxury SUV no doubt.

Upon arrival, all were pleasantly surprised by the facility. Excellent changing rooms and even a Tuck Shop were present, plenty of spectators too. The locals seemingly intrigued by this bizarre alien sport called “Grille”. However, not all was rosy, with building work adjacent to the field encroaching onto the outfield on one side, making areas dangerous and impossible to run. Nevertheless, MCC had come a long way and were keen to play.

MCC won the toss and elected to field, Barrett explaining that he did not know what to expect neither from the pitch nor from the opposition, therefore it would be safer to have a look first, all were in agreement. 8 balls into the match, as a good length ball from Bhatia sailed over the boundary, the clubhouse, the road and landed 15 metres into the field, Barrett was wondering whether it was such a good idea…

Boundary, followed boundary, followed boundary as Sami Ullah caressed almost everything thrown at him over the ropes, bringing his chanceless, effortless hundred up in the 12th over. He was ably supported throughout by Waheed Ahmed. Sami finally gave a chance with his score on 178 in the 18th over when Bowes dropped a difficult catch at long off after the ball was drilled flat out of the middle of the bat. Sami hit the next ball for six and then he was finally dismissed the following ball with the first shot he miscued, Barrett (mercifully for MCC) holding onto the catch at deep midwicket off Maiwand Khan. Khan, who had bowled quick and accurate, fully deserving of the wicket. MCC finally had the breakthrough with the score on 277. One of the finest innings you will ever see in club cricket. 184, from 39 scoring shots, 27 sixes (including 6 in one over), 3 fours, and not a single slog amongst them.

As so often happens in cricket, one brought two and Waheed Ahmed, who’s excellent 61 was unfortunately overshadowed by Sami’s antics, was bowled by Khan just 4 runs later.

With such a large total already, plenty of wickets in hand, a good batting pitch and a small ground, the Kirchanschöring batsmen decided to make hay. Mohamed Kashif scored a brisk 42 before being caught and bowled by Barrett. Shair Ullah contributed with 35 before being bamboozled by Sestan and the wickets and sixes continued before Kirchanschöring were all out for 420 from 33 overs. If not a BCV league record, surely not far off? In total, the innings included 41 sixes.

MCC’s reply was kicked off by Barrett and Bowes, Bowes declaring, “I’m just going to swing” and considering the circumstances, a fair attitude! True to his word, Bowes clouted a six (the 42nd of the match) and a four in the opening over, these, coupled with a pair of singles and a wide meant MCC were well ahead of the required run rate at the end of the first over. Unfortunately, Bowes fell on his sword for 11 in the second over and it all came crashing down from there… Bhat failed to trouble the scorers after being outrageously caught at square leg for a golden one by Inspector Gadget. Otmankhil (6) followed soon after before Barrett was run out for a circumspect 10 after Sandhu deflected the ball down to fine leg and despite the loud and clear “YEEEESSSSS!!!!” from his partner, decided the best thing to do was to watch the ball and stand his ground. The kind of run out that summed up MCC’s day. Sandhu, presumably still dazed from the nasty cut inflicted on his chin by the grill of the helmet as he tripped trying to make his ground the previous ball. Thankfully no serious damage was done.

Sandhu battled on to finish second top score with 13 behind Wides (16) and the remainder of the innings was a procession towards the inevitable trouncing. Bhatia offered a little resistance with 10, Gattinger added just a single and the last two Ahmad and Khan each added to the duck race, the not out man Giles was staunch in defence for his 2 not out from 20 balls. The final total a paltry 72 all out.

Frankly the worst defeat imaginable. A total thrashing.

The match in numbers:

420 – the number of runs scored by Kirchanschöring.

348 – the number of runs by which MCC lost.

42 – the number of sixes hit in the match.

1 – the number of sixes hit by MCC.

3 – the number of MCC ducks.

16 – the number of wides bowled by Kirchanschöring (MCC’s top score).

36 – the number of runs conceded off Phil’s second over.


MCC Man of the Match: Maiwand Khan for accurate fast bowling, 3 wickets and by far the best economy rate of the MCC bowlers.

Champagne moment: Barrett taking the catch to dismiss Sami Ullah.

