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CCB-3s v MCC-2s

JD and Keshav Shine with the Ball as Priyansh Seals Victory

Munich, 15th May 2023

Udit Narayan can’t stop himself talking about Joy and Priyansh

In an exhilarating cricket match between two local clubs, JD and Keshav provided a stellar start for their team, setting the tone for a thrilling encounter. JD, showcasing his skills and precision, emerged as the star performer with a splendid three-wicket haul, while Keshav also contributed with a crucial wicket to dent the opposition’s progress.

As the match commenced, JD and Keshav, armed with the new ball, displayed great discipline and mastery over their craft. JD, with his deceptive swing and accurate line, struck early, dismantling the stumps of three opposition batsmen. His deadly deliveries proved too much to handle, leaving the opponents struggling to build a solid foundation.

Meanwhile, Keshav complemented JD’s efforts with his own breakthrough. Delivering a well-disguised shorter ball, he deceived the batsman, inducing an edge that found its way into middle stump. The opposition was dealt another blow, courtesy of Keshav’s impeccable bowling skills.

The contest took an interesting turn when Ruan, a promising young talent, took over the ball. Although his first over was challenging, he remained resilient and determined. In a brilliant comeback, Ruan claimed his first wicket for the club, injecting a renewed sense of enthusiasm and determination into his teammates.

Amol and Joy, two seasoned bowlers, formed a formidable partnership, relentlessly applying pressure on the opposition batsmen. Their relentless accuracy and cunning variations eventually paid dividends as they both took a wicket each, further tightening the noose around the opposition.

A moment of mixed fortunes came when Phil Bowes, the all-rounder, was given the opportunity to showcase his bowling prowess. However, luck seemed to desert him on this occasion. Despite his best efforts, Phil was hit for a towering six by a determined batsman. Additionally, an attempted Mankad run-out resulted in a miss, leaving him disappointed. However, he remained unfazed and focused on redeeming himself.

True to his spirit, Phil eventually found redemption as he took a crucial wicket. His perseverance and determination paid off, reminding everyone of his undeniable talent and potential.

The closing stages of the innings witnessed an exceptional display of skill and composure by Priyansh. With the game hanging in the balance, he seized the moment and bowled an outstanding final over, claiming two vital wickets. His accurate line and length proved too much for the opposition, leaving them floundering and allowing his team to go into the batting innings with great spirits. 

The innings showcased the brilliance and tenacity of the players involved, leaving our many spectators in awe of the game’s timeless charm.

The batting innings began on a positive note as Joy and Hans formed a formidable opening partnership. Their seamless understanding and precise stroke play led to a fluent 69-run alliance, providing a promising start for MCC. Unfortunately, the partnership was cut short by a run-out, as Hans fell victim to a mix-up, ending his impressive contribution.

Following Hans’ dismissal, MCC suffered a significant batting collapse, with Amol, Ruhel, and JD all being dismissed without troubling the scorers. The team found themselves in a precarious position, reeling from the sudden loss of three key wickets.

However, amidst the chaos, Abhishek emerged as a stabilizing force for MCC. Displaying calm and composure, he anchored the innings, lending stability to the team’s fragile position. At the other end, Joy continued to display his free-flowing stroke play and excellent timing, eventually reaching his well-deserved half-century off just 47 deliveries.

Just when MCC was regaining momentum, Joy’s innings was curtailed after he scored 51 runs. Despite his departure, the arrival of Priyansh injected renewed vigor into the team’s chase. Abhishek and Priyansh combined their natural styles of play, taking calculated risks while keeping the required run rate in check.

Abhishek, showing his aggressive side, struck two massive sixes, electrifying the atmosphere and adding valuable runs to the team’s total. However, a rush of blood to the head proved to be his undoing as he mistimed the next delivery, resulting in a dismissal.

Captain Dave then took charge, exhibiting astute decision-making and a solid presence at the crease. He played a crucial role in providing stability and support to Priyansh, allowing the latter to take charge of the chase. Notably, Dave’s alertness was evident when he declined a single on a no-ball, enabling Priyansh to face the subsequent delivery, which he promptly dispatched to the boundary.

With just two runs required to secure victory, Priyansh aimed to finish the game in style. However, nerves got the better of him as he swung and missed at four consecutive deliveries. Finally, with a touch of luck, he managed to get an outside edge, propelling the ball to the boundary and sealing a remarkable four-wicket win for MCC.


The match showcased MCC’s ability to bounce back from difficult situations, with Joy, Abhishek, and Priyansh leading the charge with their impactful batting performances. Additionally, the captaincy skills of Dave played a vital role in MCC’s triumph. The thrilling encounter left spectators on the edge of their seats, celebrating the enduring spirit of the game and the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity.