Slovenia 2003



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Arriving for the train relatively promptly for the meet and then finding seats actually reserved by the Deutsche Bahn for the illustrious Munich CC tourists to Lovely Ljubljana had to be considered the first of many tour successes (given recent history).

Des Badly couldn’t believe his luck and frenziedly went about selling his treasured MCC ties. Cost price? To be fair, most of the rabble successfully managed to get royally faced on the 6-hour journey. Though, in fairness, it also has to be said that several who should know better ‘went way too early’, committing schoolboy errors and were thus gibbering wrecks by the time they were stumbling through LJ’s lanes on a sultry early evening after disembarkation.

After the hotel formalities where the obligatory David Gowers, Chas&Daves and Eartha Kitts were done and dusted, we even managed to find a restaurant. A fine fish supper was the basic sustenance for a relatively long night for the same old faces, those armed with those treasured weekend passes and a blatant disregard for curfews. A relatively short one for those with more sense and/or in fear of losing their starting slots. But ultimately, as always, we successfully rumbled up the required 12 bodies for the first Friday fixture against Slovenia’s finest.

Controversially though, Lovell decided to drop himself along with Brother Dean to try their hands at another popular pastime. However, instead of reducing their handicaps they managed only to fertilise the practise facility and foliage on the lovely golf course at Arboretum.

Back at the cricket on what was a scorching day for early May, Hebel managed to better the pitiful 5% toss win ratio of Lovelli to make his a perfect 100%. 1 from 1 and we will have a bat thank you very much on what Tony Greig might describe as perfect conditions for batting.

Moo and Power started things rolling with a blazing 68 run opening stand off just 11 overs to give the MCC a rocketing start. Moo Gale then gave his wicket away for 35. Some believe it was too hot for the Englishman: clearly suffering from sleep deprivation after initially falling asleep on a dossers bench and later waking the fill-in skipper up at 6 am.

That brought Balaji, the century maker from the week before to the crease. He looked extremely confident and went for a massive cover drive first ball, which was so wide that it hit the edge of the matting and rolled along the ground. Two balls later however he fell to the first ever Duck of his career, caught at point to what Richie considered the best catch of the day. Can’t win them all Balaji!

This brought the fill in skipper Hebel to the crease with Power still unbeaten but dehydrated at the other end. The pair proceeded to consolidate their position till drinks. 2 balls after drinks, Power managed to play all around a full toss to be bowled for a well-scored 36. Clearly Steve didn’t take enough fluids on board at the interval to overcome his dehydration.

Dr.Parore then joined Hebel at the crease and they both butchered the bowling attack to all parts of the Eastern European ground in Valburga just outside LJ. Ultimately (possibly) a record 4th wicket partnership of 166 runs and (possibly Des?) the highest ever 40 over MCC score of 272 for 3 off their allocation. Hebel finished with an unbeaten 122 (maiden century) and the Doc 46 not out before he absconded on the night train to Sara Yeovil.

MCC went on to bowl well limiting the home side to 9/102 off their 40 overs. Rain held off and allowed MCC to register a conclusive victory. The bowlers presented their delicious pies well with Scott 1 – 18, Bostock 2 – 16, Smith 1 – 16, Power 2 – 8 and Hebel 2 – 1 cleaning up the tail. Bunty Blades bowled well without luck in what was a very successful day all round for the MCC.

Celebratory drinks after the game of course. But the evening never threatened to get out of hand due to the excessive and debaucherous nature of the night before. Also the sultry cricketing conditions and on the golf course played their part. Needless to say, celebrations were kept in the locker until Saturday night where most let their hair down with cocktails that had little more than pure alcohol in them. Did not see anyone complaining though. Potent!


Hebelus Crankus Maximus

Please allow me Markus Lovell to take over at this juncture. It was absolute carnage on the train down. It always is when the boys & girls travel mobbed up and tooled up with their Kookaburras and GrayNichols. Dressers were in abundance too with the Fred Perry & Stone Island crew taking orders from General Bradley. Recce man Weatherall escorted us via sideroads through to the Hotel Park early doors. A quick Turkish bath and out again on the prowl. This was in danger of getting out of hand. I knew the score from last year though. A cunning plan involved dropping my major partners in crime for golfing purposes the next day. Edwards of course failed to show, slept in and missed some fine golf.

Wasn’t expecting Young Dean’s coffee incident early next day though. Just wasn’t prepared for that at 11am. Another schoolboy error to be fair. Harsh but fair. You know my motto. You can read Mr Hebel’s cricket verdict of game 1 above where he modestly describes his tidy 122* in a conclusive victory.

He had to be dropped after that though. His lovely wife agreed. Clearly not enough on that wicket in perfect conditions. He was put down too I hear from cricket sages.

Same rules applied for Balaji. Such inconsistency, a century one week and a duck the next will simply not be tolerated by MCC regime. Hamilton and Holmes replaced them for Game 2 in a like for like swap. Harsh but fair…some said.

We won the toss (again) and decided to put them in to change things around a bit. Pat Rafter/Dave Seaman batted with more aggression this time as they amassed 171 off their 40 overs. Pick of the bowlers was steam engine Scott with 1-12 off 8. Bunty Blades, Hazza, Stevie Power and Barth Dean supported well in the face of some village fielding. Edwards got injured but (unusually) incident did not involve stepping on a foreign object/insect.

We slumped to 9-3 early doors with Butcher Smith, Power and Cider Edwards all back in the hatch by the scorer’s tent.

Hazza and Hammo Hamilton recovered the situation. Geoff Miller, darkest of all things equine. Fifteen, the bearded wonder scored, including two lovely straight drives back past the bowler. Makers name. Exquisite Hammo. Exquisite.

Hazza was going well too before he succumbed to a soft c&b when in sight of a nice fifty.

Lovell then got going after a pollen attack. A few lovely 7 irons with a bit of draw into Kew Gardens, LJ, including 22 off a quiet Aussie’s last over. It was tight for a while though. Edge of the pram stuff. Partnerships with Dean, Scott and finally Bunty Blades got us over the line. Contender for shot of day Bunty’s bish through cover off Pat Rafter late on after being pinged by the short stuff early on. ‘Does it hurt? NO, mate, whadya think?’ Expletive, expletive.

In the end MCC squeezed to 173-7 with 7 balls in hand to secure victory by 3 wickets. A good game but tough on LJ who battled hard all weekend. Thanks to Dave Weatherall for his exemplary umpiring all weekend. True to his nickname he gave ‘buggerall’ all weekend. Consistency the key and is appreciated David. Des of course for the pencil work, although Hammo was giving him a few jealous stares. And weren’t the LJ Teas just grand! We look forward to LJ’s visit to Munich in August. Thanks to Alisdair and the boys!

Scores Game 1 (40overs) Friday May 2 – slightly murky but stinking hot (allegedly)…as ’twas on golf course.

MCC 272-3 Hebel 122* Parry 46* Power 36 Gale 35

LJ 102-9 Pat Rafter 55 Power 2-8 Bostock 2-16 Hebel 2-1


Scores Game 2 (40overs) Saturday May 3 – sultry Slovenian sunshine, later slightly overcast.

LJ 171-5 Dave Seaman 66* Blades 2-31

MCC 173-7 Lovell 49* Hazza 46 Hamilton 15


That left Saturday PM and Sunday for sightseeing and cultural activities. Tour manager was this necessary? Lots wanted another 20 over farewell thrash on the Sunday. Could this have been the effect of those potent cocktails on Saturday evening?

A fair few did make it allegedly up to the lovely castle. Taxi? Those re-assembled Travelling Hillbellies (Hazza, Bunty, Dave Buggerall and guest star Mrs H) made a cameo appearance between borders on the train. Sadman Hussain was even spotted doing his rounds on the IC train…but that’s another story! We are in control.

Laters. Copyright HebeLovell publishers.

League 2003



MCC Performers

Power Run Out 4
Lovell * 29
Balaji Run Out 18
Hebel * 18
Sembian dnb
Pramod dnb
Blades dnb
Bostock dnb
Mcgree dnb
Bostock dnb
Scott dnb
TOTAL 21.2 Overs 97 for 2

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
Scott 5 0 12 1
Bostock 8 3 6 2
Blades 5 0 9 3
Hebel 4.4 0 14 1
Mcgree 6 1 8 1
Pramod 5 2 9 1

Summary of Match Result

MCC won first 2003 league match by 8 wkts.

Comments on the Match

Rain relented at the weekend to allow MCC’s first league match against Tegernsee to go ahead as scheduled. After winning the toss Lovell threw his wear-worn rulebook out the window and invited the visitors to bat first. This decision was looking decidedly dodgy at 60odd for two with young Moritz, German wunderkind going mental with two classic sixes off his legs. Hervorragend! Anyway Bunty Blades bowled his best swingers for some time to set the standard. Bostock and Steamengine Scott fronted well though, with Quietman Mcgree and Pramoder tidy too. Though far too many wides were bowled, with the legside wide rule being strictly applied. Solid glovesmanship by Chunderpaul Dean. After a nice cheese&pickle tea at the interval MCC hurried along to their target with the threat of rain somewhere in the back of the mind, losing just 2 wickets in a comfortable victory. Next league match is on Saturday 24th May v PAK ORIENT, current league champions. Next fixture v Tegernsee is the inaugural day/nighter in German cricket history on June 8. Bring it on Ritchie!

MCC Man of The Match

Tony Blades-self-confessed cricket pig who ripped the guts out of the TCC innings with 3 quick wickets. Apparently hungry for more when brutally taken off! A bit harsh?



MCC Performers

Van Dalsum ct 143
Lovell ct 60
Balaji st 2
Hebel * 3
Sembian * 2
Dean dnb
Scott dnb
Blades dnb
Mcgree dnb
Power dnb
Pramod dnb
TOTAL 40 Overs 222 for 3

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
Scott 8 2 9 1
Power 5 1 19 1
Blades 8 2 24 3
Mcgree 8 2 23 3
Balaji 1.4 0 2 1
Hebel 4 0 10 1

Summary of Match Result


Comments on the Match

A beautiful steaming hot day (but not for running 2s,3s and quick singles)in the English Garden for the top two from last season when the visitors won the league on countback. Lovell won the toss or rather Waqar called incorrectly. MCC elected to bat- same rules apply. A somewhat sticky start against some useful bowling, fairly sedate progress on the slowish outfield. The visitors did not help their cause by putting both batsmen down at regular junctures. Cats and 9 lives and all that business but that’s cricket Richie. At the 20 over break MCC were 78 without loss with the tempo just about to be lifted. After drinks, Van Damage in particular took full toll after his escapes, while the skipper was happy to hold his Kiwi hand and sacrifice strike and regain some sort of breath in the 80 degree heat. Van Halen hit a total of 9 sixes in all and of course numerous boundaries. You just cannot afford to drop certain bats. By this time Lovell was close to delirium and fell to a good catch on the boundary for 60 off the only ball he middled all innings, but still a record opening partnership of 205 had come to fruition. Van Damage followed him shortly after for joint cold showers with 143 (record league score DES?)and ultimately MCC totalled 222-3 off their 40 overs. An imposing total, especially on the FLICX pitch. After curry sandwiches courtesy Pramod, the visitors set off in pursuit of their stiff ask of 223 to win. Power and Scott both bowled well at the start with Scott very mean almost Scottish not Geordie, just conceding 3 runs off the willow. As so often in recent times it was Quietman Mcgree and Bunty Blades who did most of the damage with 3 wickets apiece. 2 fine stumpings from young Dean behind the timbers. An important catch too by the Power on the fence to remove Waqar off Blades. In the end a comfortable victory by 93 runs. Next Saturday sees the MCC host the unbeaten Serendip in another league game. 1230 start. Spectators welcome.

MCC Man of The Match



Match Details MCC vs Serendip SC May 31 in English Garden.

MCC Performers

Van Morrison * 42
Lovelli st 25
Hebel * 10
Gale dnb
Parry dnb
Pramod dnb
Bostock dnb
Dean dnb
Blades dnb
Khanna dnb
Mcgree dnb
TOTAL 20 Overs 82 for 1

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
Bostock 8 2 16 1
Blades 8 3 16 2
Mcgree 8 0 18 1
Hebel 4 0 14 0
Pramod 8 2 9 2
Gale 1.2 0 4 3

Summary of Match Result

MCC won third successive league game by a convincing 9 wkts.

Comments on the Match

A good toss to lose Richie. The visitors won the toss and chose to bat and why not? Who wouldnt? The brakes on a brisk start were applied by Bunty Blades and Bostock as SSC crawled to 38-4 at the interval. Impressive bowling aided by solid fielding and good catching. Spin twins Pramod and the Quietchipseater Mcgree further tightened the vice as SSC struggled to break the shackles. Ed Deanage had the batsmen glued to the crease with an impressive gauntlet performance. Farmer Gale came from nowhere to apply the finishing touches with 3 wickets in 8 balls as SSC subsided to 78 all out in the muggy conditions. Van Damage and the skipper Lovell strolled to the target with some controlled hitting, before Lovell was stumped. Amos Hebel vc & vd applied the finishing touches to a convincing victory. Well played I say. Next league game v CCB on June 21 in the English Garden.

MCC Man of The Match

Pramod 2-9 off 8. Tight, hardly wasted a ball, beat the bat umpteen times with the batsman groping. Never stopped thinking.


Match Details MCC vs CCB June 21 at Hirschanger

MCC Performers

Van Damage bowled 84
Lovelli stumped 40
Hebel bowled 13
Gale bowled 22
Deanage averages 32*
Promod bowled 16
Kiwi averages 2*
Power – –
McGree – –
Blades – –
Scott – –
TOTAL 40 Overs 248 for 5

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
Scott 6 1 10 1
Kiwi 4 3 2 –
Hebel 6 2 11 2
McGree 5.1 1 11 6
Promod 1 1 0 0
– – – – –
– – – – –

Summary of Match Result

MCC won by 213 runs

Comments on the Match

After winning the toss (endlich) and having a bat, MCC starting brilliantly with an opening stand of 150. With Lovo on his way to 50 and Van Damage on his way to the ton, both fell trying the 6 an over run rate even higher. The skipper charging 2/3 of the way down the wicket, attempting to hit the ball as it left the bowlers hand, was stumped for 40. Van Damage looking for the big one down the ground fell to a straight one losing his middle stump in the process. From then on, solid batting mixed in with regular wickets got the MCC to 248 from their 40 overs to set CCB a very tough (some might say impossible) chase. Needing a little over 6 an over from the outset. Then it came MCC’s turn to bowl with some accurate bowling from the openers, but not much luck with break through. Then came McGreesy into the limelight with devestating results demolishing the CCB innings and handing the win to MCC. McGreesy ending up with figures of 6 for 11 off 5.1 and finishing the CCB innings for 35 runs. This has put the MCC in very good stead to follow through and swoop the league. Well played guys, dominating effort!!!

