MCC v MIC Bundesliga (27 Apr 2019)

A Comprehensive win for MCC against MIC, leading to promising start for the Bundesliga Season 2019

On 27th April 2019, Saturday, MCC started the Bundesliga Season 2019 on its home ground. Varun the captain leading the MCC for the first time lost the toss and MIC surprising choose to bat first, considering the conditions favourable to bowling.

I would have loved to start the report, saying it was a sunny day and clear blue skies…blah blah…but it wasn’t. It was cold, passing showers and some gracious sunlight. Yes its April in Munich and German saying supports it: “April macht was er will”: April does what it likes)

But one thing was special, the BCV umpire did not turn up for our first long version league game. Apparently, he was late as his car tyres burst…hmm…thank god he didn’t say that elephants on the road blocked him.

MIC innings

So, we started the game for first 10 overs without the BCV umpire. MCC opened the bowling with Waqas and Naveen. Though one of the opening batsmen was trying to hit every ball out of the park, they stuck with their good line and length. MCC was rewarded for their disciplined bowling. Naveen, the new MCC speedster, got the first breakthrough. Of course, supported by the vice-captain Macca’s astonishing one hand catch at mid-off, felt like he had some special super powers to attract the ball to his hand. Later Arun took a good catch who was told to stand right under nose of the batsmen. MIC was struggling with 26 for 2. The opening bowlers kept the pressure and the pressure was maintained throughout the innings by the next change of bowlers, Jonty, Macca, Aditya and Imtiaz. MIC was trying to build partnership until Macca spoiled it. Macca was the pick of the bowlers who took the crucial wicket of the only settled batsmen, by bowling a pitch of delivery, drawing the batsmen and rest was completed by Sumeet, the run saver keeper. He ran though the tail and finished with an amazing bowling figures of 4 wickets in 6 overs conceding only 17 runs. Overall the bowling department did their part very well and was well-supported by sharp fielding, restricted MIC for a low score of 106.

MCC innings

Vishv and Arun opened the innings to chase down the mediocre total. Vishv was out trying to pull which lead to a top edge. In came the vice-captain Macca. Consistently rotating the strike and occasional boundaries,  MCC was safely placed at 40 for 1. Just when things were settling down, Arun perished on a poor shot selection to spinner and Macca was later bowled. With two new batsmen at the crease, the score read 54 for 3. Paul Busby and Varun had the responsibility to build a solid partnership and take MCC home.

And they did with style. Led by Paul Busby who handsomely hit two sixes back-to-back, just took the game away. He was simply unstoppable. Varun at the non-strike, lucky enough to enjoy the Busby power hitting, got inspired and hit a classy flick towards square leg. The experienced batsmen lead MCC to a thumping win by 7 wickets and achieved the target in 22.3 overs. MCC team cherished the win by with good cold German Helles beers.