MCCII win against CCB at the Hirschanger in Division II league match (27 May 2017)

JD holds his nerve as MCC II win by the skin of their teeth

An unfamiliar sight considering recent weeks, the sun was up and the Hirsch was awash with heat and bikini clad women as MCCII continued their league campaign with their third game of the season, against a very strong (on paper) looking CCB team.

1200 – as usual a few late culprits, I was however met at the gate by the entire opposition, JD and family (and a large amount of Pimms) plus a few others. Praf had already called ahead as his bike needed air.

MCC stand in captain Bowes lost the toss and was asked to field. Blades and Abdul opened the bowling with Blades taking an early wicket, caught expertly by the sticky fingers of Wembo at gully. Both bowled very well and after 8 overs CCB were 25-1.

On came League Debutant Amit Goit who bowled an excellent spell taking 2 wickets including a fantastic LBW in his first over and then removing the dangerous Sembi, again another excellent catch at gully from Wembo, who was later quoted saying ‘I actually caught the ball 3 times, does that count as 3 wickets?’

At the other end JD was bowling very tight lines and took a lovely wicket, bowled. 2 bowling changes further brought us Harvey and Maiwand. Harvey looked very good, bowling very good lines and was rewarded with a wicket after drinks when Mohsin missed a straight one. Maiwand at the other end bowled 6 overs and did not concede a single wide. It really was a very impressive spell of fast bowling, including hitting the batsman in the ribs and ripping the middle stump out of the ground in his 5th over.

CCB’s Mikey was keeping his team in the game and seeing Blades come back into the attack decided to advance down the wicket to his first ball and smoke him for 4. 2 balls later, however, Blades got his payback getting Mikey stumped by Harit, a result not seen for a while in a scorebook! The final 2 wickets were taken by Bowes, bowled, and JD getting their last (only 10 men) man LBW to wrap up the innings at 126ao.

Teas, provided by Bowes, were good and managed to feed both teams.

The batting was opened by Wembo and Praf, the latter caught behind fending away a bodyline bouncer (avoided the duck race due to poor umpiring gifting him a single for his non-signalled leg-bye!). JD and Wembo then set about rebuilding and did an excellent job with the partnership tallying 50odd before Wembo got bowled. Bowes followed for a duck and Amit Goit settled the partnership, scoring some quick runs until he departed just before drink, bringing MCC to 77-2 at 19.4 overs.

Dave Carr joined JD but was caught at 1st slip hacking wildly at a wide ball. In came Harvey who was able to spend some time at the crease, smoking 2 very good 4’s and moving us ever closer to the winning total before he was caught at deep square leg off a full toss!

In came Blades who settled the nerves of everyone at the ground, looking very comfortable and bringing us within 11 runs of the target, including a glorious pull for 4. However he was inexplicitly run out after being called for a single which JD had hit straight to gully!!

Harry kept a few very good balls out before departing for his single, leaving JD with Abdul at the other end who was instructed very, very clearly, not to try and shabash a 6 but instead to block, which he did very well!

JD knocked off a couple of singles before wides brought us home to a huge cheer from a very nervous group! JD finishing on 44 not out after a wonderful, game saving knock.

We drank a few beers and then a few of us went to Fraulein Grüneis and a curry and a few to the Tower. The curry group were later joined by Barrett, Mrs Barrett and friend and Jaymeen,

Wembridge 20, Bowled, 2 catches

Toke, 1, Caught

Deverill, 44*, 7-0-30-2

Bowes, 0, Bowled, 1-0-2-1

Goit, 13, LBW, 4-0-17-2

Carr, 0, Caught

Jackson, 13, Caught, 5-0-14-1

Blades, 5, Run Out, 7-0-26-2

Khanna, 1, Bowled, 1 Stumping

Abdul, 0 Not Out, 4-1-16-0

Maiwand, DNB, 6-1-18-1


MOM: Deverill