Trentino 2007

Trentino “Hit de rubbish again” Tour 2007

In Summary a cracking tour in the vineyards of Northern Italy. A deserved 2nd place gave MCC their first and only piece of silverware for 2007. Arnold and his merry Sri Lankan men stealing the Murali chucker 1st place trophy by a whisker (albeit a pretty fat joint-like whisker).

Player Profile Summary

Glig aka Mr C.unted

Turned up off his face after drinking raki all afternoon while discussing team tactics with felix. majestic 6 out the ground, BDM did most of the work. Stuck by his legspin bowling despite others suggesting otherwise.

Palfrey aka Redneck

Amazed us all by turning up at Ostbahnhof Sixt when the unix encrypted email clearly stated einsteinstrasse Sixt.basics. Great batting, scoring maximums 2 out of 3 times. BDM did most of the work though.

Bail aka Alan

Partly responsible for the initial fvck up, along with the other 5 bodies.Hit de wall early saturday night. lights on ‘aber keine da’. Pearler of a ball 1st game, malingaesq,even BDM couldnt get its fat little face on it. furniture. Faultless driving of HGV, not impressed with codrivers input though.punch it.200 in it. Bowled consistently well batted within himself.

Dunne aka Mr C.monkey

Fittest bloke at the tournament.Along with Westy helped dig the MCC out the pap 1st game and bowled exceptionally well (until really needed in the final). Nice bloke, loves eating and sleeping with the occasional beverage thrown in. Assumes corporate monkey status in all areas of life.

Mr Head aka Wop.

Turned up with a delhi belly then proceeded to eat a chilli kebab in order to flush it out. Most sensible bloke on tour, unsurprising given his intake was pitiful. Disappointed with the bat, we didnt know he could fail.He can. Punkt. Awesome with the gloves tho, 3 stumpings and a run out first day. Decided to concentrate on translating and navigation skills rather than the batting he’d been picked for.

Westy aka Mr Fund

Finally came of age in a non-stats tournament. Great batting in all 3 innings. retiring twice and finishing with big . bigger . sixes. Questionable bowel movements, cute pyjamas and tatical semi lob-ons to keep him hungry. Got medival with the bowling… Bowled well but his failure to drink on 1st night didnt go unnoticed.