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2 nd XI vs DWCC

Team: Manish ‘Safe Hands’ Bhat, Sarang ‘Ex-DWCC’ Chahakar, Atmo ‘Radioactive Man’ Trivedi, Vishv
‘Keeper turned Bowler’ Bhatia, Dan ‘Double Duck’ Downes (4D), Jagjit ‘Flappy Hands’ Singh, Phil ‘Iron
Gloves’ Bowes, Dave ‘4L’ Llewellyn, Rahul ’13 Wicket’ Singh, Ruan ‘Dead Ball’ van Jaarsvelt, Christian
‘Token German’ Haack.


An excellent match to be a part of from the very start, the match between DWCC and MCC was eventful
and played in the most excellent of spirits right from the very beginning. With DWCC using their flicx for
the first time due to their regular mat being wet from a previous game, little did they know the antics
that awaited them!

As the two teams stepped onto the field, only three balls had already been bowled before the
opposition has realized they should have nailed the flicx to the ground, fortunately the MCC team were
able to step in with their many years’ experience to help lay out the wicket properly and get the game
back underway after about 15 minutes!!

The early overs saw Jagjit ‘Flappy Hands’ Singh and Ruan ‘Dead Ball’ van Jaarsvelt take the ball for MCC,
with the latter deciding to exploit the rule that any delivery bowled less than halfway down the wicket
was declared a dead ball. Both bowled good lines (when landed on the flicx) causing the batsmen some
early bother.

Just as the game started to take a serious turn, the heavens decided to join the act, sending rain pouring
down. Right at that moment, a catch was launched into the air by one of the DWCC batsmen, only to be
dropped by Vishv ‘Keeper turned Bowler’ Bhatia! Unfortunate, but a tough chance with rain falling
heavily and visibility limited!

After the rain break, the wickets began to tumble, with DWCC’s Vish showcasing a masterful loopy
delivery that took out one of the openers. Jagjit, seizing the opportunity, struck with two wickets in two
balls from the other end, prompting wild celebrations. It was even funnier that the batsmans own
teammate had to give the LBW decision as there was no official BCV umpire in sight, until Priyansh
turned up about 10 overs in to support us as neutral umpire! (Thank you Pri!!)

Dave ‘4L’ Llewellyn decided to unleash the wily spin of Rahul ’13 Wickets’ Singh. It proved to be a stroke
of genius as Rahul made an immediate impact, extracting an edge from Vijay that was caught in the
most acrobatic manner by Phil ‘Iron Gloves’ Bowes.

Rahul continued his rampage with a clean bowled wicket shortly after, leaving the opposition depleated.
Meanwhile, Vish added another wicket to his name with a smart catch by Jagjit at short square leg,
followed by another wicket from Rahul, caught by Manish for the second time in the match.
DWCC was reeling at 79/8 at the drinks break, and at this point, 4L introduced Christian ‘Token German’
Haack to the bowling attack. His extremely loopy deliveries (putting the chairman to shame) nearly got

him a wicket, but alas, Jagjit ‘Flappy Hands’ Singh dropped it on the boundary!y, much to the
amusement of everyone.

However, the DWCC batsmen started taking chances, and Sarang ‘Ex-DWCC’ Chahakar and Christian
were left ruing their luck as catches kept falling short of the fielders. The debutant for DWCC played a
blinder, scoring 42 runs, and a 50-run partnership ensued when Sarang eventually looped up a slower
ball that was brilliantly pouched by Manish for his third catch of the match, ending the partnership on a
high note. With one wicket left to claim, Rahul was reintroduced into the attack and swiftly claimed the
scalp of DWCC’s number 11 with a cunning, quicker delivery, bamboozling the batsman and securing an

After a short break, in which the MCC players enjoyed to comforts of the DWCC ground with coffees and
curry wurst, Manish and Sarang took to the crease. The early bowling from their captain, Nikhil and
Junaid challenged us from the very off, with Manish falling early to a straight ball that didn’t get up.
Atmo ‘Radioactive Man’ Trivedi played a few good shots, showing potential, but was also determined
out LBW by Priyansh ‘Trigger Finger’ Panchal.

Vish and Sarang steadied the ship, playing some excellent defensive cricket whilst also taking advantage
of some bad bowling and put on a sturdy 36 run partnership before Vish was the next victim of Trigger
Finger, also being adjudged LBW.

Next in was Dan ‘Double Duck’ Downes (technically only single duck when he walked out) but one ball
later he found himself indeed to be Double Duck (4D) missing a straight one and becoming Trigger
Fingers 5 th LBW of the day!!

Jagjit joined Sarang in the middle, hoping to calm things down and bring the runs down and calming the
MCC and as they began to look comfortable, rain once again threatened. A huge cloud came over,
forcing us off for a short while, but we were soon back out in the middle! The partnership was soon after
ended when Jaggi misread a low bouncing ball and was bolwed, leaving the score at 89/5.

Phil came next to the crease and seemed to be playing on a different wicket to everyone else, rapidly
upping the run rate, including taking 18 runs off one over.

The MCC crept closer to the target with both Sarang and Phil excellently rotating the strike and scoring
quickly. With 1 run left to win, Phil shouted over to the bench to ask how many Sarang needed to score
a 50 – 2 was the answer. Concentrating harder than he had ever done before, Phil managed to block 3
balls in a row, giving Sarang the chance to wrap up the game, and score a 50. He duly obliged, hitting the
third ball of the next over for 6!! A partnership of 60 brought the game to a close and gave the MCC 2 nd
XI their 3 rd win of the season!!

A fantastic game, played in excellent spirits, really summed up what cricket was about. Thoroughly
enjoyable day out and looking forward to our final league game next week!