MCC Man of The Match

McGreesy is this weeks man of the match for his superb bowling effort followed very closely behind by the regular MOM Van Damage.



MCC Performers

TOTAL 40 Overs 144 for 10

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
SCOTT 3 0 14 0
HEBEL 8 0 39 0
POWER 2 1 9 0
BALAJI 2 0 12 0
MCGREE 8 5 5 2
PRAMOD 8 1 19 1
SEMBIAN 8 1 36 1

Summary of Match Result


Comments on the Match

In possibly one of the most exciting one-day cricketing climaxes since the tie between Australia and South Africa in the 1999 World Cup, the MCC somehow managed to defeat Lufthansa by a solitary run in a last ball thriller. The victory by the MCC in the top of the table clash secures them the South German Cricket Championship, but it was Lufthansa that looked likely titleholders for most of the day – in fact right up to the final ball of the day if truth be told. The bookmakers gathered around the airport ground certainly thought so anyway. The game started with Lovell winning the toss for the MCC and electing to have first use of the teabag. However the MCC were missing the outstanding batting talents of van Dalsum on this day and had to contend with some tight Lufthansa bowling on a very slow pitch with tricky variable bounce. As a result, the MCC suffered an early order collapse to be 37-4 at the 12 over mark. The message to the rest of the team at this stage was simple – just bat out the remaining overs and get a decent score on the board. Due to some determined batting through the middle order, the MCC managed to achieve this objective and push the final score up to 144 all out, losing their last wicket off the very last ball of the innings. Highlights of the MCC batting was a solid partnership by Sembian (28) and Pramod (25) for the 5th wicket, and a strong innings by Dan Sear, who top-scored with 36 immensely valuable runs. Dan certainly made the most of his league debut after coming into the side at the last minute, with Blades withdrawing on the eve of the game with a hand injury. So the MCC were happy to finally reach 144 after a dodgy start, but the game was definitely in the balance. The key to the Lufthansa side was their gun bat Milan, get him out early and Lufthansa could allegedly fold like a pack of cards. Shop steward – one out all out? However the 2nd innings also got off to a bad start for the MCC. In his first and only over, an unfit Kiwi (suffering from a Gough type knee complaint) could only manage to get up to half (or possibly quarter) pace and was sent to graze/hide the remainder of the innings at deep fine leg. Lufthansa raced to 0-35 off the first 7 overs, with a large part of their score coming in wides, due to a fairly strict interpretation of the wide ruling by the umpires. Spin was introduced into the attack early to try and combat the quick start. This tactic managed to stem the scoring rate a bit after that point, with the pitch definitely supporting the spin of McGree, Pramod and Sembian. Lovell failed unfortunately when trying to talk VC Hebel into bowling his spinners too. By the final drinks interval, Lufthansa had proceeded to 57-2 off 20 overs – but Milan was still firmly entrenched on the teabag and Lufthansa had stackloads of wickets in hand. The resumption after drinks was a nightmare period for the MCC. Several gettable catches went down (mostly off Sembian) along with some other basic fielding errors, to allow Lufthansa to reach the 100 in the 27th over with still 8 wickets in hand. Things were looking pretty grim and the fat lady was seen warming up at Terminal 2. Finally though MCC were able to get the key wicket of Milan in the 29th over, clean bowled by McGree with the score on 106. There was even a hint of excitement/glee from the normally ultra-reserved bowler. The MCC were then able to turn the screws on Lufthansa at this point. With an improved fielding effort (including a couple of run outs, great work by Hebel and Dan the man) the runs started to dry up. Fast forward to the start of the 39th over, with Lufthansa now 138-7 needing only 6 runs to tie off the final 2 overs (a tie would have been enough for Lufthansa to win, due to a League rule that in the event of a tie, the side with the least amount of wickets lost is declared the winner). Andy Hebel managed to bowl a couple of tight dot balls, before the Lufthansa batsman managed to connect with a vicious pull shot thru mid-wicket with the ball finally finishing its roll some 15 metres beyond the mid-wicket fence. However on its way to the boundary, the magical red ball happened to slightly glance the roots of the only tree – and bounce over the massive water tank that is conveniently situated within the playing arena. According to local rules (agreed between the captains/umpires pre-game) if it does hit the tree/tank at any stage, it is an automatic 2 runs for the batting team and of course the ball then becomes dead. So the tree saved a valuable 2 runs for the MCC with a great bit of fielding at mid-wicket, at a really crucial time. Hebel bowled out the 2nd last over with dot balls. It came down to the last over with Sembian having been entrusted with the honour. Lufthansa requiring 4 runs to tie the scores and win the game and championship. Sembi bowled some great darts to concede only 2 runs off the first 5 balls – and they were just what MCC did NOT need OVERTHROWS!! Two runs were required off the last pill. The atmosphere was absolutely tense and electric as Sembi came in to bowl the last ball. The Lufthansa lefthander swung hard at the ball, but could only manage to jam the delivery to short mid-wicket to Lovell for a quick single who waddled up and removed the bails at both ends just in case to prevent the second run. It was game over red rover, as the MCC boys went into wild celebrations in the middle of the pitch, to win the match and the League title by 1 solitary run. Thank god for that bloody tree!!

MCC Man of The Match

In an ideal world it would have to go to either Mcgree,Pramod,Sembi or Dan. It’s just too hard to choose really. The above were all outstanding performers on the day. Therefore in fairness it has to go to that tree. Great work.



MCC Performers

TOTAL 40 Overs 239 for 6

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
SCOTT 7.2 2 39 3
POWER 1 0 13 0
BLADES 5 0 12 2
PRAMOD 2 0 14 1
MCGREE 1 0 5 0

Summary of Match Result


Comments on the Match

Another stinking hot Munich day with bugger all wind to speak of (to start with). MCC entered their final game of the campaign already crowned league champions after their reasonably close win against Lufthansa. Lovell won the toss and surprisingly elected to bat on the teabag. At 30-3 this might look a somewhat dodgy decision some would suggest. Sembi then blasted his way to a quickfire 47 with some savage strokeplay as MCC took the break at 20 overs at 82 – a good recovery. Pramod and Dan Sear then carried on the good work with a marvellous partnership. Marvellous. Pramod’s innings was chanceless and he finished undefeated on 72. Some lovely quick nimble footwork. Dan’s was less chanceless but he made the most of his luck/spilled chances with some great clean straight hitting before being bowled for 73. Harry carried on the good work with 21 as MCC closed on 239 leaving MICC a target of a run a ball to win. The forecast storms seemed a long way away at that stage. However 12th man and vulcanologist Nichols is an expert about these matters and during the teabreak the clouds became very very menacing indeeed Ritchie. The home side’s only intention was to overcome the 20over MCC score of 82 and thereby (according to league rules) win the game. Some good bowling by Scott and Blades, some suicidal batting and some great catches by Balaji, Power and Sembian left the home team’s innings in tatters at 87-6 when the heavens opened….No result,rain stopped play. Not really rain actually. Massive electrical storm stopped play would be more precise. Maybe we can do it all again before winter closes in.

MCC Man of The Match




MCC Performers

DAN * 5
TOTAL 33.4 Overs 116 for 3

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
SCOTT 8 3 16 1
BLADES 8 0 33 2
MCGREE 7 1 17 1
PRAMOD 8 1 21 2
HEBEL 7 3 17 2
BALAJI 2 0 7 0

Summary of Match Result


Comments on the Match

Weather : warmish. Conditions : ambient. Toss : lost(!!). Breeze: None. Teas: Müller gut/Balaji. Crowd: sparse. Opposition: Soundly beaten. Bowling: Scott : tremendous bowling. Batsmen all over the shop. Ohne wides would have been nothing short of a sensational spell. Deserved more than just the one wicket. Blades : nagging. Chances galore. A well deserved two wickets. McGree : economical as per, if a little sedate – obviously saving energies for what was to come. Hebel : kranky as. Couple of nice sticks. Bonza. Balaji : 3.5 an over – that’ll do nicely. Bowling, bowling. Pramod : tight – kept the pressure on. Couple of important wickets.Lovely jubbly. Fielding: Appavu : the words escape me. What a catch, my son. Van Dalsum : ditto. Balaji : safest hands in the club. Hoping to shine one last time for MCC before departing for home, aren’t you Balaji? Hazza: Dropped a difficult catch but turned it into a great piece of fielding for a great run out. Wicket keeping: Herr Liebel : satisfactory. Batting: Van Dalsum : biiiiiig. Foundation layer and destroyer of bowlers and hopes. Did enough damage to force opposition into taking desperate measures – hit on ankle by wayward throw – retired hurt. Hebel : kranky. Full toss. Out. Hmmm. Kranked up krankiness. Sembian : probably scored his 9 off one ball dispatched into nearest river, can’t remember though – was sleeping. Apologies. Pramod : the Chris Tavaré of Munich. A ship steadier unconcerned with averages, however. Balaji : Not out – saw us home. Sear : boring. An allround performance worthy of a semi final place. Great show in the field by all and with Van Dalsum in great form after his 2 week holiday in Croatia. S/F V POCC/TCC coming soon to a cricket cinema near you.

MCC Man of The Match

Scott/VD share it with big performances.


Match Details MCC vs PAK ORIENT CUP S/F 17th AUG in Eng G

MCC Performers

Lovell ct wk 3
VD ct wk 4
Hebel b 17
Acharya RO 13
Power b 0
Sear b 8
Khanna RO 14
Parry b 5
Paul Wi * 6
Mcgree ct 4
Blades b 0
TOTAL 27 Overs 112 for 10

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
Pramod 8 1 32 0
Mcgree 8 1 49 1
Paul WI 3 0 25 1
VD 2 0 14 0
Sear 4 0 18 0
Blades 8 1 33 3
Hebel 7 0 52 2

Summary of Match Result

MCC lost by quite a few.

Comments on the Match

Pocc won the toss and batted first as is their want in this cup semi. At the interval (20ov)the game was quite evenly poised with POCC 5 down approaching the 100 mark. This included a great running catch by VD and an equally fine run out by Dan Sear. Waqar blasted 68 in fine style but even then 230 was felt to be par for the course with the quick outfield and good batting conditions. Blades the pick of the MCC bowling with 3-33. Too many wides were bowled in general with 39 extras in Pocc’s total. In reply Mcc lost both openers caught behind driving early doors and were never to recover.. Hebel went played on and a couple of bad run outs ensued. A p1ss poor batting effort all round really. All credit to our victors though who played well and deserved their convincing win. Shabash to them. Thanks to Mrs VD for the lovely tea as well. Next.

MCC Man of The Match

BBBlades bowled well.


Match Details MCC vs

MCC Performers

TOTAL Overs for

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W

Summary of Match Result

Comments on the Match

MCC Man of The Match


Match Details MCC vs

MCC Performers

TOTAL Overs for

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W

Summary of Match Result

Comments on the Match

MCC Man of The Match


Match Details MCC vs

MCC Performers

TOTAL Overs for

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W

Summary of Match Result

Comments on the Match

MCC Man of The Match


Match Details MCC vs

MCC Performers

TOTAL Overs for

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W

Summary of Match Result

Comments on the Match

MCC Man of The Match


Match Details MCC vs

MCC Performers

TOTAL Overs for

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W

Summary of Match Result

Comments on the Match

MCC Man of The Match


Lodi 2003

MCC Village Pictures in association with Chutney-Ferret Light and Sound presents

A DarkHorse and Deviant Production

The Italian Job 2

Golden Duck Cricket Festival – Lodi, Italy – the 14th and 15th of June 2003.

“They say MCC going’s to do another job in Italy…”

The Games. The Job. The Italian Job to be precise. X Rated entertainment. Edge of the seat stuff.

The out of control juggernaut that is Munich Cricket Club rolls on, pillaging silverware across the continent and leaving only destruction, empty bottles and the occasional sweetie wrapper in its wake. This time MCC coughed up the rowdiest bunch of deviants, dark horses and chutney connoisseurs ever to venture south of the border. The team that every woman loves, and that every man and his ferret love to hate.

The site of the showdown was the Radish Cricket Corral in exotic Lodi. The scenario: an eight-a-side competition attracting high profile players from across the globe. Five teams in fetching coloured shirts battled it out for the Duck, each playing two qualifiers and a final on a weekend when too much cricket was barely enough for the touring MCC cricketing junkies. 12 overs per innings, no more than two overs per bowler, batsmen must retire on reaching 40. A harsh but fair spankfest that gave everyone a chance – allegedly.

Intrigue is at the forefront of this classic tale, with several unconfirmed sightings of Des Bradley (supposedly on business in Asia) and the mysterious disappearance of at least 15 bottles of plonk during the official tournament dinner. The sequel to the Italian Job features a far more satisfying ending than the original, with skipper Lovelli ultimately hoisting the poultry aloft in what was MCC’s first ever appearance at the Lodi Duckfest.

They even acquired some new wicket keeping pads. Hurrah!

Five stars.

Soundtrack available on Jailbait Records, including such tranny-van classics as: Dr Jimmy, criticise, If I Could Turn Back Time, We Are The Champions, I’ve Got A Loverly Bunch Of Coconuts, That’s Amore, Kiss on my list, The Winner takes it all and many many more…

Cpt. MARCO LOVELLI as Lawrence of Arabia. Lovelli plays an inspirational leader of men who chortles in the face of danger and drops ice-cubes down the vest of fear. Thrives in the oppressive Lodi heat, obviously a result of all those years in North Africa with a stolen tea towel on his scone. Turns on a dime and is convinced that Edwards is an evil genius.

GARIBALDI EDWARDO as the 17th Duke of Marlborough with the scarred reputation to match. MCC Tour Manager, team car-jacker and beflowerpotted keeper of wicket. Wee wee radge who never grew up spends most of his time in Never-Never Land sprinkling fairy dust on Wendy, John and Michael. Career man who would never consider untoward goings-on with a monkey, yet paradoxically always happy to share ‘quarters’ with Lovell.