Quote of the day: “I just don’t know where to bowl to him!!” – Phil Bowes as the 4th six of the over sailed into the adjacent building site, again!

Thanks for Coming award: Rahul Bhat (sorry Rahul!)

Top order falls short in Division I match against Erlangen

A pleasant late spring day with temperatures around 18°C and the complete Erlangen squad waiting outside the ground at 10 minutes to 12. The Flicx was already laid from the curtailed Friday practice and everything else was prepared in time for captain Ayub to win the toss, decide to field first and allow the match to begin at 12:35.

MCC opening bowlers Blades and Deverill were very tight and after 12 overs the score was 27 for 0 with only two boundary fours being hit. Blades had had a difficult caught and bowled chance in his spell. The first change bowlers Khan Waqas and Qureshi continued the trend and at 20 overs they were 53 for 0. The first wicket fell in the 23rd over, a superb stumping by Butt off Nielsen`s bowling. We have really missed the Viking celebrations when a wicket falls so keep it up Thomas. The wicket tally stayed the same with runs being carefully accumulated until captain Ayub struck twice in the 34th over making them 125 for 3 down. He got a third in his next over, one more in his 6th and a fifth in his seventh over. In between he had been party to a run out and Erlangen were all out for 165 in 39.3 overs. Butt had taken three superb stumpings, standing up to all our bowlers and their final score was definitely beatable.

After teas, provided for both teams by Mahmud Khan, MCC opened the batting with Sarma and Deverill. The first wicket fell with the score on 5, Deverill looping a catch from a poor ball and moving up in the duck race. Sarma stayed around for another 22 runs before he too hit a harmless ball straight to a fielder. Ayub and Butt steadied the ship but on the verge of the drinks break Ayub was out LBW to the Bavarian Lions bowler Vinay Dikshith which rather spoiled the half-way score. Khan Mahmud and Butt batted steadily until Butt went for 40, the highest score of the innings and the total now 94 for 4 down from 32 overs. Mahmud Khan fell with no more runs added, three runs later Wembridge bade everyone adieu and one run later Nielsen joined the duck race after an interesting shot. From 94 for 4 MCC were now 99 for 7 and the task was looking increasingly difficult. Waqas Khan hit a few lusty shots but departed in the 37th over with the score on 107. It was left to Altmann and Blades to bat out the remaining overs with no chance of getting the winning runs.

Bowes and Sestan had returned from the division II match against Kirchanschöring to regale us with their batting and bowling prowess at the Fräulein Grüneis watering hole before the party split for a Ruby Murray or a Thai and wine Chez Deverill.

Sarma, 9, caught

Deverill, 0, caught, 8 overs, 2 mdns, 15 runs, 0 wkts

Ayub, 16, LBW, 6.3 overs, 0 mdns, 32 runs, 5 wickets, 1 catch, 1 run-out

Butt, 40, caught, 3 stumpings, 1 run out (with Altmann)

Khan Mahmud, 14, bowled, 1 catch

Wembridge, 3, bowled

Altmann, 11*, 1 run-out (with Butt)

Nielsen, 0, bowled, 6 overs, 0 mdns, 27 runs, 1 wkt

Khan Waqas, 6, caught, 8 overs, 0 mdns, 48 runs, 2 wkts

Blades, 3*, 6 overs, 0 mdns, 16 runs, 0 wkts

Qureshi, DNB, 5 overs, 0 mdns, 23 runs, 0 wkts.

MCC, 127 – 8 in 40 overs, lost to Erlangen, 165 – 10 in 39.3 overs by 38 runs




MCC narrowly pipped at the post in rain affected T20 against POCC

A cloudy day with some sunny intervals at the Pak Orient ground in Hasenbergl. All MCC players arrived on time and were good little chaps because everyone brought their player passes along for the umpire to check. Pak Orient had one player coming late and, against all the laws of cricket and the DCB playing rules, the umpire allowed them to field a substitute for 45 minutes until the late player arrived. I protested vehemently but the umpire was adamant. When the player finally arrived the umpire said he could not bowl for 45 minutes, again against all the DCB rules. He made the situation worse by allowing a substitute player onto the field while one of the Pak Orient team, Waleed Basit went off to change his boots. (I have complained to the BCV Ligaleiter and the Umpirewart but, perhaps predictably, have not had a response).

