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MCC-2 v MLCC (24th July 2021)

Various discussions over a cup of coffee in the nearby bakery, Llewellyn and Clode were still debating the length of the boundary at the Englisch Garden side. Was 65m too long or should it be brought in to around 55m. In the end it was decided that MCC wouldn’t hit it 55m so no problem making it 65m as it made it harder for the oppo.

Image 1 – Had Usman abandoned his book at Lehel?

On what was billed to be a bright sunny day (earlier in the week), MCC Sekunden arrived at the Hirsch with a few spots of rain in the air. The first home games of the season on week 6 of T20 competition, fortunately the ground was set up the previous day at training, with only the benches and scorers table to brought over.

The umpire approached Llewellyn and inquired whether we could bowl from just one end due to the threat of rain later in the day, to which the answer was no. Bowling from both ends it was for only the first time since week 1.

Inexplicably, Llewellyn has 13 to choose from this week, what a difference a few weeks makes. 2 games with 11 players in each. Back in the after a couple of weekends absence, the Raspberry farmer from Australia, Rich Clark and Eddie Connor.

Time for the toss and in regular fashion, Llewellyn lost it and MCC were sent into the field. Ironically, had the toss been won, that’s exactly what MCC would have chosen. The shiny new ball was given to the ever regular Paul Scott from the Chinese Tower end, powering in from the City end, was new boy to the 2s this season, Collo. 8 tidy overs but without success the visitors were 40, up next were Sai for his regulation 4 overs and Adam for 3. The wickets started to flow with Sai taking 4, 2 of which were Caught and Bowled and the other caught by Rich, Adams wicket coming from a steady catch from Eddie at Gully. To close out the innings were Clode and Eddie, TC getting in on the wickets with a catch from Collo and Eddie bowling the oppo number 8.

Attempted shot of the innings, the oppo tail order (not sure which one), trying a reverse slog off Eddie which he subsequently missed.

6 of the 7 wickets for MCC were catches, remarkable as in the rest of the innings we had dropped 7 catches. Only 7 extras bowled again this game, outstanding from the bowlers and a fair performance in the field

MLCC 112 for 7 at the end of the 20 overs. A target of 113 to win.

Image 3 – Oppo warming up on the now glorious afternoon

A brief sandwich and drinks break and into the middle went Vinny and Usman, with the former ending his innings with his first run out of the day, taking a second which was greeted with looks of horror from the team on the boundary, the fielder with probably the 2nd best arm of the day, getting it back to the wk and taking the bails off. Disappointed as he was there was a strong batting line up to follow and a second innings for Vinny. Up next Simrat who lasted longer than numbers 2,6,7,8 and 9 and scored more runs than they did combined, he was out for just 2 and 9 balls. 6,7,8 and 9 could not hide from this report. Collo finding the fielder at mid on, as did Llewellyn and Eddie, Sai coming in at 9 giving their bowler a hattrick with a caught behind.  A 9 ball 0 not out for Scotty and a stumping of Clode ensued that MCC ended on 61.

The 2 batsmen who made the scorer work, were Adam (8) and Rich (11). Top scorer of the game, Extras with 23

MotM for the first game, shared between Rich and Sai

Game 2, and for his last captaincy of the season, with Owen back from Covid Island or Boris Land and out of quarantine for the games next week, Llewellyn won the toss. Not such a useless tosser after all, but definitely a tosser. Out went Usman and Adam and in came Harry and Life Member DOuOn the advise of Collo, who suggested we should not carry on the succession of poor batting, Llewellyn chose to bowl first.

In keeping with the first game the ball was given to Scott and Collo, with both picking up wickets, this time, with catches by Vinny and Doug for Collo and Llewellyn for Scott (who as the ball was in the air screamed out it was his twice for Harry to stand back and then quickly move out of the way to avoid being crashed into). Scott finally having a wicket after much pressure and some drops. Once again the 2 openers keeping it tight (not that the score book shows that, its shows very little). Back into the fold were Clode and Sai, with the former taking the City end and the spinner with the Chinese Tower end. Clode taking 2 wickets, catches by the ever reliable Clark and one at mid on by Eddie, which hung around in the air for a lifetime, but snuffed up without the fielder moving and never looking like anything other than a catch. Another catch coming from Collo for the 5th wicket of the day from Sai. Closing out the innings a run out by Eddie. The visitors finishing on 130 something, the unreliable scorebook not helping.

Image 4 – unhelpful scorebook

Vinny and Simrat opening up for MCC and Sai coming in at 3, sublime batting by Sai in which he top scored on 25, not before Vinny had his second unfortunate run out of the day after being sent back by Sai, and the best throw of the day from mid on, which was a direct hit. Although his day with the bat was not as he would have liked, his keeping was excellent taking a couple of catches and saving many singles with sharp running in front of the stumps. Enjoy the week away in Greece and we look forward to your return for the next home game.

Some quality batting from Collo and then a batting collapse saw the home team end on 77. Collo we will also miss you for the next couple of games, but Iceland is nice this time of the year, beer is cheaper in Munich though!  Llewellyn maintained the only 100% record in the club, played 8 lost 8. Lets hope captain Davies can also get 100% record, 4 wins from 4. Onwards and upwards to next week

MotM goes to Sai for his wicket and 25.

At the end of the day, the decision to have a 65m boundary proved correct, only 1 four on that side all day.

As the rain came down on a biblical scale, the 1st team arrived back. Wombo returning with 10 pizzas and looking like he had swum from the restaurant. Helmuts fridge was emptied of beers and onto the beer hall to continue and finally with some of us ending up at the kit sponsors bar, The Keg for a couple of quiet ones. Although the author cannot remember what he drank there.

Dave Llewellyn