Co-starring KIWI BOSTOCAMENTE as Dirty Harry. The question batsmen had to ask themselves was did they feel lucky? Well? Did they? Punk? Lover of well sauced pizza, side-on sports of all kinds and the modified one-day game in all its guises. Alleged word game cheat and furniture removalist extraordinaire with the crockery to prove it. Easily led astray by team Menace to Society Edwards.

and WAYNO VAN DAMMAGIO as one of the Three Musketeers (take your pick really, the one who’s a shithot batsman). MCC’s not-very-secret weapon and chief dispatcher of pies. A man with a predisposition for hiding leather in the Italian undergrowth. Batting freak also available for Bar Mitzvahs and children’s parties. Assisted on the set by the lovely Jeanette and up and coming ballet/cricket bambino Joshua (van Dancer? Not if the old man has anything to do with it).

with STEFANO POWERELLI as Bond, James Bond. Vino junkie and international man of mystery, driver of yuppie sports car, Trivial Pursuit king of Italy’s most frequented Irish pubs and all-round cricketing 007. Joined by Bond-girl Alison, seductive cricket and sports car fanatic in her own right and ruler of all things picnic blanket.

also featuring ALESSANDRO ‘Bambino’ GALIANO as Don Corleone, Godfather of the point boundary. Enjoys making offers that can’t be refused and leaving horse bits under duvets. Driver of sports car, punisher of pointless offside schrott and stirrer of shit who thinks sleeping indoors is for birds and uphill gardeners only. Academy Award nominee along with Edwards for his schoolboy impersonations of the captain. Ably assisted in his underworld pastimes by the gorgeous Bianca (some would say sultry), police escort required at all times.

and PRAMODINI as Mohandas K Gandhi. Spiritual leader of the MCC and chief reader of maps, minder of passports, router of middle orders and grafter of copious runs. A strict observer of non-violence, with the notable exceptions of opposition pies and Stellas. Oh that’s gone! Oh that’s got him!

and who could forget EDUARDO DEANISSIMO as John Shaft. Who’s the private (spotted?) dick that’s a sex machine to all the chicks? Shaft! Daaaaamn right. The man with the leopard dye job that holds Glaswegian female rugby teams entranced. Also attracts biting insects for fun. The cat who won’t cop out when there’s danger all about.

and not to mention ROBERTO MITCHAM as himself. Apprentice keeper of wicket, minder of pencils and ruggedly handsome foreign correspondent. Known to turn viciously during word games which were just village and pointless. Besides he was extremely tired and couldn’t hear properly because of the hurricane howling through the van window. To be honest the whole thing was a complete slur on his obviously superior intelligence, which he doesn’t feel obligated to prove to anyone. Least of all Lovell. Quite a nice bloke when you get to know him though – allegedly.

with a special guest appearance by umpire strikes back DAVIDO BUGGERALDI as Rubens Barrichello, a mountain of a man and legend in his own tranny, on nitro-injected hire van, unlimited patience, pencils and trigger finger.

Friday (the 13th, no less)

An inspirational move by Dean and Mitcham early doors guaranteed a good-humoured van ride to Lodi, the aforementioned junior talent securing one and a half crates of Augustiner for the epic journey. Van Datsun, Power, Gale and associates were already underway in their assorted autos (yuppie sportscars and family saloons) leaving six good men and true for the tranny. You can’t beat a good tranny ride, especially in foreign shores. After a ‘short’ wait and a cheeky banana at the vomit-coloured KPMG digs, they were joined by the magnificent seventh, a deceptively respectable-looking Edwards, and thus the touring party was complete. Excessive urination stops must have got on Barichello’s nerves early doors despite a cunning (or cumming) in-van drainage effort by Menace to Society Edwards. Several detours, passport checks, Augusts and pointless word games later, and the team that everyone loves to hate arrived safely at the Hotel L’Europa in downtown Lodi. The heat was oppressive and most of the tourists found themselves sweating like Lovelli in a BOB lavatory during ticket check.

After allocation of rooms, an arrangement with which Edwards was particularly chuffed, it was down to the Lodi Piazza to meet the organisers and opposition teams. There was disappointment across the board as the MCC desperados discovered that Ljubljana (SL) had pulled out late doors in an uncharacteristic show of poor form. This left just 5 contenders: Winterthur (CH), Prague (CZ), Host club Idle (I), their seconds Mango Pickles (I) and the shit stirring, ball tearing, poke and grunt inducing, heat packing, radish flogging boys of the Munich Cricket Club (DE). Amidst unconfirmed mutterings of draw rigging, Captain Lovell (himself no stranger to controversy) politely suggested the possibility of a round-robin style event meaning more games for his cricket-hungry side. This plea only aided in reinforcing Munich’s reputation as the most despised cricket team in the entire world and the skipper’s gallant appeal was knocked on the head by festival organisers. MCC were allocated the first two qualifiers on Saturday morning, meaning a 9 a.m. start for the biggest p1sspots in cricketing Europe.

With the opposition long since safely entrenched in bed after a beaker of warm milk, it was left to Tour Manager and all-purpose devious bastard Gary Edwards to locate a source of food and sustenance. Just when all seemed lost, Edwards defended his tattered reputation by finding a pizzeria willing to serve a party of world weary travellers at 2 in the morning. Bella Italia! indeed. Pizzas and beers went down a treat and all went rather swimmingly until a hidden service charge was discovered, and Lovell of Arabia was involved in what will be described here only as the ‘cloth napkin incident’. Nasty business that. The evening then degenerated into the kind of disgrace and wanton debauchery you’ve come to expect from the lovers of the bumblebee, with rowdy behaviour and police escorts the order of the night.


After 3 hours of sleep (less for Alessandro Gale, lover of long walks and balconies) it was a refreshed and enthusiastic MCC that caught their first glimpse of Radish Stadium, a good-sized ground on a farm just outside Lodi, equipped with impressive sand-based Astroturf pitch and lightning outfield. There looked to be plenty of honest bounce, and batsman and bowlers alike were excited at the prospect of a great morning’s cricket, albeit in sweltering conditions.

The first game of the tournament saw MCC pitted against the Lodi second side, Mango Pickles, a friendly and enthusiastic bunch of locals who obviously loved their cricket. Munich batted first and cut sick, hammering the hapless ferrets to all corners of the Radish. Lovell, Gale and designated loser of cricket balls van Dalsum all tonked their way to early retirements by passing the 40 mark. The top three were aided and abetted by Ed Dean (23) and Pramod (6*), bringing the MCC total to a massive 171 from the allotted 12 overs. The Chutnies didn’t fair so well will the bat. All the MCC bowlers performed, with plenty of pace and bounce from the likes of Bostock and van Damage. The figures favoured Al Gale (2/7) and Steve Power who cleaned up the tail with 3/5. Mango Pickles all out for 30.

After a quick drink under the Pakistani marquee it was time for Game 2 of the qualifiers. This time it was Winterthur, a competitive side who were, unfortunately for all concerned, missing a few of their star batsmen. MCC sent the Swiss in and then continued from where they left off in the previous match, restricting Winterthur to 37 with a solid all-round bowling performance. Kiwi was the pick with 3 for 4 and found himself on a hat trick after two excellent catches from buckets Edwards. Power took a beauty in the deep off van Dam’s bowling. The MCC innings: van Dalsum smashed 9 from 4 balls before being caught on the fence, then Pramod (16*) and Gale (13*) polished off the total in relaxed fashion. A solid day at the office really, and thanks to the early draw there was plenty of time to cool down. A swim at the nearby country club (thank you Lodi!) was just what the doctor ordered as the remaining teams jousted away in the heat to see who would play MCC in the final.

The official Lodi dinner was a definite highlight of the weekend and a credit to the organisers. MCC was there, sadly minus Dean (kidnapped by Liz and the Glasgow women’s rugby side -Hefty) the Family van Damage (air-conditioning) and Bianca (watch house), all looking dapper in dinner jackets, Fred Perrys and MCC ties. The format of the night was simple enough: a sumptuous 27 course Italian meal with vino on request, the costs to be split equally between the diners at the end of the night. The attentive reader may have spotted a slight hitch in this arrangement, and this not-so-cunning plan was effectively a red rag to the MCC bull. Captain Lovelli led the charge on white wine and made European cricket pay for not studying its form guide. Basics. MCC royally faced at stumps and off to the Irish pub for further sleaze and associated dubious activities including spot-the-difference and piss-off-the-waitress. Home and hosed at 5.30, or was it? …at this juncture it should probably be noted that Edwards (long since turned) annexed Bostock and conveniently got lost on the way back to the hotel. The Tour Manager then staged a ruthless carjacking, for a cigarette he didn’t want, under the pretence of asking for directions. Radge and Kiwi eventually arrived back at the bachelor pad, only to be greeted by the dulcet tones of human chainsaw Lovell. Gary also witnessed a sight that may well haunt his dreams for many years to come, and promptly dragged his mattress onto Bostock and Mitcham’s balcony in Galesque desperation. So many memories.


Another much needed swim and then back to the Radish to play the final at 2.30. The opposition was Idle, competition hosts who had taken care of Prague (funniest team in Europe) the previous afternoon. Three of Idle’s gun Sri Lankans had failed to surface as vD and Lovell strode onto the ground and the Lodi locals were already shaking in their boots. These worries proved to be well founded as Wayne punished the Idle attack for 45 retired. His innings, as in the first game, featured some enormous sixes and was breathtaking to watch. The remaining batsmen continued at a good rate to finish on a respectable total of 95. In the end Idle were a rabbit in the MCC headlights as Pramod (2/2) and Gale (1/6) ripped through the top order. Watership down. A brilliant direct hit by Pramod sealed the deal and Lodi collapsed to 27 all out from 7 overs. Shabash.

All that was left was for the winning side to hold the Golden Duck aloft and run a quick lap of the ground for the hordes of adoring fans. An eloquent victory speech by the captain was appreciated by all, no mention of Peter Pan though. He didn’t want to flog a dead horse or a dead duck for that matter. Well done to van Damage for taking home a well deserved dish (microwave and dishwasher safe), reward for a splendid weekends batting, and to Kiwi for snaffling the bowling prize. Crockery all round really. Congratulations should also go to popular Aussie Scott Page from Prague, winner of the best player award (an admirable achievement in a competition with many strong performers) and funniest cricketer in the world. Nice tent.

MCC were a spent force on the long drive home, but managed to retain that weary glow known only to winners and people who live near nuclear power facilities. The trip was largely uneventful apart from a flirty exchange of text messages between Edwards and Andrew ‘Schatzi’ Hebel in Munich. Mitcham was man enough to admit that he turned on Lovell during a heated game of ‘words ending in ENT’, but added that he was ready for rematch any day of the week. The company marvelled at Italian service stations that sell only model lorries, hard pornography and no food. Dirty rugby songs were sung. Mitcham and Dean mused about thin bathroom doors, the importance of the courtesy flush and it’s place in the modern casual relationship and so on and so forth. You get the picture.

Extra special thanks should go to Paolo and the other competition organisers from Idle CC for a most enjoyable weekend of cricket and assorted good times. Munich have their collective fingers crossed for an invite next year and a chance to defend the duck. Well done lads!

At a local level, the superior planning and organising (and the subsequent replanning and reorganising etc.) efforts of Tour Manager Gary Edwards have not gone unnoticed and deserve a special word of thanks. Much appreciated Gaz. A big thumbs up also to Dave Weatherall for driving a hell of a long way in difficult circumstances and also for scoring and umpiring efforts. Cheers mate.

Ciao bambino! To be continued…?

Copyright Bob Mitcham Nest Bait Schemie Italo publishing 2003

Van Dammage, Freak Batsman Award
Andy Bostock, Freak Bowler Award
Lovell, Tactical Magician, Freak Captain Award, Turned
More Photos…..



Radish C.G.






by 141 runs

Lovell 42*, Van Dalsum 41*, Gale 45*- Tassi 2/24

Gale 2/7, Power 3/4



lost to



by 6 wickets

Hallam 19 – Bostock 3/5

Pramod 16*, Gale 13*



lost to



by 7 wickets

Corness 2/6

Page 24*






by 70 runs

V.Riccaboni 34, Kirthy 45*

Hallam 23 – Grapes 4/4



lost to



by 4 wickets

Glover 25, Page 21

Naseer 32* – Page 2/3



lost to



by 6 wickets

Knupfer 24, Galperti 43* – Jim 2/8

Patel 28*, Hallam 35, Martin 24*



lost to



by 5 wickets

Hallam 16 – Locke 3/4

Brennan 18*, Watkin 17 –






by 68 runs

Van Dalsum 45*

Pramod 2/2











Best Bowler: Bostock (Munich CC)

Best Batsman: Wayne Van Dalsum (Munich)

Verona 2003

MCC Italian Job Numero 3 – Aug 30/31 2003


Norra Lorra People Know This…

but MCC embarks on their latest Italian cricketing adventure during the last weekend in August. We have been invited to take part in the Bardolino Cup – an 11aside 4team tournament of the highest order – allegedly.

We seem to have assembled a fine and upstanding group of farmers for this tourneo.Plan on travelling down by road/train on the Friday, returning after successful job completion Sunday evening. Journey time is allegedly 3 1/2 hours by road to Verona, depending on which model sportscar you have acquired. Train direct approx 5 1/2 hours only to Verona.

Excellent accommodation is available at a handy and humane Italian hotel for down and out cricketers of all nations. We can of course expect to experience the finest Italian wines, pasta, pizza and who knows the talented local bella donnas.

Tournament Location
Yours liberally

Marco Lovelli

The Italian Job

The Film (1969)

You all know the story; no sooner is Charlie Croker out of prison than he receives a message, “Beckerman, Rm. 1666.” Upon arriving at Beckerman’s room he learns that Beckerman has been killed in a car crash (“It wasn’t an accident”). Beckerman’s wife gives Charlie “the plans my husband didn’t have time to complete.” These plans are to steal $3 million in gold bullion while it is being delivered to the Fiat car factory in Turin. Charlie takes the plans to Mr. Bridger via a secret meeting in Mr. Bridger’s prison toilet.

Needless to say Bridger is none to pleased, “I don’t want him killed, just given a good going over”, but eventually gives Charlie financial backing. Stealing the gold itself seems to be the easy part, but with the Italian Police and Mafia both after Charlie’s men getting away with it could be quite another matter. The gold is loaded into three Mini Coopers and the gang attempt to make their escape through the Turin traffic jam, with the Police always hot on their tail. One of the best car chases ever filmed then ensues, the outcome of which sees the team escaping across the Alps to Switzerland with the gold in the back of a bus………and the rest, as they say is history!