Here is the relevant extract from the DCB playing rules.

2) Substitutions are only allowed if a player is injured or becomes sick during the game and the umpires believe the replacement is justified. In accordance with the Laws of Cricket, substitute players may not bat, bowl or keep wicket.

3) Substitutions must be entered on the Game Report Form before the start of the game.

So captain Ayub lost the toss and we were asked to field, POCC expecting a rain shortened match and it is advantageous to bat second. The outfield was rather long and unkempt making boundary hits along the ground very difficult but Thomas Butt and Mahmud Khan opened for us. Butt in particular batted aggressively but fell, caught in the 9th over, with the score on 36. Wembridge, fresh off the plane from China, replaced him and ran himself out to enter the duck race. The illegal substitute player was still fielding so perhaps, had the umpire done his job properly, we wouldn`t have lost these two wickets. Captain Ayub joined Khan Mahmud at the crease but ten runs later, Khan went for 22 to be replaced by Qureshi. A splendid partnership of 78 ensued with Qureshi tonking two fours and three sixes before being caught by boot-changer Basit, with the score on 126. Colling replaced him and played aggressively for 14 minutes during which time captain Ayub went having scored 33. Colling and Bhat put on 15 for the 6th wicket, Colling out caught going for a big one and made way for Bhamare with the score at 147 for 6 down. Bhat went with no change to the score and Otmankhil came and went for a golden one, with the score still on 147. In came Imtiaz Ahmed to face three balls without adding to the score and join the duck race so MCC were now 147 for 9 wickets down. Bhamare and Waqas Khan had a good 10th wicket partnership of 13 until Waqas skied one and MCC were all out for 166 in 35.3 overs. There had been a 23 minute rain break during the innings and we should have been restricted to 35 overs anyway although the umpire did not state this.

After tea was taken, MCC opened the bowling with Colling and Qureshi and Butt keeping wicket, which he did superbly throughout the innings, but in the first four overs 7 wide balls were delivered and POCC were 26 for one, Quereshi getting the splendidly named Sher Khan in his first over. Ayub replaced Colling and also got one in his first over so after five POCC were 29 for two down. Quereshi got his second in the eighth over leaving them on 40 for 3 down. Ayub and Waqas Khan were now bowling well together and in the 15th over, Waqas got his first wicket, boot-changer Basit caught by Wembridge and the score now 64 for four down. Unfortunately the heavens opened and after play was resumed the target was reduced to 141 from 35 overs meaning they had to score only 77 from 15 overs. In the 17th over Khan Mahmud got the first of his two wickets and a second in his next over. So after 18 overs they were 76 for six wickets down. The wicket count stayed the same until Waqas got his second in the 27th over with the score on 110. POCC captain Ali and Badsha were able to face everything MCC bowled at them and POCC finished up winners with the score on 142 for 7 wickets down after 33.2 overs. So a very exciting game was over and who knows what would have been had the umpire been up to the task.

+Butt T.K., 17, caught, 1 catch

Khan Mahmud, 22, caught, 7 overs, 1 mdn, 25 runs, 2 wkts,

Wembridge, 0, run out, 1 over, 0 mdns, 11 rins, 0 wkts, 1 catch

*Ayub, 33, caught, 7 overs, 0 mdns, 18 runs, 1 wkt,

Qureshi, 43, caught, 7 overs, 0 mdns, 31 runs, 2 wkts, 1 catch

Colling, 16, caught, 3 overs, 0 mdns, 24 runs. 0 wkts

Bhat, 5, caught, 1 catch

Bhamare, 10*

Otmankhil, 0, bowled

Ahmad I, 0, caught, 1.2 overs, 0 mdns, 11 runs, 0 wkts

Khan Waqas, 8, caught, t overs, 1 mdn, 25 runs, 2 wkts

MCC, 166 -10 in 34.2 overs, lost to POCC, 142-7 in 33.2 overs by 3 wickets (D/L ruling)

MCC MOM: Qureshi