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MCC v VfB Friedrichshafen

Saturday 19th June 2021 – MCC v VfB Friedrichshafen
Venue: Hirschanger Sportanlage
Weather: Sweltering

On a fine summer’s morning, Captain Davies requested all to be present at the Hirsch for its usual opening time of 11.30. As always, there were a few stragglers turning up beyond the meet time (including the author), but most were there in a timely enough fashion to promptly set up the ground for what would be the first meeting of Munich Cricket Club e.V. and VfB Friedrichshafen.

The visitors arrived in good spirits hoping to play two T20 games and were rightly put in their place by Captain Davies. Davies managing to win the toss after some curious tossing criticism from the VfB skipper. Owen once again proving he was a useless tosser by apparently not tossing the coin in a manner which the VfB skipper liked… So, at the third attempt, Owen finally tossed the coin “correctly”, (bizarrely calling himself) and called the correct “heads”. MCC would bat, much to the relief of the dressing room given the already 32-degree heat on show.

With this being MCC’s first meeting with Friedrichshafen, Altmann and Bhatia strode out to the middle not knowing what to expect. Manoj opened up for VfB and Altmann got the innings off to a great start with 5 from the first over including a lovely pull from a short ball; dispatched to the fence for the first of what would be several exquisite boundaries. Our Vice Chairman has been short of runs recently, and it seemed early on that today could be the day for him and so it proved. With VfB chopping and changing the bowling in true T20 style (we’ve seen it on the telly), he pushed singles, twos and clubbed boundaries for his highest score for 2 years. The best of which a beautifully timed lofted on-drive to one of the longest boundaries for six. Altmann and Bhatia put on a chanceless century opening stand at a canter, which only came to an end with a misjudgement. Bhatia hitting the ball straight to a fielder before setting off for a non-existent run, rightly sent back by Altmann, but unfortunately, not before it was too late. Bhatia run out for a well compiled 29, the score, exactly 100. Altmann was the next to follow shortly after the first drinks break. His innings only coming to an end when he mistimed the first shot of his innings, horribly clothing a Dinesh full toss to midwicket for 46. It was a horrible way to go and the innings didn’t deserve the way it ended, but it was fabulous jug ducking!

Mirtschin was joined by Michahelles, who unfortunately fell for a duck. Captain Davies, gloved to the keeper without walking, before being given out balls before wicket for 11. Meanwhile Mirtschin was knocking the ball around nicely. His down the track checked drive all along the floor through extra cover was absolutely glorious. The way he adjusted late after not quite getting to the pitch, to be able to punch it through the covers, showed a real touch of class. For me, the shot of the day beating Altmann’s lofted on-drive because he kept it on the floor! Mirtschin fell after playing a tired shot for 23, with the score on 156/4.

Despite the wickets, the runs and the partnerships continued. Singh joined Viswanath to put on a brisk 48 before Singh fell, stumped for 20. There was unfortunately a nasty moment where one of the Friedrichshafen players split the webbing between their thumb and forefinger requiring hospital treatment. First Officer Michahelles, the only first aid trained person not on the field, bandaged up the unfortunate individual and very kindly took him to hospital sacrificing the rest of his game. A true gentleman.

Wembridge joined Viswanath to take the innings to a close. Viswanath finishing on an excellent all run 27* (hit it harder next time!) and Wembridge with a standard 20*, MCC scoring their highest total since October 2018, 244/7.

Captain Davies forgot his lunch, so the author shared his Lebekäs Semmel with him. Fluid was taken on board in abundance and a confident MCC strode out to the middle for what was to be a very eventful run chase. Sengupta opening the bowling in his inaugural game for MCC. What transpired can only be described as bizarre. The opening over lasted 12 minutes and included the following: 15 deliveries, 5 no balls, 4 wides, 2 catches off no balls, and a clear caught behind not given that led to heated words exchanged between batsman and Bhatia. I doubt Sengupta will ever forget his first over for MCC! Mirtschin opened from the other end bowling a tidy first over. Sengupta continued and struggled with his radar and also his footing, but between picked up three wickets. Mirtschin also picked up 2 wickets, leaving the Friedrichshafen top order decimated and the run chase all but over.

Not much is to be said about the VfB run chase. Wickets fell at regular intervals and nobody got into double figures. Sengupta picking up 3, Mirtschin 2, Barrett 2, Desai 2 and a run out by Captain Davies. MCC bowling 33 wides and 14 no balls, an extra 7 overs and 5 balls, with these 47 runs making up more than half of Friedrichshafen’s score of 85.

A mostly enjoyable day that had two unsavoury incidents, the heated word exchange and the hospital trip. The biggest shame of the day that Michahelles was unable to return in time to bowl a few overs. Beyond the call of duty!

Match Summary: Munich CC (244/7) beat VfB Friedrichshafen (85ao) by 159 runs.

MCC Man of the Match – Jonty Altmann (46 runs and a catch).
Champagne Moment – Billy’s all along the floor extra cover drive.
Thanks for Coming Award – George Michahelles (above and beyond, but not immune from the TFC award!!).
Quote of the Day – “I forgot to make any f*cking food!” – Owen Davies.

Match in Numbers:
244 – Runs by MCC.
100 – MCC’s opening partnership.
47 – Extras bowled by MCC out of a total of 85 (55% of the runs).
15 – Balls bowled in the first over of Friedrichshafen’s innings.
10 – Number of bowlers used by Friedrichshafen.

Craig Barrett