The Italian Job was written by Troy Kennedy Martin, Produced by Michael Deeley with music by Quincy Jones. The film was Directed by Peter Collinson and was released in 1969 by Paramount Pictures and was an Oakhurst Production. All the stunt driving was by ‘Equipe Remy Julienne’.

The Cliffhanger Ending

The film ends with a cliffhanger – literally. The team have the gold, the cars have been pushed out of the bus and over a cliff (again without stopping) and the bus is heading for the Alps. They’ve made it! Or have they? Big William is driving too fast; the coach skids and lands with its rear wheels hanging over the abyss. It is balanced on a knife-edge – and the gold is in the part of the bus hanging over the edge!

As Croker crawls towards the gold, the bus tilts alarmingly.

Hang on a minute lads – I’ve got a great idea. Er…

Roll credits, and pan out to see the spectacular scenery and the bus still hanging in mid-air…

That Song…

We are the self-preservation society,

The self preservation society.

Put on your almond rocks and daisy roots

Brush your Hampstead Heath, wear your whistle-and-flute

Lots of lah-de-dahs and Cockneys here

Look alive and get out of here

Get your skates on mate, get your skates on mate

No bib around your Gregory Peck today, hey!

Drop your plates of meat right on the seat

This is the self-preservation society,

The self-preservation society.

Brighton 2003


Thursday v Newick 40overs 2pm

Newick is a charming classic English village with a village green, cricket pitch and choice of traditional pubs. The village is about 7 miles to the east of Haywards Heath, 8 miles north of Lewes, and about half an hour’s drive from Gatwick, Brighton or Tunbridge Wells. Newick CC hit the headlines last year when Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan, a Newick resident and keen cricketer, recruited 5 test match stars to

bolster his family XI in their annual match against the club. West Indies legends Richie Richardson and Alvin Kallicharran, and England maverick Phil Tufnell, all took part.


MCC 175-8 40 OVERS

NEWICK 176-9 OFF 39-2


Hebel Amos 38 1-36 off 8

VD Pram 45 2-24 off 5

Sembian Shabash 38 0-16 off 2.2

Lovell cpt wk 12

Blades Anton 12 2-23 off 8

Nichols Rolex Azores 0

Giles Dough 7

Jacobs Anton 0 2-32 off 8

Hammo Hammo 0*

Bradley Chairman 1*

Langfelder Christian dnb 0-36 off 8

Umpire B.Bowden-Bostock

Most of the chosen few flew over at various stages on the Wednesday in preparation for the club’s virgin tour of England. Games had been lined up from Thursday to Saturday, 4 games in 3 days in fact. Still ample opportunities for leisurely pastimes such as golf, cinema, alehouses or strip joints. Whatever took one’s fancy really. Bradley allegedly spent the evening in the ‘Cricketers’ Pub near the ‘Lanes’.

Hammo Hamilton et al enjoyed a sneak preview of the new ‘Terminator’ movie starring the next governor of California. It was felt that our hotel was very lucky to have been awarded a third star when the pitch inspection was done in the 1950’s. Great British fry-up for breakfast though so can’t complain really.

The next day we made an early start to the ground with Nichols having drove up from Oxford and Sembi from Croydon meeting us at our 3star accommodation. We enjoyed lunch at the Royal Oak and proceeded to meet up with MCC stalwarts/legends Jacobs, Giles and Langfelder at the very quaint ground. It would be great to play on grass again. Real grass indeed.

Lovell surprisingly won the toss and unsurprisingly decided to bat with temps in the mid-nineties for the 2pm start.

Openers VD (45) and Hebel (38) saw the new ball off capably aided by some village fielding. The pair stayed together for 22 overs before they both succumbed within moments of each other – with the score on 95. Wayne fell to a great catch by the keeper down the leg side standing up. Amos finally skied one to someone who could catch. This brought Lovell and Sembian to the crease and they motored along before Lovell fell bowled for 12 playing down the Brighton line. Sembian (38) was then well supported by Blades (12) as they took the score up to 164 in the 36th over when both also followed each other back to the hatch in time for tea and biscuits. MCC finished on 175-8 off their 40 overs as the opening bowlers attempted to cruelly expose a longish tail. Doug Gilo did stroke it along nicely though during his time at the crease. High elbow.

A great tea was then the order of the day before VD and Blades took the new ball ably supported by Andy Hebel. They reduced the home side to 50-4 before the skipper turned to the bowling experience of Jacobs and Langfelder with a combined cricketing age of over 120. They both performed extremely well in the scorching heat with Jacobs claiming 2 lbw decisions. Plumb – even the home side later acknowledged this in the bar (allegedly). Aided by a couple of tidy run outs the home side found themselves needing 20 to win with just one wicket left. Some lusty blows took them to their target in the last over in a good tight opening tour match for MCC.

We then enjoyed some hospitality at the ground and then at the Royal Oak in Newick. Some more than others. Some did express themselves a trifle disappointed to be left waiting in the dark for two hours for a taxi in the Sussex countryside but that’s another story. Thanks to Sam, Nick and all at Newick for their efforts on the day.

Friday 20/20 CHALLENGE V BVCC/Goettingen @ East Brighton Park 11am

Lovell Cpt wk dnb/dnb

Hebel Cranky dnb/43 2-13/0-15

Vdaddio 44*/dnb 1-10/0-5

Khanna Stumpage wk dnb/4 0-17

Sembian Croydon 23/dnb 1-9/2-7

Giles Textbook pulls dnb/29*

Hamilton Geoff Miller 11/dnb

Dean Reverse sweeper 8*/dnb 2-30/0-15

Bradley Bell-ringer dnb/dnb 0-3/0-7

Morton K Ringer dnb/9* 2-6/1-7

Smart J Ringer dnb/dnb 2-7/1-10


Lovell lost both tosses on the day. On both occasions MCC were asked to field first and ended up winning each game relatively comfortably by 8 wickets.





First up were fellow German beachtowel stormtroopers Goettingen in this international 20/20 challenge match. The Northern side got off to a poor start to be fair and never really recovered. Overnight we had indeed ‘picked up’ two good guests/ringers John and Kevin and they both shone with the ball alongside Sembi, VD, Hebel and Teddy Leopard Dean. Bradley also launched six explosive handgrenades at the shell-shocked Gottingers for just 3 runs. Goettingen closed on 87. A makeable target Richie.

VD went out with the ‘Darkest of all things equine’ Hamilton in an experimental opening partnership. Hamilton (11) outshone and outbearded VD before he was bowled with the score on 27. This included a massive launch through cow, as the mathematical genius seemed somewhat perturbed by an alarming increase in the run rate equation. He thus decided to chance his arm/beard. ‘To hell with my bloody average’, he silently mused, stroking his 999 day growth.

Dark Horse’s drastic demise brought Sembian to the crease who hit 4 boundaries in his rapido 23. The game was up for Goettingen as VD was tipped over the bar with the ball going for 6. VD finished eventually on 44* with a couple more sixes launched for good measure at the visiting German female exchange jailbait students keenly watching events from the boundary. Teddy Dean 8* applied the last rites. In a split vote no fine was imposed for his ugly winning shot, not to mention his farcical attempt at a reverse sweep early doors. It hit him on the head, but we’ll let that slide for now.


Next up were the hosts from Brunswick Village. The selectors decided to controversially adopt ‘the never change a winning side’ policy. Phil Pudds had got lost on his way from work on the South Coast, which made the decision slightly easier.




Dakers farmed his way bravely to 41 for the hosts as they totted up 85 off their allocation. Sembi with 2-7 was the pick of the 8 MCC tweakers with a 3 over per bowler restriction. 3 stumpings for Harry too as the batsmen kept on walking not bothering to get back.

VD was demoted down the order as a direct result of his subdued scoring rate from the opening 20/20 game. Hebel was asked to replace him and he took up the challenge well with 43 before leaving the scene LBW. Doug Gilo meanwhile played the new bearded anchor role with 29* as MCC coasted to their target with 6 overs to spare.

Lovell was later presented with MCC’s 4th trophy of the year. He made a suitably gracious and eloquent speech for the benefit of the massive crowd in front of the players balcony at East Brighton Park. He especially thanked the BVCC organisers for all their hard work – especially skipper Alan and Liam the fixture sec.

There then followed a lengthy convoy back to the hotel as Brighton Gay Pride Week began to take shape. Loud and proud. Food of choice for the evening was a curry washed down with bottles of Nelson/Beater

Or King Cobra even. Plenty more at the Pumphouse with live buskers then back to the hotel bar to join in the festivities with the obligatory Hen Party from Bromley. But that’s another story. Another time.

Saturday v BVCC at Sussex University 40overs 1400.

MCC 213-3 (DEC) OFF 34 OVERS



Lovell Grandstand Racing from Ascot dnb

Hebel Nervous nineties 90 0-23 off 8

Giles Gunn&Moore 7*

Khanna Form wk 70* 0-21 off 3

Puddicombe Buckets wk 10 2-4 off 1

Hamilton Rampant dnb 2-34 off 7

Blades Bunt dnb 1-32 off 8

Dean Former Leopard wk 5 0-38 off 8

John (Doug’s driver from Gatwick) dnb

Tommo Gasbelt-Watkins (BVCC guest) dnb 1-15 off 3

Bradley Camouflage dnb 0-11 off 2

Scorer B-Bowden Bostock

A late start for this one as several cars got lost en route to the Uni including one very knowledgeable female taxi driver. Lovell won the toss and decided to bat in tropical conditions.

A left/right hand combo of Hebel and Puddicombe got MCC off to a bright start despite some good left-arm bowling at one end. Pudds fell to an extremely good catch at mid-on for 10. Hebel and Khanna then took advantage of the wilting attack and proceeded to flail the bowling to all pastures of the Sussex Downs. Hebel eventually fell bowled for 90 as dehydration neared. Khanna was going well too as the declaration was made to put an end to the fielding side’s heat torture. Harry ended up with his highest score for the club on an unbeaten 70. MCC 213-3 off 34 overs.

Great tea again but did one detect somewhat of a struggle to go back out again at the end of a long hot tour to field? Hebel bowled with venom with the new ball on a bouncy university wicket. Ed, Harry and Pudds all had a spell behind the timbers as bowlers were seemingly a bit thin on the ground. Pick off the back up bowlers was eventually Dark Horse Hamilton with 2-34 off 7 overs. Left arm grenader Pudds took 2 wickets in his only over aided by a couple of Harry’s many stumpings for the tour. The home side did threaten at one stage before Hammo exposed their limitations and slowed the scoring rate. BVCC finishing 27 runs shy of the target after 40 overs.

A few beers at the home side’s pub the Connaught later followed by another Ruby Murray in Hove. But then the hotel bar called for others too tired to walk to Hove.

The next day – brekkie, swimming, crazy golf and the obligatory fish & chips as the tour ended in record UK temps in and around the South Coast.

Bizarrely no one (even Antipodeans) was heard to be complaining about the good ole British Weather (for a change).



Zuoz 2003

Zuoz Cricket Festival 2003

Zuoz setting in the Swiss Alps
A confident rabble assembled in great anticipation of the annual Zuoz tournament – keen to bag MCC’s second overseas trophy within a month. No ‘real’ hitches on the way to the Swiss mountains – with the notable exception of border control in Switzerland who waved the antipodean Tranny through, but stopped our suicide bomber Chairman Badly for a quick grope and cavity search. With the trip down Cadbury Ally out of the way, we reached Zuoz in record time. After checking into the Convict, we proceeded to the pizza restaurant where the rest of the upper class rabble touring members and better halves (staying at the Zuoz Hilton; complete with spa, swimming pool and private butler) completed the team. A good hearty meal was followed by the traditional p1ss-up at the Dorta. Some retired to sleep early, others stayed late at the pub and a few went back to the Convict for some compilation tapes, beer and earnest discussions about marbles and the game’s character building qualities.

The following morning saw few early risers, with most attempting to shake off Swiss beer-induced hangovers and the effects of unsolicited chainsaw use in the shared convict accommodation. The draw took place at 11am and for a minute it looked as if we might get the MICC again on the infamous plastic teabag (except this time, no rain in sight). However, we drew Bob’s Last Chance XI on Field 3, so named, as it was Bob’s last chance to bring home the cup. With the game not due to start until 1300, the team members then slowly made their way down to the ground, confident that they could start the tournament with a ‘relatively’ easy game and proceed into the top half of the draw.

Game 1: As it turned out Bob had stashed away some of his most lethal guns, getting them to arrive after the 1300 kick off whistle. This game was to be our closest, arguably the most nerve racking and difficult game of the tournament. Of the 14 players available, Pramod, Bob Mitcham and Alex Gale sat out the first encounter and, after losing the toss, MCC were asked to field first. Things looked good for the MCC, who started well, with the Kiwi bagging 3 sticks in very quick time. Kiwi bowled well to finish with 3-11 off his 6 overs, effectively tying up the top order. After 10 of the maximum 30 overs had been bowled, Bob’s Last Chance were 3-30 and looking a bit shaky.

Bob had a couple of tricks up his sleeve though, and had saved his best batsmen for later (unintentionally, it must be said: they hadn’t turned up in time for the start). The opposition rallied, putting on a run a ball from then on in for a total of 151. On a postage stamp ground with a good pitch, and considering the current form of the MCC batsmen, the total looked more than ‘gettable’.

However the first two wickets fell before a run had been scored off the bat, with Hebel and Sembian both falling to good first slip catches brought on by some steep bounce from the approx. 7 ft 6 opening bowler. Power followed shortly after, but by this time VD had started to steady a little and got the scoreboard ticking. This revival was short lived and he was soon to hole out with MCC staring down the barrel of a first round defeat. Someone even spotted a fat lady on the golf practice greens loosening her vocal chords with the score at 4-29 and four of MCC’s best bats back in the hutch.

Roid’s Grier , having obtained his first pass since ‘The Ashes’ 2002, then put his bronzed hand up – held firmly by Kareoke Khanna at the other end. The two did look a little shaky (to say the least) at the start, but settled in after both gave chances to the opposition. Then Grier let loose. Hazza farmed the strike over excellently to ‘His Roidship’ who hit Bob’s bowlers to all corners of the paddock like a bat out of hell. Just to keep their averages in tow, both sacrificed themselves within a bee’s dick of victory leaving Quiet Man and Bunty Blades to provide the last rites.

MCC positively pulled out of the poo by a magnificent 87 from His Roidship to progress into the second round, winning by 4 wickets against a very strong but unlucky Bob’s Last Chance XI. Man of the match: (with daylight second) the sunnboy himself, Jason Donovan Grier.

After the game another visit to our favourite restaurant was in order and an impromptu celebration at the Dorta. With the MICCs (spotted practicing in the nets before an early night) in the MCC headlights for the semi-final, most interested parties would assume that a tough preparation schedule would then be implemented by Cpt Courageous Andy Hebel. This tough regime is outlined below:

On eve of game make sure plenty of vitamins and carbohydrates are consumed. Best in the form of greasy but very tasty Italian/Swiss pizza or pasta.

On eve of game consume plenty of fluids. Best form is beer, as any number of litres can be consumed in any one night. Also full of carbohydrates and sugar for energy the next day.

Certain Besonderheiten (specialties?) to assist with analysis of the previous day’s cricket.

Plenty of sleep. 3-4 hours is generally considered sufficient. Though some of MCC’s best performances in recent years have been obtained from as little as two.

Plenty of pre-match preparation time. A hearty breakfast, shower, brushage of teeth, package of bag, getting to ground, warming up. A suggested maximum of 23 minutes and 47 seconds is all that is required here. No more, be warned.

Needless to say, MCC adhered to this ever-grueling pre-game routine in preparation for the next day’s semi against local rivals MICC. Most of the usual suspects were in attendance, with the Kiwi leading the way and showing everyone where the Dorta was again (couldn’t remember: too pisched from night before). Emmerdale Farm, great show that, eh Kiwi? Knut enjoyed the local beer and Des, in an attempt to inject more culture into the team, insisted on sampling some of the local wines. ‘His Roidship’ and Hazza celebrated their partnership by dancing the lawnmower, the sprinkler and the shopping trolley. Miss Sweden made an appearance to brighten up everyone’s night and a few of the boys were spotted reacquainting themselves with old friends. Tony, Wayne and Bob were on the lookout for Charlie’s Angels as they made their way back to barracks early doors, intent on kicking back to some Billy Brag and pottering around in the garden. Several tourists got into a strange local car (despite being warned about stranger danger) to visit an establishment further down the road at St. Moritz. Pro tour p1ss-up specialists Gale and Power weren’t spotted on account of them trying out the unknown turf in St.Moritz.

The following morning an early game against the MICCs awaited and almost everyone felt worse for wear, except for Sembian who went to bed straight after dinner (dedication) and the young captain who tried to set the example (in vain, alas).

Sembian, Hazza and Pramod sat out Sunday morning’s game. The latter was due to play but alleviated the skipper’s selection nightmares by declaring himself unfit. Rumour has it he may have dislocated his liver. Nasty business that.

Game 2: After winning the toss and batting against the MICCs, MCC got off to a much better start than the day before, with Captain Not-So-Cranky (early night) and Van Doobie getting off to a solid start (albeit a little scratchy, playing and missing on numerous occasions). After 10 overs, MCC were scoring at a run a ball and the century stand was reached a couple of overs before drinks. Van Daddy was slightly ahead in the race to 50 before he middled yet another one, only to hole out in the deep to a good juggling catch. This brought Roid to the crease to continue in the same ‘vein’ as the day before. With Hebel over his early scratchiness (after some good advice from van Daddy) both batsmen took the bowling attack apart, making it unsafe to drive on the adjacent highway or park ones car near the ground. The services of a local diving team were also required to retrieve a number of cricket balls from the river. Hebel brought up his second century for the year in double-quick time with about 7 overs left and Roid, after some powerful sixes, eventually fell to a good catch on the boundary for a very quick 47. Hebel eventually fell with 3 overs left for 129 and the MICC were happy to see the back of him. Steve the Stare came and went quickly after trying to up the tempo even more, and was replaced by Alex ‘Moo’ Gale. Just as it looked like the end of the innings might quieten down, Hurricane Nichols strode to the crease. Munich’s very own whirling dervish smashed 24 off 7 balls – 23 on his own in the final over including three well timed sixes (one of which also ended up over the road and in the river) and a four. The final score was an amazing 280 off just 30 overs with a head count of four motorcyclists seriously injured and one dented bonnet (sorry!). This total must be one of the highest scores in Zuoz history!

MICC started their innings in a hurry. Bob Mitcham had inherited Hazza’s gloves for the game and took a good legside catch from Kiwi’s bowling to secure the initial breakthrough. PD and Waleed both scored very quickly until PD fell – LBW to van Daddy from a full bunger. After some BIG hitting, Waleed was next to go thanks to a brilliant catch on the boundary by the Quietest of Men, Paul McGree. Any slight chance the MICCs had disappeared with the big man. Saeed scored a good 50 but it wasn’t enough, and the MICCs ended their innings on 215. MCC won by 65 runs.

Man of the match: chief tw@tter of pies and other assorted pastry, the skipper Amos Hebel.

Then it was on to the final with the boys full of confidence.

Game 3: After a 10 minute break between games, the final of the Zuoz 2003 world championships was between the MCC and Milano, Italia.

Knut, Hurricane and Power (who had a pressing engagement to be ‘entertained’ by Robbie Williams and left early) sat out this game. Captain Cranky took a leaf out of Lovo’s book and lost the toss. MCC continued where they left off from the semi and fielded on what could be arguably the cricket ground with the smallest boundaries in the world (the smallest measuring about 25m). Sharp singles and lucky edges got the ball rolling for Milan, who brought up their 50 in the sixth over for no loss. A couple of wickets didn’t slow them down much, and at the halfway mark of this 25 over game Milan had amassed over 100 runs. MCC were looking down the barrel of a 230 run chase. However, with the subsequent tightening of screws by Hebel, McGree and Mr. Moo himself, Alex Gale this never looked like happening. The pressure was back on the Italians and sharp singles soon turned to suicide singles. MCC capitalised with 3 run-outs, including a direct hit by Bunty Blades (Big Tones! Plays in Zuoz?) In the end, MCC worked admirably in the field to restrict Milan to a very makeable score of 180.

Once again, Van Damage and Hebel provided the MCC with a good start. Van Daddy gave one of the Milan opening bowlers heart burn after hitting his first 3 balls for two sixes and a four. Hebel fell plum as they come, LBW to a ball that was missing leg and off and striking smack bang in the middle for 20 with MCC charging forward: 70 on the board. Moo Gale came and went, before Roids appeared once more to hammer the opposition bowling. By the time he was out (for another well-scored 45 off bugger all balls) MCC were in the box seat requiring about 20 off 7 overs. Van Damage was still batting exceptionally well and finished the match off with the assistance of Pramod for an unbeaten 82 with 5 overs to spare. The excitement only increased as Bunty Blades stripped on the sidelines and ran through the crowd – thus writing his name in the Zuoz history books as the first person to streak at the annual Zuoz cricket festival.

MCC ended up coasting to victory, in what was a very well played final, by 7 wickets. MCC man of the match: the van Daddy of all van Daddies, van Daddy himself.

Following the game, the winning captain made a sterling acceptance speech in the Lovell mould, classy to say the least, with a subtle and moving poo reference. Many were visibly moved to tears.

The weary team then packed into the tranny and Des’s car to head back ‘home’ from a fun and very successful trip.

Another Trophy Bagged for the MCC: Team (Top left -> bottom right) Des, Sembi, Van dammage, bob Mitcham, Knut, rusty Nichols, freak Grier, Pramod, Moooo Gale, Kiwi, Tony, captain Hebel, Mcgree, Hazza (Steve Power missing due to Robbie Williams concert)

MCC personnel:

Scorer/Chairman Richter Des – driver and suicide bomber from hell, ensuring there were no English in the Tranny. Lover of all things cricket and great job of scoring. Wine connoisseur.


Cpt. Cranky Hebel: Did an outstanding job of organising the trip, drove the Tranny on the way back, scored a magnificent 100 and captained superbly. Excellent use of the word ‘poo’ in the acceptance speech.

Tony Blades: ‘Big Tones’ plays at Zuos. Streaked in Final. Compilation tape king of the convict. Only snores in rooms not allocated to him. Pot, Kettle, etc.

Wayne Van Daddy: Drove all the way there and half the way back – thanks Wayne. Batting superb and bowled well. Quote of the trip: ‘Playing marbles is great, because it teaches you about life!’ Set an excellent example for the innocent and impressionable Mitcham. I don’t want to change the world…

Roids Grier – His Roidship was man of the series. Great batting in all 3 innings. Saved our arses in the first game especially. The Force is strong in this one. Give up the rugby, much better cricketer.

Kiwi Bostock– Bowled well. Again. Ended five long years of hurt with a victory in the Zuoz tournament. A butchering display of which Schmidthuber would be proud.

Quiet Man McGree– Very good bowling to get the key wickets. Got close to a decent chance at a bat “I thought I was a pretty good chance when we were 4-29 and I was next in”. Last man standing on Sat night (again).

Sembian Appavu – Refused to take off his whites all weekend – even to sleep or shower. Early nights – man on a mission.

Hazza – Iron gloves, foreign correspondent, Farmer of the Strike and dodgy pub dancer extraordinaire. Thinks marbles are overrated.

Alex Gale – Bowled well but did not get a chance to shine with bat. Quiet man on the tour. Trying to achieve dark-horse status? Came with an escort to protect him from ravenous Emmerdale beauties.

Steve Power – Great bowling against the MIC. Not spotted on Sat night. In St Moritz perhaps? That date with Robbie: tight leash? We can only hope so.

Knut – Ultimate Tourist. Didn’t get the chance to score his 100th run for the club. But as he proudly likes to point out, he’s never lost a game in Zuoz.

Hurricane Nichols – made the most of his chance. Only faced 7 balls, but scored 24. Legend.

No rusty Swiss watches this year though – disappointing.

Bob Mitcham – Good job keeping against the MIC. Blinding fielding on occasions. Easily led astray by darkhorse Van Datsun. Also thinks marbles are crap.

Pramod – Couldn’t make it out of bed to play the MIC’s. Bowled well in the final and at the crease for the winning runs. Almost pulled a mountainous Swiss bird. A lucky escape?


Jenny Hebel (gorgeous missus of the skip, tamer of all things Cranky)

Bianka (S…..S…..S…..Schlumpfy)

Ali Power (lover of Cricket, Steve and Robbie, not necessarily in that order)

A great tour overall.

Hazza, Bobby Mitcham & Hebrew

Tournament Rules

1, There will be coffee served in the Aula room which is in the main school building on Saturday morning at 11.00am. During this time the draw of the teams and the pitches they play on will be made.

2, All matches on Saturday will start at 1.00pm.

3, All games will be 30 over matches, with a maximum of 6 overs per bowler.

4, The four winning teams from Saturday will go though to the winners competition for positions 1-4 on Sunday. Whilst the losing teams from Saturday play off for positions 5-8.

5, The first games on Sunday will start at 9.30am, with the finals starting at 2pm.

6, Can each team please provide an umpire and a scorer with a scorebook?

7, The fielding side provides their own ball.

8, No spiked shoes are allowed on the cricket pitches.

Friendlies 2003

Match Details MCC vs APRIL 27 v MICC at Westpark – Friendly

MCC Performers

Lovell ct 20
Khanna ct 19
Balaji st 109
Dean b 12
Sembian lbw 0
Chris WI st 14
Edwards c&b 7
Holmes ct 9
Blades * 1
Hamilton * 1
TOTAL 40 Overs 205 for 9

Bowler O M R W
Chris WI 8 1 44 2
Dean 5 0 20 1
Sembian 8 1 27 2
Blades 7.1 1 18 3
Balaji 8 0 37 1

Summary of Match Result

MCC won by 27 runs. No real controversies for a change. Des Badly – exemplary umpiring.

Comments on the Match

Winning his first toss of the season Lovell insisted on batting on quite a nice day. Balaji was the rock of the innings never looking in any danger at the crease. He hit several humungous sixes and was a joy to watch. He was well supported at all stages of the innings as MCC amassed 205 off their full allocation. In defence the MCC bowlers all chipped in with wickets with Bunty Blades the pick with 3-18. Chris from St.Lucia and Sembi threatened too. A good victory all in all. Thanks to Sembi for his spicy snack at the interval.

MCC Man of The Match

Balaji 109 on debut. Shabash. Say no more.

Match Details MCC vs Salzburg, Austria May 10 – Home E.Garden

MCC Performers

Power b 0
van Daddie b 5
Bostock b 2
Sembian b 0
Pramod lbw 0
Hebel * 60
Lovell b 0
Parry b 1
Blades lbw 2
Mitchum * 10
TOTAL 40 Overs 109 for 8

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
Bostock 5 2 7 2
Blades 5 1 14 1
Pramod 6 0 21 0
Hebel 6.3 1 8 5
Sembian 6 1 10 2
Van Damascus 4 0 16 0
Power 2 0 10 0

Summary of Match Result

MCC beat Salzburg by 19 runs.

Comments on the Match

Well we won somehow after finding ourselves at 32-8 early doors with the ball swinging like a banana. Hebel battled in fine fashion until joined by Bob Mitcham who kept his ‘end up’ as they put on 77 for the 9th wicket. The outfield was wet and slow and 109 was a reasonable score given the less than solid start! Their opening bowlers were swinging it big style and with unerring accuracy found most of the top order defences more open and vulnerable than a 50eur whore on the reeperbahn. Still after strawberries and tea from darkhorse Hamilton we had a chance to do the same with the ball. Bostock and Blades started the rot as Salzburg slumped to 9-3 early doors. But it looked dodgy until Hebel came up trumps again with the ball and a top catch at midoff off a rasping drive. Lots of lbw decisions too as the pitch skidded through. Sembian profited for example thus. In the end they were skiddled for 90 as the shop steward was triggered. Happy Birthdays to Dr Parry and Alex Rustywatch Nichols.

MCC Man of The Match

Captain of vice Hebel 60* & 5-8 and a nice catch (straight to him though!) Shabash.


Match Details MCC vs MCC vs Lufthansa May 18 at the Airport

MCC Performers

Harry Caught 41
Baliji Bowled 1
Andrew Caught 33
Blades Caught 18
Arnab Ray Run Out 2
Smith Caught 1
Chris WI Run Out 1
Gazza Bowled 11
Dan Sear Run Out 0
TOTAL 35 Overs 129 for 9

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
Chris WI 3,3 0 20 0
Blades 7 1 28 1
Andrew 7 1 16 0
Smith 5 0 13 2
Baliji 7 0 24 0
Dan Sear 1 0 16 0

Summary of Match Result

MCC lost by 4 wickets.

