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MCC 2’s versus Berghuasen – 14.05.22

15 players and an umpire made the trip from Munich to Burghausen with another collected in Mühldorf. 10 players from MCC, umpire from Taufkirchen and 5 of the Burghausen team, Vinul making the trip from Pfarkirchen to Mühldorf bahnhof. Amazingly the whole MCC team arrived before the meet time. A trait I feel will not continue for each game here on, but one can hope. Upon arrival at the stadium of Wacker Burghausen, the boards and coconut matting were going down and we could see straight away that there maybe the odd 6 hit! Roughly 25 metre boundaries on the off and leg side and probably 30 metres straight and a drying outfield would help the 4s

Elite sportsmen in warm-up

The umpire had decided that when a beamer was bowled, not only a no ball and free hit, but the bowler would get a warning and if he bowled another, his spell would be over. Citing its dangerous. He also made a helpful suggestion not to stand too close to the stumps when the ball was thrown in, in case or ricochets.

Toss being lost in the background

Vinny, Captain for the day as Owen was on another Eastern European adventure, proving he is a true MCC captain, lost the toss and sent to the field we were. Players warmed up, tablet ready and off we went. Scotty opening up, with Shivam coming on for the 2nd over. A snag happened. The opposition struggled to work out how to use the tablet, as described later in the day, its like a dial pad for an old person, big numbers and easy to see. Alas, back to the old method. 3 overs in and in was likely to be a high scoring affair, 62-0. Their opener not caring where it was bowled, hitting boundary after boundary. After numbers 1,2 and 3 were out, the scoring slowed down. 2 wickets a piece for Shiv, Benedict and Varun and a runout. Shivs excellent season with the ball continuing, Benedict improving week upon week and first wickets of the league season for Varun. Scotty unlucky to leave empty handed, his time would come. Some good catching too, from Shiv and Adam. The hosts posted 252-7 hitting an incredible 20 4’s and 19 6’s. Am Salim, their opening posting 108!

It was to be a daunting total and the visitors opened up with Simrat (3) and Vinul (1). A right/ left handed opening pair, this should help confuse the oppo. Not to be, their innings with a bowled and caught, captain Vinny (9) and Shiv (15) in next, both hitting boundaries and we were on our way. LLLL (0) not troubling the scorers for the 3rd time this season and Doug (1) adding a solid 1 before being bowled. Adam (13) and Benedict (10 n.o.) coming in and playing some lovely shots, before Adam was caught, Abhishek (6) and Scotty (4 n.o.) rounding the innings off. Varun would have to wait for his moment. 85-8 our score.

MCC chasing

All the team were hoping that Vinny would win the toss and allow us to bat, he lost and back to the field we went. Burghausen had obviously decided that they wanted to win without having to run, 4’s and 6’s were all they were interested in. We knew that anything on the leg side would be put away and if we bowled on the offside, they would likely no score too many. Simrat was given the honour of opening the bowling, they didn’t like the slower bowlers, we only needed to wait for the 3rd over for the first wicket, a slow full toss where their number 2 charged and missed, bowled. The gamble paid off. Scotty at the other end, in his 3rd over had Am Salim (the 108 scorer from game 1) caught by Doug, the ball held in the air for what seemed like and age and plop, straight into the hands. This was quickly followed by a 2nd catch of the day from Adam, lucky he caught it, or it may well have taken his head off! Varun took his 3rd wicket of the day, caught by Siv for his second of the day at cow. The top 4 all gone. Adam and Shiv taking 2 a piece and for the hosts to end on 122 all out. 31 of the runs came from 1s or 2s and only 1 boundary for the last 6 batsmen. Simrat, 2-0-1-21, Scotty, 4-0-3-37, Benedict 4-0-0-32, Varun 2-0-1-11, Shiv 2-0-2-14, Adam 2-0-2-5. MCC bowling was too good for Burghausen, the fielding from all was outstanding, and the captain can be proud that his decisions were the right ones at the right time.

MCC had a great chance in the heat of afternoon sun, out to the middle went Simrat (0) and Adam (11), Simrat unlucky to start his duck race and Adam caught behind. Shiv (18) again scoring for the 2s before being c&b. Vinul (6) was left baffled, as was the rest of the team to be given out LBW, the umpire admitting it hit his thigh pad, and yet, still raised his finger! Vinny into the crease and playing a captains inning and one that was long overdue (30 n.o.), hitting numerous boundaries and well placed singles, the bottom order not helping much, Varun (0) continuing his duck race, LLLL (1), caught (although I believe the fielder put the ball on ground during the catch). Benedict (1), Abhishek (2), Scotty (5) and Doug (5 n.o.). MCC finishing on 97-9. A thoroughly great performance edged out in the 2nd game, hugr improvements all round. The trip back to the Hirsch on the A94 for a beer in the sun.

Next week, a trip across the city to CCB with Captain Owen back at the helm.
Song for the day, Summer of 69, Bryan Adams. The summer ‘searching for the ball out of the stadium’ seemed to last for ever!