MCC beat Poddington tourists in a friendly and together with supporters from Littleborough sink 1000€ of beer in the Italian cafe adjacent to the ground (23 Sep 2017)

A wonderful sunshiny day was upon us last Saturday as the MCC rolled up to Situlistrasse to play a game of cricket against touring team Poddington from the UK.
Upon arrival we were tasked with the usual setting up procedures, before Bowes and Farid picked up the opposition team, still rather drunk from the night before, from the U-Bahn. It is safe to say that a portion of the MCC team were also struggling with Wiesn hangovers, meaning that we were prepared for a very hungover day, well until we purchased beer, that helped.
The decision was made to play a 2 innings T20 match. Ever the gentleman Barrett forfeited the toss, allowed the opposition to open the batting. A new face emerged for the MCC – Mohammed (one of Farid’s mates) who described himself to your author as a ‘quality all rounder’….
He opened the bowling with Altmann, the latter bowling the opposition captain in the first over and claiming a wicket maiden. Mohammed, left arm round, was actually very good! He took his first MCC wicket with his third ball, a fantastic stumping by Farid, worthy of a highlight clip on German Cricket TV! At this point the opposition were struggling at 5/2, so Altmann bowled his second before captain Barrett decided to give the opposition a chance, bringing on Bowes and Michaelles. Flight attendant George bowled very well and got a well deserved wicket. Bowes’s right arm ‘nobody is quite sure’ was also useful, claimed his first wicket of the day, a stunning one handed caught and bowled. Desmond Bradley felt a shudder down his spine as this happened, knowing that Bowes would be back at the top of the bowling averages!
Poddington rallied and built themselves up to 50/4 before Prafuls first ball of his spell destroyed the stumps. Nirmal also got himself a wicket, well held by Praf at long on before Mohammed claimed another 2 wickets, both bowled. Bowes was brought back on for the final over taking the final wicket, caught by Giles at first slip.
MCC were straight out to bat after a 2 minutes break with Altmann and Parlour opening for the MCC. The two of them put on a 61 run opening partnership in the first 4.5 overs, both batsmen hitting 3 6’s before both departed 3 balls apart. Nirmal managed to avoid the duck race, Bowes did not. Praf scored a very nice to watch 22. Signel figures for Mohammed and Farid, before Craig came in and hit more boundaries than had ever been seen before in his 20 – bowled with 1 ball to go (thinking of the team not his average for once), bringing Giles in to finish 1 not out.
At the halfway stage MCC were ahead by 18 runs.
During the first innings we were also greeted by Littleborough CC (our hosts in the UK tour) who had come over to celebrate some form of festival in Munich. Much to the pleasure of the owner of the small café (whom we had informed at the beginning of the day to prepare for an onslaught of drunk Brits) the 3 teams managed to drink over 150 of his cold beers before 1600.
Because alcohol I don’t remember too much about the second innings.
The second innings of Poddington (in which 2 of their fielders played for us due to Farid and his friends having to leave for work) was much more eventful with all 3 of their top batsmen making 25+ before a mini-collapse at the end left them on 110 wickets coming from Barrett, Parlour Nirmal and a run out – leaving the MCC requiring 92 off 15 overs.
Michaelles opened the batting, batted for 8 overs and hiot his first ever 2 boundaries for the MCC, much to his delight, raising his bat to the crowd, before being triggered to a ball which wasn’t really hitting anything.. Nirmal got another low score bringing Altmann and Praf to the crease. Altmann batted for 13 overs by the way and only faced 16 balls.
Praf and Parlour both fell for low single figures leaving MCC requiring 51 from 4.5 overs. Bowes and Altmann (when he was allowed to face) both hit big boundaries and brought the innings to a close, Bowes scoring 6,4,4 byes off the last over to win the game with 1 ball to spare!

MOM: George Michahelles for his wickets and first ever boundaries and top score for the club! (sorry Jonty!!)

Innings 1:
Altmann 26 Bowled. 2-1-8-1
Parlour 30 Caught
Konchada 1 Caught. 2-0-9-1
Praf Tk 22 Caught. 2-0-6-1. 1 catch
Phil Bowes 0 Caught. 2.4-0-10-2. 1 catch
Farid Otmankhil 1. Caught. 1 stumping, 1 run out
Mohammed 3 Caught. 4-0-25-3
Craig Barrett 20 Bowled. 3-1-16-0
George Michahelles 0*. 4-0-23-1
Doug Giles 1*. 1 catch

Innings 2:
George 10 LBW. 3-0-14-0
Nirmal 3 Bowled 2-0-13-1
Altmann 24*. 2-0-23-0
Toke 7 Bowled 1-0-8-1
Parlour 2 Bowled 2-0-11-1
Bowes 27* 2-0-10-0
Barrett DNB 3-0-21-1
Giles DNB


Submitted by Phil Bowes