Comments on the Match

After winning the toss, the decision was made to bat first in what were very blustery and overcast conditions on the Lufthansa tea bag. From the onset it was going to be tough for the MCC with big boundaries and long grass and the wind creating in swingers. MCC battled their way to 123 off the allotted 35 overs with Harry top scoring with a well scored 41 and Andrew chipping in with 33. MCC then took the ball with Milan opening the batting and everything resting on his shoulders. After some very wayward bowling, the sky clearing and the wind dropping, the MCC managed to get their line after Lufthansa punished everything short or on leg. After grassing Milan when he was about 35, he made us pay with some classical big hitting teeing off with some of the biggest 6’s one is likely to see. After a great performance in the field by Ray to run Milan out with a direct hit, MCC were in with a chance. However, 123 needed to be about 150 and the boys just could not get over the line. But a good effort anyway! Things to work on at training: – line and length bowling – catching – running between the wickets Congratulations to Milan and his boys. They played well and deserved the win.

MCC Man of The Match

MCC MAN OF MATCH AND WHY……. Harry was the man of the match on this occasion with his 41 runs holding the MCC innings together for a while.

Match Details MCC vs MICC MAY 25 AT WESTPARK

MCC Performers

Parry ct 7
Khanna b 6
Smith b 0
Pramod ct 9
Chris WI b 23
Werner ct 0
Hebel b 25
Lovell b 6
Edwards * 24
Blades 1
TOTAL 33.1 Overs 120 for 8

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
Smith 4 1 13 1
Blades 5.4 2 14 2
Pramod 8 2 22 4
Chris Nixon Mclean 6 0 29 1
Parry 1 0 10 1
Khanna 3 0 14 1
Hebel 6 2 15 0

Summary of Match Result

Mcc won a close encounter of the friendly kind by 2 wkts.

Comments on the Match

The Butcher farewell game threatened to descend into farce when only 7 good men and true were present at the appointed time. Excuses, excuses. It’s just not good enough. Therefore the vice captain was summoned from his marital quarters to fill the gap. His balls have only just been removed from the vice allegedly. Thus Chairman Bradley also subbed for an extended period as well and scooped an absolutely marvellous catch at 1st slip to remove Haroon. This was the highlight of the game personally! Butcher and Blades opened well with the ball before Pramod spun his web to gain 4 good wkts. Once Waleed was brilliantly caught for a solid 50 by Buckets Parry MICC folded to a disappointing 117 all out. Werner also took a fine catch on debut. Hazza and Bob Mitcham both kept solidly with H stumping someone off a wide whilst the skipper was searching/grovelling for his contact lenses. MCC’S reply started in pretty mediocre fashion summed up by the Butcher’s departure second ball. Just goes to show one doesnt always get what you deserve in life Schmidthuber!! Chris WI brought some life and colour to proceedings with some lusty blows including a massive straight six in his 23. Hebel and Edwards grabbed the innings by the throat though and did the hard yards in the middle before the tour manager Gareth took us over the line with plenty of QDT (Quality Drinking Time) to spare at 1655hrs. Shabash Gary!!

MCC Man of The Match

Gary Edwards, top catch on boundary in an energetic fielding display. An unbeaten 24 to win the game finishing the proceedings with a huge six into the Westpark trees. Only half an hour late for start as well. Improvements being shown all round. ‘Ow bist!?



MCC Performers

TOTAL 37 Overs 153 for 10

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
BOSTOCK 8 1 24 2
BLADES 6.4 0 38 1
SEAR 6 1 44 1
CHRIS WI 6 0 31 0
APPAVU 5 1 19 1
BRADLEY 7 0 72 3
DEAN 1 0 18 1

Summary of Match Result


Comments on the Match

MCC had a hectic schedule last weekend with a double header against Pak Orient on Saturday and Tegernsee on Sunday. Pak Orient away is always an attractive prospect and last Saturday was no different. Having called incorrectly, the skipper gave the signal for MCC to take the field in the blistering heat minus Paul West Indies. Due to the inefficient public transport system in Munich, Paul was unable to find the Hauptbahnhof. Thankfully, Pak Orient were able to supply us with an extra body, however, his lack of German and English did cause a problem and he was not really able to grasp the concept fine leg. Still, at least he probably knows where the Hauptbahnhof is. Usual suspects Kiwi and Tony opened up and Tony in particular took some tap with his first 2 overs going for 18. Having followed the skippers instructions of bowling outside off stump, Tons was particularly “stumped“ when the Pak Orient opener launched the kitchen sink and placed him back over mid on twice in his second over. Fortunately this blossoming partnership was quickly curtailed due to some quite village calling by Pak Orient and some quite brilliant work by Arnab aka Ray, with a direct hit from cover. Sembian came on first change and slowed down the run rate considerably. Sembo was turning the ball miles and was unlucky to have a couple LBW decisions turned down. Chris West Indies and Dan plugged away in the mid afternoon heat and their figures probably do not reflect their performances. A tactical piece of captaining from Mark saw the introduction of Des. While Geoff Boycott might describe his stock ball as a lollipop, MCC commentators refer to it as flight and who could blame them. Des was indeed pick of the bowlers with figures of 3-72 off seven. Economical. Ed Dean ably supported the attack at the end with creditable figures of 1 over, 0 wickets, 18 runs. Chasing a machbar target of 259 Mark opened up with Ray. This was by no means a match made in heaven and Mark was soon back in the hutch without troubling the scorer, having feathered one allegedly to the keeper. Sembian then came in and looked comfortable until he middled one right down the mid on´s throat. Ray was particularly disturbed by this and had to take a mid over spew, through the grill of his helmet. Dan played some nice shots but did not really settle. Chris came and went cheaply. By this point Ray had seen enough and generously retired himself due sun stroke/ dehydration/ sukage. Tony and Des then capitalised on what can be loosely described as generous bowling. In other words, the buffet bar was open and both men tucked in to the pies. MCC batted out 38 overs to keep the Orient in the field Although the game was lost, positives were taken in the customary post-game Mass. The day, however, belonged to the chairman.

MCC Man of The Match

Des Bradley 23* 3-72. Legend. MCC Suk of the Day Arnab Ray aka Ray



MCC Performers

PARRY * 49
TOTAL 20 Overs 122 for 8

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
GLIGOROV 4 0 13 0
NICHOLS 3 0 25 0
BOSTOCK 4 1 9 2
BLADES 4 0 22 3
DEAN 3 0 14 0
PARRY 2 0 14 1

Summary of Match Result


Comments on the Match


MCC Man of The Match




MCC Performers

TOTAL 20 Overs 134 for 6

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
BOSTOCK 2 0 20 1
BLADES 2 0 7 0
NICHOLS 1 0 1 3
GLIGOROV 3 0 10 1
EDWARDS 2 0 14 2
DEAN 3 0 7 1
PARRY 2 0 14 0

Summary of Match Result


Comments on the Match

Munich Cricket Club re wrote the record books on Sunday with the first Day Night Cricket match ever played in Germany against Tegernsee. Interest in the occasion was such that a genuine wives club was formed as we congregated at the Hauptbahnhof. The Treasurer took charge with tickets, some were sceptical of his maths as the Bayern Tickets only covered 15 of the 16 travellers. The captain, however, took a dump for the team by hiding in the toilets with impeccable timing. Andy Hebel even made a surprise visit and was let off the lead long enough to do a stint of umpiring. The weather was unfortunately not our friend on Sunday and the first two innings were a little stop start. By the end of the first innings though MCC had reached 120 against a competitive 100 from Tegernsee. Such was the complexity and ambiguity of this game from here on, I have broken from MCC tradition of writing a match report, instead, opting for a player by player profile of the match. After all, cricket is a team game. Mark Lovell aka Lovo. Highlights Impeccable second innings 75, hiding in the toilet for the sake of the team. Shockers Running off the pitch during the middle of the over in the rain like a twelve year old and then putting on his civvies pretending he wanted to go home, while the rest of team stayed on the field in the pouring rain. Basics. Verdict Great form this season, but must stop spitting his dummy to fulfil potential. Tony Blades aka Bunty. Highlights A bag full of sticks in the first innings, direct hit from point in the second, quote of the day “Big Tony plays at night“. Shockers Soft dismissal, cranky at opposition umpire and own players. Verdict Very good when the sun is on his back, rain makes him moody. Andrew Bostock aka Kiwi. Highlights First MCC bowler to bowl with the white pill, usual economical and fruitful spells. Shockers Bagging a pair in front of his missus and co. Verdict Nets for a month. Matt Parry aka Doctor Parore. Highlights Attractive, unbeaten 49 not out, solid display with the ball. Shockers Bad mathematician, very crimson shirt, occasional leg side spear with the ball. Verdict Good day at the office. Jason Gligorov aka Glig, Gimp. Highlights Hitting his first six in his cricket history, hitting the six off his first ball, swinging the ball more than any other MCC bowler, making a scene as he was patrolling the boundary. Shockers Being told by his girlfriend that he was village in the first innings. Verdict Tegernsee Freak. Greg Holmes aka Clumsy. Highlights Scoring a solid 18 in the first innings, massive arm. Shockers Managing to beat the high fence and crack a windscreen in practice and disputable umpiring decision. Verdict Ugly but effective Hitman. Edward Dean aka Leopard. Highlights Lovely, Gilcristlike 25 from 16 balls, bowling off 1 pace. Shockers Being told by the team that calling your name 3 times to catch the ball is confusing and wrong, bowling in general. Verdict Always been a great timer of the ball. Harry Khanna aka Hazza. Highlights Remarkable diving catch at cover off a half tracker, looked comfortable with bat. Shockers Making horrible hash of bowlers catch, then over usage of excuse, running into bench with both shins. Verdict Redeemed himself with ggggggreat diving catch. Gary Edwards aka Gazza. Highlights Hitting the last ball of the day for 6, bowling for his first ever hat-trick. Shockers Bowling his hat-trick ball about a foot outside leg stump, scratchy first innings duck and then checking the pitch when he was bowled. Verdict Jack of all trades with bat, ball and gauntlets – All-round liability. Alex Nichols aka Hurricane. Highlights On a hat-trick in the second innings, two top catches with a slippery pill. Shockers Needing a dump in the middle of umpiring, soft delivery for hat-trick ball. Verdict Tegernsee Freak. Ian Mitcham aka Bob. Highlights Great stumping, great fielding at deep mid off. Shockers Poky, scratchy duck in the second innings, slopping off for a look at Tegernsee talent – fruitless, pointless. Verdict Flatters to deceive. A great day was had by most, excluding perhaps some members of the Wives Club, the novelty of the Day/ Nighter had obviously worn off by nightfall. Mark then encouraged everyone to stay till the eleven-o´clock bus before sneaking off under orders in the Chairman’s Merc. Basics. Clearly a team player. There then followed the Tegernsee bus ticket scandal. Nasty business that. Heads will roll.

MCC Man of The Match

MCC Man of the Match Dr Matt Parry. MCC Suk of the Day Mark Lovell. Rain unfriendly.


Match Details MCC vs MCC vs POCC, June 14 – Away

MCC Performers

Hebel *averages 64
Appavu bowl pearl 15
Parry bowl outy 1
Khanna *averages 16
Sear not req –
Toussaint not req –
Welthagen not req –
Scott not req –
Edward P not req –
Bradley not req –
TOTAL 18.3 Overs 109 for 2

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
Paul Scott 6 – 26 3
Paul Edward 4 – 21 1
Tony Blades 7 – 29 4
Chris Toussaint 3 – 14 –
Sear 2.1 – 8 1
– – – – –
– – – – –

Summary of Match Result

MCC cruises to victory winning by 8 wickets.

Comments on the Match

Great performance by the boys especially the bowlers. After going in to the game as self proclaimed under dogs (or all the other names we have been called under the sun, which on this day was reminiscent of AUSSIE)Hebel followed in the footsteps of the asteemed Captain and failed to win the toss. This meant MCC had to bowl first again against a team that has shown their strength batting first, destroying MCC on numerous occasions. However, this was to be different. With Paul Scott jumper in hand and Paul Edward with the new pill and fire in their belly, MCC had a glint in their eyes. With the outfield lighning fast, it was thought there could be something in the wicket. This was confirmed with the batsmen calling for skid lids after a couple of balls zipped around the ears. With a little inconsistent bounce, MCC started well with the openers dispatched (along with a couple of helmets during the day from viscous deliveries. Great spells from the openers softened POCC up allowing man of the match, mr. Blades to slice through the middle order with some genuine swing bowling. Having the chance of a hattrick twice and figures of 4 for f*$ckall after 3, a five for was on the cards. Was not to be with Khalid showing his class and bravery batting 11 with a broken hand and topping the scoring with 25. That brought POCC to a final score of 108 in 22.1 overs. Great effort by MCC to contain the might of POCC with some superb bowling and fielding. MCC’s turn to bat, and obviously liked the faster bouncier conditions of the pitch, chased the total of 108 in quick time. Some nice stroke play by the fill in skipper hebel as well as Sembi (falling to a great leg cutter from waquar) and Harry (not out), allowing hebel to get home to the missus for her birthday. A great game by MCC and something to be proud of.

MCC Man of The Match

Tony Blades man of the match performance of 4-27 of 7 ripping the heart of the POCC middle order. Great performance of genuine swing bowling.


Match Details MCC vs Freiburg, June 22 – Hirschanger

MCC Performers

Hebel caught 23
Sear bowled 34
Chris WI LBW 11
Edwards bowled 0
Mitcham averages 36*
Blades bowled 7
Werner caught 7
nicholls averages 25*
Hammo – –
Paul WI – –
TOTAL 35 Overs 156 for 6

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
Bostock 5 4 1 0
Paul WI 4 – 18 –
Blades 4 2 7 1
Hebel 4 – 9 1
Hammo 4 – 15 1
Sear 5 – 18 1
Gazza Edwards 3 – 17 3

Summary of Match Result

MCC won by 45 runs in a game that was played in the true spirit of cricket

Comments on the Match

Another very solid performance by the MCC boys especially well supported in the top order by Sear, getting the team off to a great start and then in the middle order with man of the match Mitcham and very close behind him Nichols (scoring at more than a run a ball) piling on the runs at the end to get MCC to the very solid total of 156. MCC then took to the field and bowled very consistantly, not giving anything to Freiburg to hit. Kiwi in containment mode was only taken for 1 run in his 5 overs. Freiburg looked solid early and with some good batting were without loss after 10 overs. Until Mitcham and Blades combined in a great catch by the man of the match to get the ball rolling. All of the bowlers contributed to the effort with Gazza bagging a 3 for, the pick of the bowlers with his cream puffs. Eventually in the end, containing Freiburg to 111 off their allotted 35 overs. A big thank-you to the Freiburg guys… a great, competitive and enjoyable game was had by all and hope to see you again soon.

