Match report vs Nuremburg (29 Jun 2014)


Match report vs Nuremburg 29th June 2014

Yet another away fixture, this time in Nuremburg with a 9 am departure in heavy rain but, apparently, no rain at the destination. Four cars departed from various points in Bayern and all arrived in good time for the scheduled 11:30 start. It was however raining so we took shelter in the bar of the tennis club, some even hired out raquets so that Gattinger could demonstrate just how much better he was at tennis than all the others. At 12:10 we were informed the rain had stopped, it was clearing up and the match would start at 12:30. When we approached the “pavilion” we were pleasantly surprised to see a wonderful barbecue being prepared and the Nuremburg CC immediately rose in our estimation. This was short lived for it turned out to be a private party of Serbs/Croats, or so we believed, who serenaded us all afternoon with songs of home. We were relegated to an old garage along with lots of junk. Ligaleiter/umpire Ravi insisted that although we were starting late it would still be a 40 overs per innings match although it should have been reduced to 32 overs which would have suited us as we wanted to be home for the Dutch diving championships – Robben can’t look to his club directors for guidance can he with smuggling watches, tax evasion of 30 million and a suspected bribery &corruption involvement. Happily though MCC are not of that ilk and captain Sarma duly lost the toss and we were asked to field.

Scott opened the bowling and went for one in the first over when the heavens opened. We crowded into the garage for 25 minutes and the innings was reduced to 37 overs. It took so long to lay out the mat on the concrete track that before the second over was bowled another over per innings was deducted. Thereafter there were no more stoppages.

Carrier and Scott were very tight and after 10 overs Nuremburg were 23 for one down. Clare and Sarma continued the good work and at the 18 over half-way stage NCC were 72 for three down. We had a problem though in that six of our first team bowlers had made themselves unavailable and the three used in their place went for 51 off 6 overs, so that NCC finished on170 all out in 32.4 overs, when we could have had them for 140 or fewer with a stronger fifth bowler.

MCC opened with Veser and Mitchell to some good aggressive bowling to face. After 10 overs we were 32 for two down so ahead of them at this stage. Slowly NCC overtook us and at the half-way point we were 58 for five down. Konchada, who was playing well was stuck on the side of the guard in the next over, suffering a cut where his shattered glasses had been forced into his cheek below the eye. Not for the first time Lady Carrie undertook a hospital transport. Clare and Furlonger made some useful scores and all defended doggedly with the aim of reducing the effect on our overall run rate but, eventually we were all out (nine wickets) for 107 after 34.3 overs.

Veser. 9, caught, 1 catch

Mitchell, 11, bowled, 1 catch

Sarma, 5, caught, 5.4 overs, 0 mdns, 23 runs, 4 wkts

Konchada, 13, retired, 3 overs, 0 Mdns, 29 runs, 1 wkt

Carrie, 3, bowled, 8 overs, 0 Mdns, 33 runs, 0 wkts

Gattinger, 3, bowled,

Clare, 19, caught, 5 overs, 0 Mdns, 31 runs, 2 wkts, 3 catches

Parameswaran, 0, caught, 2 overs, 0 Mdns, 10 runs, 0 wkts

Furlonger, 14, caught,

Carr, 6*, 1 over, 0 Mdns, 12 runs, 0 wlts

Scott, 1, bowled, 8 overs, 0 mdns, 29 runs, 3 wkts.


MCC, 107 – 9, lost to NCC, 170 – 10 by 63 runs

MCC MOM: Clare