Verona 2003

MCC Italian Job Numero 3 – Aug 30/31 2003


Norra Lorra People Know This…

but MCC embarks on their latest Italian cricketing adventure during the last weekend in August. We have been invited to take part in the Bardolino Cup – an 11aside 4team tournament of the highest order – allegedly.

We seem to have assembled a fine and upstanding group of farmers for this tourneo.Plan on travelling down by road/train on the Friday, returning after successful job completion Sunday evening. Journey time is allegedly 3 1/2 hours by road to Verona, depending on which model sportscar you have acquired. Train direct approx 5 1/2 hours only to Verona.

Excellent accommodation is available at a handy and humane Italian hotel for down and out cricketers of all nations. We can of course expect to experience the finest Italian wines, pasta, pizza and who knows the talented local bella donnas.

Tournament Location
Yours liberally

Marco Lovelli

The Italian Job

The Film (1969)

You all know the story; no sooner is Charlie Croker out of prison than he receives a message, “Beckerman, Rm. 1666.” Upon arriving at Beckerman’s room he learns that Beckerman has been killed in a car crash (“It wasn’t an accident”). Beckerman’s wife gives Charlie “the plans my husband didn’t have time to complete.” These plans are to steal $3 million in gold bullion while it is being delivered to the Fiat car factory in Turin. Charlie takes the plans to Mr. Bridger via a secret meeting in Mr. Bridger’s prison toilet.

Needless to say Bridger is none to pleased, “I don’t want him killed, just given a good going over”, but eventually gives Charlie financial backing. Stealing the gold itself seems to be the easy part, but with the Italian Police and Mafia both after Charlie’s men getting away with it could be quite another matter. The gold is loaded into three Mini Coopers and the gang attempt to make their escape through the Turin traffic jam, with the Police always hot on their tail. One of the best car chases ever filmed then ensues, the outcome of which sees the team escaping across the Alps to Switzerland with the gold in the back of a bus………and the rest, as they say is history!

The Italian Job was written by Troy Kennedy Martin, Produced by Michael Deeley with music by Quincy Jones. The film was Directed by Peter Collinson and was released in 1969 by Paramount Pictures and was an Oakhurst Production. All the stunt driving was by ‘Equipe Remy Julienne’.

The Cliffhanger Ending

The film ends with a cliffhanger – literally. The team have the gold, the cars have been pushed out of the bus and over a cliff (again without stopping) and the bus is heading for the Alps. They’ve made it! Or have they? Big William is driving too fast; the coach skids and lands with its rear wheels hanging over the abyss. It is balanced on a knife-edge – and the gold is in the part of the bus hanging over the edge!

As Croker crawls towards the gold, the bus tilts alarmingly.

Hang on a minute lads – I’ve got a great idea. Er…

Roll credits, and pan out to see the spectacular scenery and the bus still hanging in mid-air…

That Song…

We are the self-preservation society,

The self preservation society.

Put on your almond rocks and daisy roots

Brush your Hampstead Heath, wear your whistle-and-flute

Lots of lah-de-dahs and Cockneys here

Look alive and get out of here

Get your skates on mate, get your skates on mate

No bib around your Gregory Peck today, hey!

Drop your plates of meat right on the seat

This is the self-preservation society,

The self-preservation society.