MCC 2’s beaten by POCC in Division II fixture at the Hirschanger

On a sunny Saturday afternoon MCC lined up against POCC for their 5th league game of the season. With what seemed to be one of the stronger line up’s of the season Captain Alagh won the toss and chose to bat first. Bowes and Bhamare opened the batting with the latter being bowled very early on. In came Bhat with the score on 4 and following a brief knock hit one in the air for a short lived 2. Toke came in at 4 and the partnership between him and Bowes kept MCC at the crease until the 14th over, Bowes being the batsman out, bowled for 28 having just carted the spinner for a 4 and a 6, then tried the same shot again and simply missed the ball. Partnership was worth 38 and MCC were 54-3. Bhalerao then joined Toke at the crease before the rain ensued. The rain gap was kindly filled with quotes from Mohammed Amir’s new autobiography on match fixing. The chairman was later quoted: ‘A worthwhile read about people being given a second chance.’ Following the rain break MCC continued onwards with no batsmen getting out of double figures leaving us with a final total of 106 all out, after Craig decided to take on the fielder at silly mid-on, running Farid out in the process. Teas were provided by Bhat and following a short break POCC went in to bat. Amin Khan and Imtiaz Ahmed opening the bowling, both starting with rather wild wides, followed by a change in the bowling to the two spinners, Barrett and Toke. Unfortunately neither had great success which brought Bhamare and Bhat into the attack. Both bowled with good lines and restricted the batsmen, before Bhamare made the breakthrough, with Shattab being stumped very abley by FArid. POCC then continued the onslaught and scored 107-1 after 18 overs. After the game we had a team building drinking excersise where everybody bowled at one stump, and if you missed you had to take a sip of your drink. Needless to say everyone was slightly tipsy when we left the Hirsch!

We play the Munich Rebels next week in a friendly so look forward to seeing you there! MCC MOM: Bowes Bhamere 2, Bowled 4.5 – 0 – 29 – 1 Bowes 28 Bowled Bhat 2 Caught 3-0-19-0 Toke 15 Bowled 1-0-11-0 Bhalerao 9 Caught Amin 8 Bowled 4-0-23-0 Manav 1 Bowled Barrett 4 Not Out 2-0-9-0 Imtiaz 0 Bowled 3-0-11-0 Cross 1 Bowled Farid 6 Run Out 1 Stumping