MCC Man of The Match

Mitcham man of the match after terrorising Freiburg with the bat and taking a blinder at square leg. Dan Sear and Alex Nichols were a very close second and third behind the big man!!!


Match Details MCC vs Prague Sunday 29th June English Garden

MCC Performers

Khanna ct 36
Power ct 101
Sembian ct 34
Hebel ct 32
Sear * 27
Nichols * 10
Scott,Werner,Mitcham dnb
Lovell,Finch dnb
TOTAL 40 Overs 266 for 4

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
Scott 8 2 21 1
Nichols 5 0 32 0
Hebel 7 0 35 3
Sear 5 0 44 1
Sembian 8 0 48 3
Finch 2 0 19 0
Power 3.5 0 40 1

Summary of Match Result


Comments on the Match

A fine maiden century from Steve Power laid the foundations to another MCC victory, this time against the Prague tourists. Lovell batted first after the Prague captain called incorrectly. Opening the innings with Hazza, Power got off to a steady start stealing runs with his customary good calling. However, what really got his innings going was when the pie van arrived. Steve was first in the queue, feasted away and was quickly back for more, endangering drunken cyclists and stray walkers alike passing the Hirschanger in the English Garden. Hazza was barely outshone as he scored 36 before holing out. Together they put on 109 in 19 overs. Sembian joined Steve at the crease, who by now was well over 50. A quiet period ensued, before Sembian decided to also tuck in at the buffer bar, dealing exclusively in 4s and 6s before he was caught behind for 34 off 30 balls. Flowerpot Hebel continued where Sembian left off, while Steve began accelerating towards his 100. The partnership ended when Hebel was well caught for 32 off 29 balls on the fence. Soon afterwards Steve reached his 100 off 107 balls, showing no evidence of the nervous nineties. He was eventually caught on the boundary for 101 trying to lift the total to even higher proportions. A quickfire 3 over partnership of 37 between Dan (27 * off 14 balls) and Nichols (10* off 5 balls) took the total to the imposing 266 for 4 off 40 overs, with the sticks having never been broken. The Prague reply began well for MCC as Paul Scott struck in the 3rd over, with Sembian taking a fine reflex diving catch in the gully. However, despite an aggressive 8 over spell Paul couldn’t achieve a further breakthrough. Impressive batting by the Prague opener and the young no.3 later set Prague up for a brutal assault on MCC’s total. At 20 overs Prague were 82 for 1 and the match seemed over as a contest with the fat lady loosening her vocal chords. However, with increasingly aggressive hitting and a ‘strict’ interpretation of a wide (a total of 42 were bowled, Prague’s third highest scorer) Prague’s run rate began to rise. This wasn’t the only thing to rise, as Hebel the Hulk (“you won’t like me when I’m angry”) cranked up the speed. He finally sent the opener back to the hutch for 73, taking a very sharp caught and bowled, before sending the stumps of Prague’s middle order cartwheeling. Sembian also joined in with 3 wickets, finally nailing the left handed no.3 for 41. However, while all about him were seeing their stumps flying the famous Scott Page (of Lodi fame) watched from the other end, before brutally laying in to all comers. Dispatching enormous 6s to all corners of the ground, he was particularly severe on Dan and Steve. With 2 overs left Prague required 28 with 1 wicket left, and for the first time doubts possibly spread amongst the MCC fielders. However, man of the match Power was to have the last laugh. He bowled the penultimate over, from which the ginger magician Page was only able to hit a single 6 before, with 8 balls left and 22 required, he hit a hard flat pull to the mid-wicket boundary where a diving Hebel took an exceptional catch close to the ground to win the game.

MCC Man of The Match

Steve Power.Maiden century, winning wicket. Great catch too by Hebel to win match!


Match Details MCC vs MICC July 13 in English Garden

MCC Performers

Lovell ct 56
N Sharma ro 9
Sembian b 46
Sear ct 2
Werner ro 4
Edwards ct 16
Holmes ro 14
Bostock ct 12
Mitcham ct 9
Gligorov b 1
TOTAL 40 Overs 218 for 10

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
Sear 5 0 31 0
Gligorov 7 0 27 1
Bostock 8 0 49 0
Blades 5 0 32 0
Sembian 8 0 38 1
N Sharma 3 0 30 0
Edwards 3 0 16 0

Summary of Match Result

Mcc lost by 17 runs. 12aside. Blades 12* Hammo 2* the unbeaten batsmen at stumps.

Comments on the Match

The opposition MICC skipper Pd called correctly and put the cat amongst the pigeons by asking to bat first. Glig was the pick of the early bowlers with some late swing. An all-round p1sspoor fielding display though dug the MCC grave. It meant that the home side were always seemingly chasing the game after letting the opposition batsmen off the hook on multiple occasions. Even Waleed felt sorry for the fielding side and retired hurt in sympathy. MICS finished on 235-3 off their 40overs. In reply after Larry Holmes’ tasty tea, Snake Sharma and Lovell started brightly before the youngster was unluckily run out by a direct hit. Lovell and Sembian took the score to around 120 with some positive cricket. The Madras maestro coming back to form with some big big shabash shots. Unfortunately Lovell holed out and Sembi succumbed soon after for a communal shower. The writing was on the wall. Edwards,Holmes,Bostock and Blades all made double figures just as the fat lady was oiling her vocal chords. MCC battled to 218 off 40overs.

MCC Man of The Match

The weather. Lovely. Clement. nb. hail forecast for next weekend.



MCC Performers

TOTAL 26.4 Overs 125 for 10

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
HEBEL 5 0 13 1
SEAR 3 0 8 1
BLADES 5 1 15 1
COLES 3 0 21 2
BRADLEY 6 0 52 1
SHANKAR 3.3 0 7 2
NICHOLS 2 0 15 2

Summary of Match Result


Comments on the Match

”You were wounded badly enough last time. Why are you so eager to try again?” “For the love of the game, Courtney, for the love of the game.” Sunday saw the last two MCC batsmen make the slowest walk/limp/trudge/ ever back to the pavilion hedge/shack/hutch. Muzza, rtd hurt his shoulder in tatters, and Dr pazza with what appeared to be a grapefruit inserted under his kneecap. Worse, it was all guts and no glory: in the blazing sun, MCC had succumbed to Pak orient by 25 runs. An earlier start ensured the game was played in the hottest most baking conditions possible. To make matters worse, Hebel completely misread the flight of the coin in the air and lost the toss. So MCC kitted up and plodded out to bowl to 11 Pak orient batsmen who, in the absence of waqar, all tried to be waqar. As is the MCC custom in friendlies, the bowling responsibilities were shared around. Hebel, Sear and Blades were up to their usual best with a wicket apiece and exemplary economy. Tony also illustrated the importance of fitness in the modern game by running from fine leg to fine leg between overs. The pick of bowlers on Sunday though were the slows. Give Muzza landing rights and he’ll point the batsman in the direction of the changing rooms. Bradley also snaffled two wickets with what were less hand grenades and more weapons of mass destruction. Finally armitage shanks (SHANKAR) pony showed spin is the future for him; tight bowling led to two deserved wickets. The luncheon interval was taken when Pak orient were finally dismissed for 150 in the 29th over. Lovell, sharp behind the stumps, made a stumping and was only too happy to help young Hebel with captaining decisions. No catches went to ground, which only shows that, as far as this weekend was concerned at least, catches don’t win matches. I should also point out that Nichols took 2 quick wickets but he’ll be the first to say he should have had more. In all fairness, the wicket was a bit of minefield and the MCC batsmen did not exactly race through lunch. The openers began well before sharp bounce accounted for Geoffrey Giles. Then Hebel got a shocker of a delivery that was allegedly only equalled by the shockingness of the lbw decision. Lovell, Nichols and Sear then both took turns to steady the ship. Alex showed why he is called “big al” with 2 effortless sixes and a 4, all taken off middle stump. Dan also got into the act with his new big bat. Sadly, after Lovell departed and two golden ducks (Tony Hamilton and Mark Blades–names have been changed to not cause embarrassment), there was not enough batting left. The last bright spot was a classic square cut from w.g. Bradley for 4.

MCC Man of The Match



Match Details MCC vs PASSAU AWAY SAT 26 JULY

MCC Performers

TOTAL a few Overs 77 for 10

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
POWER 8 3 13 1
SHANKAR 8 1 46 4
NICHOLS 2 0 11 0
BRADLEY 1 0 8 0

Summary of Match Result

MCC came second by 5 wkts.

Comments on the Match

After a huge struggle getting enough bodies for this one-day tour, an under-strength MCC team set off to Passau to attempt to show the three river people how to play cricket. The trip started on a good note with everyone arriving for the scheduled meeting time, well almost. 5euro Munich – Passau return courtesy Deutsche Bahn, cheap as chips. Cheers easy. In Passau the hosts welcomed us with a personal police siren escort up to the castle and the venue for the day. The journey went smoothly until our opening bat got stuck behind a traffic light, getting lost in his 007 sportscar in the process much to his wife’s displeasure. The cricket then started on a seemingly familiar trend when the captain called the toss wrong. Calls himself a “gambling” man, with that luck? The surprise was that we were then asked to bat! But then the bowling team’s onslaught began. With plenty of aid from the matting the batsmen, one by one, stumbled to balls staying low or nipping around from the pitch. The opening bat of Khanna tried desperately to steady the ship, but was finally adjudged LBW for a dogged 17. All but two MCC batsmen were otherwise bowled. (David) Boon Ping from Singapore’s first ever ball in cricket was a full toss which he bravely took on the elbow to prevent a hat-trick by the fired up portly Passauian paceman. Otherwise a pretty p1ss poor MCC performance which shouldn’t really be just brushed under the matting. MCC all out for a paltry 77 on Passau’s pretty paddock. The bowling team should however be thanked for their gracious performance – for trying to give the batting side something to defend with a somewhat generous 43 in the extras column. The reply started convincingly with good tight bowling and a few early wickets by a very inspiring Shankar 8-1-46-4). Power bowled well without much reward. Then enter the bat of Wolfgang Schmidthuber with some crowd killing sixes and rocketing fours he took the game away from MCC. Well done Passau, a well deserved victory! A disappointing day for MCC. But every cloud has a silver lining. The game finished at an early hour, which allowed for some excellent Shankar veggie curry and a couple of gallons of Bavarian homebrew. Well the beverages soothed the pains for most, but Nichols still tried jumping underneath the train to put an end to his grief. After all there was a league game the following day for which he was plainly disappointed to be 12th man. Not all batsmen were unhappy with the day’s events though. Hamilton senior (John), resplendent in his elegant white Fred Perry shirt, added four more sweet runs through square leg to extend his lead to 14 runs (in MCC all-time batting records) over fellow stalwart and Chairman Des Bradley, who unfortunately made a golden blob. He left the crease cursing Hamilton with words like pins, dolls and voodoo coming from his foaming mouth. Always next weekend Des.

MCC Man of The Match

Shankar – 5* & 4 wkts and an even better curry. Shabash.


Match Details MCC vs CCB AUGUST 3 AWAY

MCC Performers

BOON * 3
FINCH * 11
TOTAL 40 Overs 153 for 8

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
NICHOLS 5 3 13 0
FINCH 4 0 35 0
LEPANI 5 0 44 1
SHANKAR 6 0 32 1
WERNER 3.3 1 12 1
HAMILTON 2 0 10 0

Summary of Match Result


Comments on the Match

This was the first match to be held on the CCB home ground since they were recently allocated Zuricherstrasse. MCC put out a very friendly team and the match was indeed played in a very friendly spirit. We did suffer somwhat from the aftermath of McGree’s stag party. At the scheduled starting time there were only four MCC stalwarts at the ground which increased to 6 at the time of the toss which fortunately we won. In dribs and drabs another four players turned up, the 10th being Finch who has decided to go on a bicycle tour of upper Bavaria on his way to the ground. Giles who had begged and pleaded on Saturday to be included in the side, so much so that Blades dropped out to give him a place, decided that it wasn’t worth playing after all and when we left the ground at around 6.30 pm had still not turned up. Pretty bad form and definitely not cricket from one who regularly bores us to tears with his pontificating on maintaining the old standards. Having only seven players when we went out to bat the openers, Welthagen and Shankar were instructed to simply stay there until other players arrived. No problem said Werner. His idea of staying there is fundamentally different form the captains and consists of taking an almighty swipe at the first ball, jumping away from the second which would have hit his legs and than taking another almighty swipe at the third ball to be promptly caught behind. MCC 0 for 1 after three balls but now with eight players. Lepani and Shankar pushed the rate on nicely until Lepani fell in the 7th over to be followed by Shankar in the eigth leaving MCC at 25 for 3 after 8 and facing a rather embarassing score. Hamiton J stayed around with Khanna until 13th over and Nichols then until the 16th leaving MCC at 55 for 5. In strode darkest of things equine Hamilton M, sternly surveying the field as he approached the crease. Hammo shared a magnificant 50 run stand with Khanna before being caught on the boundary for 15. Khanna finally fell in the 33rd over for his favorite number and his first 50 for the club. In came Finch recovered from the Tour de Bavaria to join David Boon Ping who doggedly defended his wicket under great pressure with a ring of fielders around the bat before crashing a two through them and later another single. His first runs for the club and a joy to watch. Finch’s unbeaten 11 together with Boon’s unbeaten 3 took MCC to 153 after 40 overs. The two CCB opening bowlers had used the pretty poor pitch to great effect swinging and seaming it with the ball unpredictably sailing over the batsmans head for a no-ball or shooting through low. The majority of the MCC bowlers took a collective decision that the pitch was so bad they would not bother to use it and offered an enticing range of variously flavoured pies, all of which were snapped up with abandon by the CCB opening pair. The first CCB wicket fell in the mid eighties, the second for one hundred and something and the game was pretty much over. Some tight bowling at the end from Welthagen and Hamilton M brought another two wickets and saved our honour somewhat. A great catch by the Tour de Bavaria cyclist on the boundary off Hammo made up for a somewhat easier one dropped by someone who wishes to remain anonymous as he is still looking for his fiftieth. There was one interesting interpretation of a double bouncing ball by one of the CCB umpires when he determined this to be a dead ball. David Weatherall where are you now? In summary it was a very friendly match which we all enjoyed and look forward to many more.

MCC Man of The Match

Khanna for his sexual 69 and a superb stumping.


Match Details MCC vs

MCC Performers

TOTAL Overs for

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W

Summary of Match Result

Comments on the Match

MCC Man of The Match


Match Details MCC vs

MCC Performers

TOTAL Overs for

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W

Summary of Match Result

Comments on the Match

MCC Man of The Match



MCC Performers

TOTAL 40 Overs 167 for 7

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
FINCH 7 1 28 0
SHANKAR 8 0 42 2
BLADES 7 1 36 1
HEBEL 7.2 2 22 3
PARRY 2 1 12 1
JUSTIN 3 0 14 0
SEMBIAN 5 0 40 0

Summary of Match Result


Comments on the Match


MCC Man of The Match



Match Details MCC vs Sunday 2 May @ Tegernsee – Friendly

MCC Performers

Asim lbw 40
Hooligan ct finally 64
Lovell b 18+4
Holmes b 39
Welthagen b 0
Power b 6
Blades b 0
Lepani run out 16
Bostock * 10
Bradley * 0
TOTAL 40 Overs 226 for 8

MCC Bowler
Bowler O M R W
Lepani 4 1 19 2
Blades 4 0 13 0
Power 3 0 12 1
Shankar 2 0 7 0

Summary of Match Result

Rain stopped play. Match abandoned with Tegernsee 55-3 chasing 227 to win.

Comments on the Match

An ultimately soggy end to the day with rain stopping play early into the Tegernsee innings. This did however mean an early chance for MCC to sample the 2004 vintage of Tegernseer Spezial. Mcc batted first after Kiwi surprisingly won the toss. On debut openers Asim and Todd Hooligan impressed with the bat alongside the Hitman Holmes at no4. Asim also doing well with the wk gloves. Lovell ‘scratched around like an old hen’ and was thus deducted 4 runs by the bored scorers. Lepani was the unfortunate victim of the monthly Bostock run out scandal with the new skipper revealing on the train that ‘there was a lot of yes in his no call’. It was a sickening sight Richie. Deviant Lepani did manage to pick up a couple of wickets before letting himself down later in the evening. Highlight of the evenings entertainment has to be the French floozy at the Pizza restaurant. Tres bien.

MCC Man of The Match

Holmes. ‘Brute of a man’ Hitman holmes. Almost redeemed himself after the 2003 Tegernsee windscreen affair. Nasty business that.


Summary 2003




APR 13 SERENDIP Won by 5 wkts Lovell 72* Hebel 34 Sembian 41

APR 18 TEGERNSEE Won by 3 wkts Lovell 72 Hebel 34 Khanna 43* Nichols 3-21 Blades 3-27

APR 19 PAK ORIENT Won by 7 wkts Lovell 80* Hebel 60 Sembian 4-32 Blades 3-41

APR 26 INTERNAL FRIENDLY Team Hebel won by 1 wkt Mcgree 6-11 N.Sharma 37

APR 27 MICC Won by 27 runs Balaji 109 Blades 3-18

MAY 2 LJUBLJANA TOUR GAME ONE Won by 170 runs Hebel 122* Parry 46* Gale 36 Power 35

MAY 3 LJUBLJANA TOUR GAME TWO Won by 3 wkts Lovell 49* Khanna 46 Hamilton 15

MAY 10 SALZBURG Won by 19 runs Hebel 60* & 5-8

MAY 17 TEGERNSEE LEAGUE Won by 8 wkts Lovell 29* Blades 3-9

MAY 18 LUFTHANSA Lost by 4 wkts Khanna 41 Hebel 33

MAY 24 POCC LEAGUE Won by 93 runs Van Dalsum 143 Lovell 60 Mcgree 3-23 Blades 3-24

MAY 25 MICC Won by 2 wkts Hebel 25 Edwards 24* Toussaint 23 Pramod 4-22

MAY 31 SERENDIP LEAGUE Won by 9 wkts Van Dalsum 42* Lovell 25 Gale 3-4

JUN 7 PAK ORIENT Lost by 105 runs Bradley 23* & 3-72 Blades 32 Ray 21

JUN 8 TEGERNSEE DAY/NIGHTER first ever in GERMANY (2 sep inns x 20overs each) Won by 55 runs Parry 49* Lovell 75 Nichols 3-1 Blades 3-22

JUN 14 PAK ORIENT WON BY 8 WKTS Hebel 64* Blades 4-29 Scott 3-26

JUN 14/15 LODI, ITALY GOLDEN DUCK FESTIVAL (8aside) WINNERS Lovell, VD (best batter), Gale, Power, Pramod, Dean, Edwards, Mitcham, Bostock (best bowler)

V MANGO PICKLES Won by 141 runs Lovell 42*, Van Dalsum 41*, Gale 45* & 2/7, Power 3/4

V WINTERTHUR Won by 6 wkts Bostock 3/5

FINAL V IDLE CC Lodi Won by 68 runs VD 45* Pramod 2/2

JUN 21 CCB LEAGUE Won by 213 runs VD 84 Lovell 40 Dean 32* Mcgree 6-11

JUN 22 FREIBURG NOMADS Won by 45 runs Mitcham 36* Nichols 25* Sear 34 Edwards 3-17

JUN 29 PRAGUE Won by 22 runs Power 101 Khanna 36 Sembian 34 & 3-48 Hebel 32 & 3-35 Sear 27*

JUL 5/6 ZUOZ, SWITZERLAND INTL TOURNAMENT WINNERS Hebel,VD,Gale,Power,Pramod,Mitcham,Bostock,Blades,Sembian,Haenelt,Khanna,Nichols,Mcgree,Grier

V BOB’S LAST CHANCE ELEVEN Won by 4 wkts Grier 87 Bostock 3-11

V MICC Won by 65 runs Hebel 129 Grier 47 VD 44 Nichols 24*

FINAL V MILAN Won by 7 wkts VD 82*Grier 45


JUL 13 MICC Lost by 17 runs Lovell 56 Sembian 46

JUL 19 LUFTHANSA LEAGUE Won by 1 run Sear 36 Sembian 28 Acharya 25 Mcgree 8-5-5-2 *******2003 LEAGUE CHAMPS********

JUL 20 PAK ORIENT Lost by 25 runs Lovell 44 Sear 27

JUL 26 PASSAU Lost by 5 wkts Shankar 4-46

JUL 27 MICC LEAGUE ** no result – RSP** MCC 239-6 MIC 87-6 Sear 73 Pramod 72* Sembian 47 Khanna 21 Scott 3-39

AUG 2 MICC BCV CUP Won by 7 wkts VD 53

AUG 3 CCB Lost by 6 wkts Khanna 69

Aug Brunswick Village CC 10th Anniversary International Cricket Week

Aug 7 NEWICK Lost by 1 wkt VD 45 Hebel 38 Sembian 38

Aug 8 Brunswick Village CC International Cricket Week 20/20 Challenge Cup WINNERS @ East Brighton Park


Vs. Göttingen WON BY 8 WKTS VD 44*

Vs. BVCC WON BY 8 WKTS Hebel 43 Giles 29*

Aug 9 BVCC @ Sussex Univ Won by 27 runs Hebel 90 Khanna 70*

AUG 17 CUP S/F POCC Lost by 118 runs Blades 3-33

AUG 23 PAK ORIENT Lost by 48 runs Hebel 3-22 Blades 41* Lovell 23

AUG 30/31 1° Bardolino Cricket Cup, Verona (9aside winners)

Lovell, VD, Knut, Puddicombe, Blades, Khanna, Power, Parry, Mcgree, Sembian

Sabato 30 Agosto

dalle ore 09:30 v Verona (Scaligero CC) Won by 5 wkts Parry 22* Power 23

Domenica 31 Agosto

dalle ore 14:00 FINALE v LODI Won by 4 wkts Mcgree 4-1 VD 3-16

SEP 6 MUNICH AUSSIES Lost by 26 runs Lovell 33 Power 21 Scott 3-11

SEP 13 BANBURY CC (UK) Won by 160 runs Sear 87 Sembian 39 Hebel 29 Blades 3-21

SEP 14 BANBURY CC Lost by 15 runs Lovell 34 Parry 34



Ashes 2003

MCC v Munich Aussies

Episode XI, September 6 2003

A delayed clash for the Munich Ashes due to earlier fixture congestion. The very late doors of September – an end of season autumnal affair with almost the air of a friendly social gathering about it. Almost.

Ultimately a rare loss for MCC at the arse-end of an ultra-successful season. The Club winning the 2003 South-German (Bavarian) Cricket League Championship, as well as bagging international cricket tournaments in Lodi (Italy), Zuoz (Switzerland), Bardolino (Italy) and Brunswick Village (England). Rumblings have failed to cease though – seems this was not enough for some.

For the first time ever in the 10+ meetings between the 2 sides, the Munich Australians have managed to string together back-to-back victories, following up last years lucky win with another impressive team effort. Although MCC do still have a large overall lead in the keenly contested annual affair.

In a change of format to the previous season’s „Ashes”, the MCC were allowed to field players of non-English origin to ensure that ‘most’ club members could be involved in one of the season’s most eagerly anticipated and competitive games. It goes without saying that most of the Aussies were of British origin anyway so the new format seemed pretty fair at the end of the day.

However the Munich Australians relished the challenge, coming from a seemingly hopeless batting position at one stage to eventually run away decent winners. Umpires Dave Buggerall and Billy Bowden Bostock did a good job too I am told.

The game started with Aussie captain Bunty Blades winning the toss and surprisingly electing to bat first. Opening the batting for the Aussies were Hazza and McGree. They faced a fired up opening bowling combination from the MCC of Scott and Van Damage. Both bowlers probably produced their best efforts of the season, bowling with a consistent line & length (which particularly for VD was a fine achievement). Maybe his newly acquired magic carpet helped him. Or maybe he has turned all religious on us? Scotty was also bowling with great pace for a man clad in 7 jumpers in the blowy conditions. Scott produced the early breakthroughs, dismissing both openers. Hazza caught well by Sembi in the gully and Rowdy Mcgree caught behind the wicket by Lovell. Rumours are that Mr Mcgree even thought about walking for a split-second.

Andy Hebel was batting at first drop and got off to a promising start to his innings only being dropped once. But things were about to turn sour. Rocket Rod was cheaply caught-behind off the wily bowling of Scott. The big-hitting Roid Grier came to the crease, in his last game for the Aussies before escaping back to Sydney to live. Bizarrely Grier followed in the footsteps of „The Don”, being dismissed for a duck in his last innings of cricket before retirement, bowled by a superb inswinger (best ball of the day?) by The Power for a golden. Then Hebel with his score on 15 got a very straight one from Pramod to be LBW and was sent back to the hatch to get the tea boiling. These were critical wickets for the MCC and the Aussie innings was hanging by a thread at 5 for Dave Bugger all. The MCC were playing the perfect game so far and had reduced the Aussies innings to tatters, with half the batsman out with only 36 runs on the board.

Ringers/Non-Regulars/Old heads Kev B & Jules Kann, both playing their first games for the season, now represented the Aussies at the crease. They saw the innings through to the drinks interval, with the score at 5 for 40. The focus for the Aussies was simply to bat out the remaining overs and try to scramble a reasonably competitive together.

And the plan worked brilliantly! As each new over approached, both batsmen grew in confidence without even the need for a ciggie break – finding the gaps regularly to keep the scoreboard ticking over after the break at a healthy 5 an over. The pressure in the field was also eased a little bit, with the MCC struggling to find a 5th bowler to bowl tightly and make it that little bit difficult for the batsmen. In a crucial match-winning partnership of around 70, the guys saw the score pass 100 before Jules was finally dismissed by Sembi caught behind for 28 valuable runs. Kev B, (a former Pro now plying his trade as a bookmaker at an Aussie Bar near you) was also out not long after, for an excellently composed 46 runs, falling just short of a ‘deserved’ 50. Blades hit a quick 16 not out at the end, to take the final score to 8 for 148 off 40 overs. A great recovery from their dodgy position earlier in the day. For the MCC, Scotty was clearly the best of the bowlers, with figures of 3 for 11 off his 8 overs (4 maidens). Lovell also kept well behind the stumps taking 3 catches, but the fielding by the MCC around the ground fell away in the 2nd half of the innings. Very sloppy indeed Rich. Could it be that VanDamage also dropped a catch…? Certainly a rare event.

The MCC opened the formidable chase with Van Damage & Parry at the crease. The opening bowlers for the Aussies were their footy stars Jules & Nathan. In a repeat of the first innings, ball dominated bat early – due to the great line & length of the opening bowling combination. Jules got the critical wicket of Van Damage for a duck in the 2nd over of the innings, with a great catch by Kev B at 2nd slip. Was the game over already, with the MCC’s star batsman back in the pavvy blaming the blinding low-level sun? Jules was rewarded again for his great line shortly later, getting new batsman Pramod trapped in front for 0. Soon it became 3 for 10, with Nathan striking at the other end, to dismiss Sembi for only 4 runs. Lovell joined Parry at the crease and managed to stay together for a while and see off the tiring opening bowlers. However they had tremendous trouble in scoring runs, with Parry in particular frustrating everybody with the number of times of „playing & missing” (or was he just swatting flys?). The pair made it through to the drinks interval, but the score was only 3 for 29 off 20 overs. An aggressive attack was needed by the MCC after the break, as the required runrate approached around 6 an over. A few good overs after the resumption did give the MCC a glimmer of hope with Blades straying to Lovell’s legs. But it was soon thwarted somewhat by the continued tight bowling of the Aussies. The score was around 50 when Parry was finally dismissed for 18 runs off the bowling of Blades. Dangerman Dan (no6) came and went, dismissed cheaply after being caught on the boundary off McGree trying to go for quick runs. MCC’s last hope in Lovell had progressed nicely to 33 well-made runs, before the run-rate pressure became too much. In trying to dispatch the ball to the boundary, he was stumped off the bowling of Gligorov. Glig really enjoyed that one…Rocket Rod doing the honours with the gloves. Very tidy.

The MCC battled out the remaining overs, but were never really a chance to win after that. Power made a useful 21 runs. Hebel chipped in with a couple of wickets, with the final score of the MCC reaching 8 for 122 off their 40 overs. As a result, the Aussies win by 26 runs. Best bowler for the Aussies was pro earnibbler Julian Kann, finishing with the incredibly miserly figures of 2 for 4 off his 8 overs (4 maidens). To go with his 28 runs, possibly a man of the match performance.

Later on a lot of the participants headed down to the Aussie bar „The Outland”, to join Grier in his farewell party & celebrate/commiserate the earlier events well into the night. And we will all be looking forward to next year’s match, where the Aussies will be gunning for the hat trick.